2024 Ford F-150 Lightning

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  • Overview

    A blue 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is angled left.

    All across New York, charging stations are cropping up as the infrastructure to get electric vehicles rolling out of production plants continues to gain additional funding. It’s clear now that the electric revolution is here to stay and will reshape the way we view automobiles for the foreseeable future. As people become accustomed to electric vehicles, they will want to know that they can still get the same performance as they could in their gas-powered ones. And nowhere do we hear that concern more than from folks who love their pickup trucks. They adore the speed they can get in them and the amount they can tow and handle in the truck bed. Can all those perks really be replicated in an electric pickup truck?

    Well, if you opt for the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning, they sure can be. Not only does this truck run as well as its gas-powered peers, but it also exceeds many of them. The Lightning has awed everyone who’s gotten behind the wheel and taken it for a test drive. From its incredible towing limit and payload to its speed and horsepower, the Lightning brings everything customers have loved about past F-150s and adds an electric flare. If you own the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning, you’ll be a part of history and have a front-row seat to the dawn of the electric revolution.

    Today, we will guide you through why the Lightning is such an exciting purchase for Albany drivers. We’re confident that the strengths of the Lightning will make it irresistible for all. Once you’re won over, you’ll want to come visit us here at DePaula Ford, where we have an extensive selection of Ford trucks, including the Lightning.


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  • Performance

    A blue 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown driving on a city street.

    In our opinion, performance is the most exciting aspect of owning a pickup truck. Being able to brag about what your truck can tackle is half the fun of owning one. The Lightning will stay and allow you to do that. Just because your new pickup truck is electric does not mean you won’t be able to throw out some impressive stats. In fact, we’d bet money that you’ll be doing it more often than ever because the Lightning has some truly eye-popping performance numbers.

    Impressive Horsepower and Torque

    The 2024 Ford Lightning’s standard range battery produces 452 hp, but if you upgrade to the long-range battery, the horsepower rises to 580 hp. The torque the Lightning can give you is also tremendous: 775 lb-ft. What do these numbers mean? For one, it means you’ll have a smooth ride. Your truck will easily glide down the highway at top speed without you feeling like the battery is struggling to catch up to the speed you want or that every bump in the road is a crater.

    Instead, you’ll have a relaxing cruise. These numbers also grant you fast acceleration: you can take off from a standstill and reach 60 mph in 4 seconds. You’ll never be stuck on a highway entrance ever again if you buy the Lightning, and you’ll always be leading the pack when you roar down a busy freeway. You’re going to be feeling empowered the moment you step into this electric truck, no doubt about it.

    Towing and Payload Capacities

    All that power also translates to incredible work capability. The Lightning is going to thrill laborers because it can tow up to 10,000 lbs, putting it ahead of many competitors in its class. A camper or even a boat will be easy to tow with the Lightning’s strength. It can also handle an aggressive payload in its bed: 2,000 lbs. You can store plenty in the back without worry, as there are tie-downs you can use to secure your payload. You’ll be the envy of everyone at your workplace thanks to what the Lightning can have you doing.

  • Charging/Range

    With electric vehicles, one is not looking at fuel efficiency but instead examining range. How far the Lightning can go on a full battery is always worth knowing as you can plan your trips ahead of time, knowing if you have to charge during it. And if you do charge, you also want to know how long it will take. Luckily, the Lightning impresses in both areas.

    Charging Speeds

    The Lightning can charge quickly. If you use a 150 kW DC Charger, you can bring the Lightning from a 15% charge to an 80% charge in 36 minutes if you have the standard battery. If you have an extended range 131kWh battery pack, you can do it in 41 minutes. For a truck the size of the Lightning, this is a very fast charge. Of course, in most cases, you’ll just charge your Lightning overnight, but if you have a long trip ahead of you, it’s good to know that there will only be a short delay if you need to recharge.


    In terms of distance, the Lightning really impresses. Just because it has an impressive stature does not mean that its distance will be limited. With the standard battery, which is a 98 kWh one, you can go a distance of 230 miles at full charge. However, you can crank the distance up by a lot if you decide to upgrade to the more powerful 131 kWh battery, as you’ll then have a range of 320 miles. As a point of reference, that’s about the drive from Albany to Buffalo. Thanks to the fast charging and long life of the batteries, you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind in your 2024 Ford Lightning.

  • Technology

    A silver 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown towing a boat.

    A major benefit of the Ford F-150 Lightning is that it can serve as a charger. Ford has made it so that the Lightning can charge an average-sized house for three days so long as the truck is fully charged. This is an enormous help if you live in an area that suffers from storms that cause power outages or if you know you want to have a power source at an isolated work site.


    When you’re driving, you’ll have access to plenty of smart tech, and you can operate it from a touchscreen that’s up to 15.5 inches in size. You’ll have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so that you can sync your device with your Lightning. You can then listen to your favorite playlists or catch up on any podcasts you’re behind on. In addition, you can easily manipulate your apps from the touchscreen, which is particularly useful for navigation or if you want to locate a nearby charging station easily; for maps, the touchscreen’s pinch-to-zoom function gives you a way to see exact locations on your map. For sound quality, you can have up to 18 speakers in the Lightning with your Bang & Olufsen sound system.


    The available 360-degree camera will make parking far easier, even with a trailer. For those who know they’ll be parking in tight spaces, this camera will come as a real gift. With the FordPass app, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on your truck’s maintenance schedule so that you never miss a brake fluid check or an oil change. This is all on top of Ford’s outstanding safety system: the Co-Pilot 360 Driver Assistance Technology. With this state-of-the-art safety system, you’ll be granted alerts when a pedestrian is ahead of your truck or if you’re veering out of your lane. You can even activate a braking system that will begin the braking process on its own if it senses a collision is imminent. The Co-Pilot 360 works overtime to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and sound in your 2024 Ford Lightning.

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