2024 Ford Explorer

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  • Overview

    A gray 2024 Ford Explorer is angled left.

    SUVs have never been more popular. We’re sure you see many on the road, and the sheer volume may make you wonder which is best for you. It’s no surprise their number has grown as their performance stats impress far more than they once did, and many of them have a sleek, memorable exterior design that wins over even the most cynical drivers. Their interiors are comfortable and spacious, as well. Some, like the 2024 Ford Explorer, offer ample seating, too. SUVs are not just for one type of driver, either. Single commuters love them as it allows them to take trips with friends or store a lot of cargo for a move or vacation. Families adore SUVs since they have kids and equipment to pack in. Some even grant you towing ability so that you can bring out a camper to the outback or haul equipment for your business.

    We are excited to present the 2024 Ford Explorer to you, which we firmly believe is one of the best midsize SUVs on the market today. With its three rows of seating, the 2024 Explorer provides ample room for your loved ones so that you can get everyone around town without having to rely on two vehicles. It comes with outstanding safety features, too, which translates to some serious peace of mind. Plus, its infotainment options will keep your passengers occupied when going on a long day trip. We want to walk you through the ins and outs of this exciting new model so that when you come down to DePaula Ford, you already know just why the Explorer is such a desirable option. Let’s dig in!


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  • Performance

    A red 2024 Ford Explorer is shown parked on a driveway.

    Nowadays, an SUV is expected to be able to perform and perform well. The days of lower expectations for an SUV’s engine are far gone, as well as they should be. You want to feel like you can command the road or even off the road when you’re behind the wheel of your midsize model. Rest assured that the 2024 Ford Explorer will allow you to do just that. It comes with a couple of engine options, excellent transmission, and outstanding suspension that makes traversing rough terrain a lot easier.

    Engine Options

    The Explorer’s standard engine already ranks as a powerful one. The 2.3-liter four-cylinder option provides 300 hp and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds. The solid horsepower rating gives the Explorer the ability to take off, which is great when you’re entering the highway and do not want to become stuck on the entrance ramp. However, if you’re looking for an engine that provides an additional kick, fear not; Ford has you covered. You can upgrade to the 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine that increases the horsepower to an eye-popping 400 hp. The power of its engine is why this midsize can tow up to 5600 lbs, more than enough for the average driver who wants to bring some fun to their camping life or transport equipment for business.

    The Terrain Management System

    If camping or outbacking is in your future, you’ll be a big fan of the Explorer’s Terrain Management System. It has seven selectable drive modes that adjust the Explorer to handle whatever terrain you expect to traverse that day. Snow and ice? It’s got you covered. Planning to go on the trail? Yep, it has a drive mode for that. Want to save some gas expenses? You’ll love Eco mode, which uses the engine more efficiently, so you can save some cash to spend on fun. The Terrain Management System is just another way that the Explorer adapts to its driver’s lifestyle.


    Also helping to make your ride smooth is a 10-speed automatic transmission. The stellar horsepower already guarantees that your driving will be steady, but the transmission will put in work to adapt to the ground you’re on quickly, shifting gears with ease so that you never feel a bumpy ride.

  • Interior

    The gray interior and dash of a 2024 Ford Explorer is shown.

    The benefits of a midsize SUV are many, but the one that tops the list is the amount of seating you have, thanks to three rows. With the Ford Explorer, you can sit seven, making it a great purchase for those with a large family or a big circle of friends. Vacations will be easier and more fun with this much seating. The seats are comfortable and provide plenty of legroom even in the back row, which far too many of the Explorer’s competitors skimp on.

    Versatile Seating

    In addition, if you want to move a lot of luggage or equipment, you’ll be happy to know that the third and second rows both decline so that you have more room. With the rear two rows down, you’ll have 87.8 cu.ft. of space. You can store plenty of suitcases thanks to that volume or even transport some light furniture if you’re in the midst of a move. Getting the seats down is easy, too, as you can do it with just the push of a button. The Explorer always aims to make driving life simple.

    Set the Mood for Your Journey

    In terms of luxury, you, your family, and your friends deserve to have the opportunity to travel around in style. You’ll love the multi-color ambient lighting for the first two rows of your SUV. You’ll have the chance to choose between seven different colors, too. If you want to add some more atmosphere, you can also opt for the twin-panel moonroof. During the day, you can feel the sun warm you, and at night, your passengers can gaze up at the stars, making the journey you’re on one of the most memorable.

  • Technology

    A wireless charging pad is shown being utilized in a 2024 Ford Explorer.

    The tech inside modern vehicles can be as exciting as the performance numbers a vehicle provides. Your fast, smooth rides can be made even more thrilling when you have access to a great infotainment system. If you’re towing, you’ll be able to do so with a clear mind if your ride has tech geared towards making trailering simple and safe. Plus, many vehicles come with safety systems that offer a second pair of eyes when you’re driving. Does the 2024 Explorer have tech that does all this? Of course, it does. That’s why it’s one of the best midsize SUVs available today.

    Connectivity and Infotainment

    Your Explorer comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you can listen to your playlist and podcast while on the road. You and your friends can sing along or keep the kids entertained by playing their favorite music. You can also operate your apps on your vibrant 10.1-inch touchscreen that’s easy to use. Plus, your Explorer comes with voice-activated navigation so you can find the best route possible while you’re behind the wheel.

    The Ford Co-Pilot360 Safety and Driver Assistance Suite

    The Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite will let you travel with far less stress thanks to its smart, intuitive features. A Lane Keeping System, for example, warns you if you’re departing from your lane and can even help guide you back to where you belong. It scans the road so that it knows the geography ahead and acts as a helping pair of eyes. Similarly, Pre-Collision Assist will warn you if a pedestrian or obstacle is in front of your Explorer.

    If you have Automatic Emergency Braking engaged, it will even start the braking process for you, which means either an accident can be avoided or, at the very least, lessened in terms of impact, thus reducing injury chances. If you do some towing, you’ll love the Explorer’s Trailer Sway Control, which adjusts brakes and engine power so that your trailer is always in a safe, stable position. This way, if you’re new to trailering, you have a system backing you up.

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