Why the 2018 Ford SUV and Crossover Lineup has Everything a Millennial on-the-go Needs

Bright blue 2018 Ford EcoSport crossover SUV driving through a town with tall trees and buildings

Millennials have a reputation for being the generation on the go, and there’s a reason for it. According to an article published by the Washington Post, the percentage of commuters driving 45 minutes to their workplace increased by 3.5 percent, and those commuting 90 minutes or longer by 8 percent, in 2017.

Between balancing different roles, responsibilities, and activities around the clock—you need the right vehicle to get you to all the places you need to be. Ford sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) provide the space, functionality, horsepower and economical mileage that is essential to the savvy yet practical twenty-first-century individual.


Horsepower and Mileage

All Ford 2018 models and the 2017 Transit come with the option of an EcoBoost engine. The first Ford vehicle to come with an EcoBoost engine was the 2017 F-150 with a 3.5 liter V6. Since then, Ford has offered multiple options for EcoBoost on four-cylinder and six-cylinder vehicles. The idea was to create a powerful yet efficient vehicle that could cut down on greenhouse gases but still provide an affordable selection for its consumers to choose from.

The two main components of an EcoBoost engine are the turbocharger performance and direct fuel injection. The turbocharger works by forcing otherwise-wasted air into a rotating turbine. The turbine is connected to a compressor, which pressurizes the expended air into the combustion chambers. This provides readily available power to the engine and increases output per liter, resulting in efficiency and more miles per gallon. Ford acknowledges the need for economic mileage that doesn’t compromise engine power for Americans driving long distances on a daily basis.

The direct fuel injection works exactly as it sounds: a device in the engine sprays fuel directly into the combustion chamber. This feature is supposed to reduce fuel waste and maximize performance; the traditional fuel injection method includes an extra step that the direct fuel injection process eliminates. The Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) technology opens and closes the engine valves with precise timing and moment-by-moment adjustability to the vehicle load. Eco-conscious millennials need not look further for a vehicle that has minimal impact on the environment and meets a reasonable budget. Don’t just take our word for it—visit our DePaula dealership to take one of our 2018 Ford SUV or CUV on a test drive, and get an estimate for a vehicle customized to your tastes.


Environmentally Friendly

Now Ford offers Auto Start-Stop Technology on gasoline-run engines. Auto Start-Stop shuts off the engine when it isn’t needed in order to save fuel and release fewer emissions. This option is particularly useful at stop lights, when a car may remain immobile for several minutes. You can enable or disable this feature as desired by simply pressing a button on the center console. This function is a money-saver in fuel economy and causes less damage to the atmosphere that cars without it do—a win-win situation.

Technologically Savvy

The 2018 Ford SUV and crossover models have special technology options that make driving a convenient experience. The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) detects vehicles in hard-to-see angles and notifies the driver when they’re close. A radar detects traffic behind the vehicle when pulling out of a parking spot or driveway or when a vehicle is within 15 yards. The BLIS system alerts drivers of nearing vehicles both audibly and visually, with a blinking LED light on the exterior mirror adjacent to the approaching vehicle.

Sync-3-equipped vehicles are compatible with voice recognition systems: Apple Play, an Apple Inc. product, and Android Auto, a Google Inc. product. This is all visible on an eight-inch color display and LCD touchpad with pinch-to-zoom capability. Each vehicle has multiple USB ports and one 110V outlet. Download the FordPass application to your mobile device to remotely access information about fuel level and to unlock, lock, and start the vehicle. FordPass capabilities are enabled with Sync Connect, an optional feature for Ford vehicles. It can also help you locate your vehicle, contact Roadside Assistance, and schedule maintenance.

Each 2018 Ford SUV or CUV comes equipped with a Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Upon purchase, new owners get a six-month trial with access to over 150 channels with options for commercial-free music in addition to sports, entertainment, and comedy.

MyKey technology is intended to help build better drivers as they’re learning. Like child-lock buttons on windows and doors or even your TV remote, users can now program their car keys to a restricted driving mode setting. These settings can put limits on driving speeds and volume levels or require seat belt use to encourage safe driving habits in young adults.


Versatility and Capacity

The 2018 Ford Escape and EcoSports offer 68 cubic feet of cargo space with both rear seats folded. Fold just the 60/40 split rear seat to make room for two passengers. With both rear seats up, 34 cubic feet of space is still available for storage. Adjust the seats to your seating and storage needs as they change. The EcoSport comes with a Cargo Management Package that includes nets and organizers as well as featuring an adjustable rear-load shelf in the back.

The 2018 Transit Connect can seat five to seven passengers depending on the wheelbase. The front passenger seat of this model folds flat to provide an area to place a laptop or a writing surface at a stop, and all rear passenger seats fold for more storage area.

A 2018 Ford Flex also offers seating for seven passengers with a set-up for first-row bucket seats, a second-row 60/40 split bench seat and a 50/50 split bench third-row seat. The two back rows fold to provide more cargo space.

With so many options to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a Ford vehicle to accommodate your needs, and there are multiple opportunities for individualization.


In 2013, Americans were spending an average of 100 minutes every day commuting to and from their workplaces, according to an article published by Brookings.Imagine how much time you spend per day in your vehicle; make it a place that you want to be while traveling distances long or short. Our sleek design and high-quality interior can cater to comfort, and the powerful engine, functional interior, and versatile technology provide a positive experience every time you slide into the driver’s seat. Visit our DePaula Ford location to learn more about our Ford SUV and CUV selection.