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If you’ve asked yourself “Where is the best Ford dealership near me?” we’ve got your answer. DePaula Ford has been serving the Albany, New York area, as well as its surrounding towns to the delight of area residents for years. Those who have done business with us in the past quickly become loyal customers, affording us the chance to exceed their shopping expectations again and again. These customers are well acquainted with the DePaula difference and that’s why they keep coming back. What is the DePaula difference? Simply put, it means we put our customers first. Other dealerships make their bottom line their top priority, regardless of what that means for their customers. At DePaula, we do things differently and eager to prove it to you.

Shopping for a Ford is an exciting opportunity, rife with plenty of options. This year’s lineup alone includes every type of model you could imagine. Ford has cars of all sizes and speeds, from the compact Fiesta to the muscled, iconic Mustang. And then there are the crossovers and SUVs, featuring the long-favored Explorer to its beefier sibling, the Expedition. Of course, truck lovers are in luck as Ford once again dominates with its F150. But the options don’t end there – Ford has perfected its inventory to even include vans and commercial vehicles. If you have a specific driving need or preference, rest assured Ford has the vehicle for you.
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Ford Dealership Near Me


Granted, the right vehicle is best found at the right dealership and that’s where DePaula Ford really shines. We’ve got an outstanding inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned Ford models to get you where you need to go, exactly the way you want to get there. We’ve been in business long enough to know that customers value choice and a stress-free shopping experience. When you shop at DePaula Ford, that’s exactly what you’ll get. You deserve the DePaula difference.


Inventory Options Unmatched Elsewhere


At DePaula Ford, we don’t believe in buyer’s remorse. It’s a very real thing, sure, but we refuse to even consider its possibility for our customers. To that end, we work to give you the shopping tools you need to access a shopping environment unlike any you’ve likely experienced before. We believe that equipping our customers with all the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision is our number one job.

So, start your new Ford search by visiting the DePaula Ford website and exploring all the inventory options in your own time and at your own pace. Feel like taking an hour to peruse our selection while the barista at your favorite coffee shop whips up your order? Go right ahead. Whether at home, or your office, or even on your phone, you can spend as much time as you’d like reviewing the choices available to you in our extensive inventory.

A word of advice…particularly for those of you who already feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Understand your daily driving needs and develop a clear idea of what you can and can’t live without in your vehicle while you’re window shopping. What does your day look like? How about work? Depending on what you do for a living, a pickup truck might be the ideal vehicle to partner up with. Is your family expanding? Perhaps a larger SUV with an entertainment package (read: DVD player) will make carpooling and road trips that much more fun for the kids…and bearable for you. Always wanted a muscle car, but maybe your younger self couldn’t flex a strong enough bank account? Now’s your chance. Be a part of iconic automotive history and take the new Mustang for a test drive.

Speaking of bank accounts…what does your budget look like? Obviously, life can send a few unexpected curve balls at your bank account, so you can only anticipate so much. But, are you aware of upcoming expenses outside your normal expenditures? Perhaps a wedding, new baby, or college? Consider these factors as you approximate what you would ideally like to commit to a new car purchase. Depending on what you come up with, a used or certified pre-owned option might make more sense.

Do your homework to the best of your ability and then call or come by the showroom and let one of our outstanding sales associates answer your question and, best yet, take you for a test drive in the model – or models – of your choice. Rest assured, at DePaula Ford it will be your choice. Not ours. Not a pushy associate’s who is just trying to move inventory or benefit off the old up-sell commission structure. At DePaula Ford, we want to know what you want. Armed with that knowledge, we will deliver.


Financing that Defies Your Experience and Expectation


It doesn’t matter if your bank account rivals Rockefeller’s, financing is undoubtedly the most dreaded aspect of purchasing a new or used car. And it’s often the finance department that puts the most pressure on a prospective customer. Or perhaps even worse, speeds through the paperwork, asking you to sign and initial just about everywhere in order to sneak in fees and features that you just don’t need or want. Free and loose financing is a no-go at DePaula Ford. We believe in being up front and honest with you about what you’re signing and why. In fact, we won’t let you sign without first ensuring that you do understand what exactly you’re signing in the first place.

Once again, we put our customers first and our bottom line second. In order to do that, we have to support our customers every step of the way and nothing feels more personal in a purchase than your financial baseline. DePaula Ford partners each of our customers with a knowledgeable, friendly, patient associate who is expert at helping you determine what works for you with respect to a loan, along with all the details contained therein.


Stellar Service Made Simple


All vehicles, whether brand new or certified pre-owned, need service support from time to time. First of all, there’s the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan, which we strongly suggest you follow. And we’ll help you do so. Simply go online and book an appointment for an oil change with our excellent service department – staffed by highly-trained, certified technicians. Have a question? You can also access the service team online, or give them a call. All of our technicians are eager to share their knowledge with you and use their well-honed skills to help maintain or, if necessary, repair your vehicle. We use OEM parts so you can drive with confidence that your repair was done with reliable parts.


Convenient Hours and Easy to Find Location


Situated right of Interstate 90 in Albany, DePaula Ford is easily accessible and offers hours designed for ultimate convenience to your schedule. Open Monday through Saturday, our sales and service teams are excited to help you find and maintain the Ford model you’ve been dreaming of. Remember, when you shop with DePaula Ford – you’re in the driver’s seat.

When you’re ready, call or stop by our showroom and let us show you what the DePaula difference really means to our customers.

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