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We all want the option of buying bright, shiny, and high-tech new cars, but not everyone has a budget for a new car when the time comes to buy. Then again, there is the option of buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. These models are gently used, carefully inspected, and will save you a lot of money in the long run. In addition to saving money, every Certified Pre-Owned model comes with a factory warranty that can give you the confidence to purchase a vehicle previously owned. At DePaula Ford, we are the best NY Certified Pre-Owned Ford dealer around.

In order to be a certified pre-owned (CPO) dealer, Ford expects dealerships to adhere to the standards of quality and safety set by the brand in order to sell used vehicles in the program. At DePaula Ford, we follow the rigorous checklist Ford sets for the multiple-point inspections we give to every vehicle in order to qualify. If a vehicle doesn’t pass the inspection or meet the set criteria, it cannot be considered certified pre-owned. We take this set of standards seriously, and we have our own high standards for sales at our dealership. Only the best will do for our customers, and our friendly sales staff are trained on all the details of the vehicles we sell as CPO.

A silver 2019 Ford Edge is driving on a city street at night after leaving a NY certified pre-owned Ford dealer.

What Makes DePaula the Best CPO Dealer?

Whether a customer wants to buy new or used vehicles, the buying experience should be the same. At DePaula Ford, we believe our customers deserve to have fantastic service every time they interact with our staff. When you come to our dealership, we want to know exactly what kind of vehicle will work best for you so we can help you find it. Our sales team receives top-notch training, so you will get the best possible experience with us. Whatever type of vehicle you need, no matter what year, make, or model, our interest is to make the process simple, friendly, and to put our customers first.

The expert knowledge of our staff provides you with a wealth of opportunities to first find the vehicle you need and then match you with the right vehicle financing package. Both our sales and financing teams know their way around the work they do, and our record of being the number one dealership in sales volume for four years in a row shows that. We know our vehicles inside and out, we know the specs and the features, and we also know our lenders so we can provide our customers with everything they need. Once you purchase a vehicle, our Ford service center team knows it’s their turn to take over and keep your vehicle running for years to come. Their factory training and certification means they know how to maintain and repair any vehicle so you can enjoy it while you own it.

A blue 2019 Ford Mustang is shown from the front driving on a winding road.

What Is a Gold Certified Ford?

When it comes to Ford Certified Pre-Owned models, there are two terms you must know: Gold Certified and Blue Certified.

A vehicle that can be awarded the Gold certification by Ford must meet very high standards in order to be sold since it is the highest quality CPO vehicle a Ford dealership can sell. The vehicle must be less than six years old, which guarantees quality and that you will get some of the most up-to-date features. In addition, only vehicles with 80,000 miles or less can be considered for the Gold Certification. If a vehicle fits these initial qualifications, then the real work begins. Our service team then gets to work on the 172-point inspection that covers everything from the vehicle history to making sure every feature operates as it should.

We begin the inspection with a background check on the VIN number, check for recalls, and find out whether or not the vehicle was regularly maintained. A road test tells us if the vehicle idles properly, steers as it should, and brakes safely, along with several other specific mechanical functions we check and document. Then the vehicle comes into the shop for a full detailing of the exterior, interior, underbody, underhood, and diagnostics to make sure all the parts are where they should be and are in good working order. Anything that needs repair is attended to once we document the vehicle’s quality.

Once the vehicle passes the careful inspection, it gets a detailed cleaning before it goes out onto the lot. Customers who choose to purchase a Gold Certified vehicle can count on the manufacturer-backed warranty, which covers the vehicle for 12 months or 12,000 miles, and Ford honors the original seven-year / 100,000-mile powertrain coverage. Buyers also gain 24-hour roadside assistance for the length of the powertrain coverage in case of breakdowns, and you even qualify for reimbursement of travel expenses or rentals while your vehicle is in the shop.

A red 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor is driving in the desert on sand.

What Is a Blue Certified Ford?

Ford generously extends its certification coverage to vehicles outside of the brand through its Blue Certified labeling, which can be awarded to vehicles of several makes or models that pass the certification tests. With a Blue Certified vehicle, the model must be no older than nine years of age and have less than 120,000 miles on the odometer; then it needs to pass a 139-point inspection to be certified. Like the Gold Certified vehicles, the VIN number is checked to learn the vehicle history, and a search is conducted to find any recalls. If necessary, recall/repairs are performed or addressed.

Our service technicians will take the vehicle out for a road test to ensure the engine runs properly, the steering is functioning normally, and the brakes stop the way they should. The rest of the test is the same as the Gold Certified inspection of the entire vehicle, inside and out, to make sure everything is in good working order. From dials for your climate control to the axles, our service techs scour every part of the vehicle to check for damage or wear, replacing or repairing anything that doesn’t pass the standards of safety and quality.

After the inspection and repairs, vehicles are detailed for cleanliness and are awarded the Blue Certification for sale. Buyers who purchase a Blue-Certified vehicle benefit from a Ford-backed 90-day or 4,000-mile limited warranty, plus the peace of mind of having 24-hour roadside assistance if you need it while the warranty lasts.

Excellent Ford Models


How does owning America’s favorite full-size pickup truck sound? If you buy an F-150, you will. Ford’s best-selling flagship model enjoys a long history of customer satisfaction which has translated into category-leading sales for over 30 years. Millions of buyers can’t be wrong, but in case you were curious how it happened, we share some of the milestones that led to the F-150’s success.

The F-150 is, astoundingly, in its fourteenth generation, having undergone a complete redesign for the 2021 model year. It all started in 1948 when Ford launched the first-ever F-Series pickup truck. Since then, Ford has committed to continuously improving its popular pickup, and at the start of the tenth generation, it began taking the shape of the modern truck we know today.

Ford began using aluminum body panels and lighter-weight engine components to gain better fuel economy and more robust towing and payload capabilities. Then, in the F-Series’ 12th generation, the high performance off-road Raptor trim was born. Currently in its third generation, the 400-plus horsepower Raptor remains one of the most aspirational (and coveted) F-150 models in the lineup.

As one of Ford’s most popular vehicles and the bestselling full-size pickup truck in America, F-150 sales total nearly 1,000,000 units per year. That means there’s plenty of used inventory to be found for bargain-seeking buyers. Whether you want an affordable work truck or a fully-loaded Platinum Crew Cab, the sheer volume of used Ford F-150’s available makes it likely you’ll find exactly the one you want.

A blue 2017 Ford Escape Titanium is shown parked across a body of water from a city.


The popular Escape has undergone quite a few facelifts over its four generations of production. From the moment the first Escape rolled off the assembly line back in 2000, Ford knew it had a winner on its hands. The Escape competes in the cluttered compact crossover segment and offers buyers a car-like ride with all the utility of an SUV body style.

The Escape’s original boxy truck-like styling was replaced by a sleeker crossover body style in 2013 at the start of its third generation. It was a complete ground-up redesign that, along with the Explorer, fueled Ford’s ongoing dominance in the SUV wars. Third-generation Escapes are fueled by efficient turbocharged engines and offer plenty of modern convenience features.

It’s easy to find a high-quality used Ford Escape in the newer body style, but even if your preference falls more on the side of the earlier versions, Ford’s impressive annual Escape sales volume means there are millions of Escapes from all model years still traveling America’s roads. Many will make their way to the sales floor, representing a great bargain and a high-quality used SUV option.

You’re likely to find several recent model year CPO Escapes available on the market, too. The Escape offers a low cost-of-ownership, with class-leading fuel efficiency and high marks for reliability. Buyers can find both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models in a variety of colors and trim configurations. Bottom line: the Escape is the perfect solution for budget-conscious buyers.


Did you know that the first Ford Explorer was launched to replace the Bronco? It’s true, and it represents an important first step in Ford’s push to develop a lineup of the world’s most popular and sought-after SUVs. The early Explorers were offered in both two and four-door configurations, but eventually, Ford adapted to market demand and changed to an all four-door lineup.

Since the 2002 model ushered in the Explorer’s third generation, the popular family SUV has retained its classic styling, but as it evolved, the Explorer took on more sculpted lines. Ford left behind its original boxy style in favor of a stylish new look that emerged with the 2001 model year launch and included an all-new front-wheel drive version. The most current model year Explorers resemble far more expensive luxury European SUVs and represent a great 7-passenger option for families. With three rows of seats and a range of trims, including high-end luxury versions with leather seating, advanced driver-assist technology, and user-friendly infotainment touchscreens with smartphone connectivity.

Used Ford Explorers are wildly popular among families because they have great value, offer plenty of performance benefits, and are roomy people movers with extra space for a busy family’s gear. It holds a universal appeal because of the variety of trims and features offered, and it remains one of the most trusted brands in the full-size SUV category.


After a long absence, the all-new Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have reignited America’s love affair with the iconic SUV. Prior to the 2021 relaunch, Ford hadn’t built a Bronco since way back in 1996, nearly a quarter-century ago. You can still find older used Broncos for sale, but they’re not easy to come by. The most coveted models – the early year Broncos – can only be found among collectors and vintage car auctions.

New and used Ford Bronco buyers are already enjoying their new and pre-owned Bronco Sports, while Bronco buyers had to wait just a little while longer. This newest sixth-generation Bronco still carries the iconic styling of its predecessors, most closely resembling the early generations. Buyers, especially Bronco aficionados, love the throwback exterior styling, and a whole new generation of buyers is also getting to discover this iconic SUV.

The Bronco was first launched back in 1966 when Lyndon Johnson was president, and the concept of smartphones only turned up on sci-fi television. From the start, the Bronco was designed for spartan off-roading. Interestingly, early marketing efforts used the term “sports utility” to describe the Bronco, and it was available in three body styles: the Wagon (enclosed), the Roadster (no doors or windows), and the Pickup.

Unfortunately, the classic Bronco design didn’t last for very long. Over the years, the Bronco grew in size to compete with the Chevy Blazer and the Jeep Cherokee. Eventually, its two-door body style fell out of favor with buyers, leading to Ford discontinuing the Bronco in 1996. Ford kept the Bronco name in the archives, building its SUV lineup with other models like the Explorer and the Expedition.

A blue 2016 Ford Focus RS is shown from the side parked in Times Square.


It was a sad day when Ford discontinued the spry Focus hatchback and sedan at the end of the 2018 model year, especially for buyers that appreciated its nimble handling and category-leading fuel economy. Thankfully, there are plenty of used Focuses available, including newer certified pre-owned models with low mileage and factory warranty coverage. The last model year, 2018, included a lineup of four trims – the S, the SE, the SEL, and the Titanium. Driving enthusiasts will love the available manual transmission, and practical-minded buyers will vector in on its up to 38 miles per gallon of fuel economy. The newer 2018 model also boasts an infotainment touchscreen with smartphone connectivity.

The Focus earned a perfect 5-Star Overall Safety Rating from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). That’s an extra bonus for commuters logging long highway miles or young, inexperienced drivers. Overall, Ford stayed committed to the Focus long after other manufacturers abandoned the small car segment, which will benefit used Focus buyers.

Roll the clock back to the Focus’s third generation, and you’ll find the performance RS and ST trims. The Focus RS hatchback delivers impressive road manners and additional horsepower and torque for spirited acceleration. It also features larger 19-inch wheels paired with Michelin Pilot Sport high-performance tires. Ford only produced 1,500 2018 Focus RS models, so they’re hard to find on the used market. You’ll have better luck locating one of the more widely produced trims, and chances are you’ll get a great deal.


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