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Traveling around town, you may have noticed more electric vehicles popping up in more places. Known for their sleek appearance, impressive performance, and, don't forget, ultimate efficiency, electric cars are beginning to take the automotive market by storm. You may even be wondering if choosing an electric vehicle is right for you. With all the positive impacts these vehicles make on our environment, it seems like you're seeing more charging stations in public areas and less traffic at the gas pump, and maybe it's time that you jumped on the bandwagon as well. Here at DePaula Ford, Albany's trusted Ford electric car dealership, we enjoy helping drivers find their ideal cars.

We're seeing an abundance of customers intrigued by the power of electric vehicles, curious about just what Ford has to offer, and wondering how an electric vehicle will make their travels better. By driving an electric car, you're not only able to get a vehicle that benefits the environment, but you're also able to get a vehicle that excites with more power, enhanced performance, and more capabilities than you may have ever realized, causing many drivers to make the switch to electricity. Yes, electric vehicles have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and when you want a better ride coupled with fierce performance, the latest batch of electric cars from Ford is here to inspire you.

A white 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is shown from a high angle after leaving a Ford electric car dealership.

The Rise of Electric Cars

Many people believe that the first electric car didn't make its debut until recently. However, electric vehicles date back further than you may think. It was sometime in the 1830s when Scottish inventor Robert Anderson unveiled his first electric-powered carriage, which utilized a non-rechargeable battery. The idea was to get away from horse-drawn buggies, opting for a more modern form of transportation. It wasn't until the late 1800s, however, that electric vehicle manufacturing really took off in the United States, with William Morrison's electric wagon sparking interest in people looking for a more efficient way to travel. Backed by the notion that they were quieter than gasoline cars and didn't emit toxic odors, electric vehicle sales began to rise, especially with women.

In the early 1900s, electric cars had seemingly taken over, making up a third of all vehicles on the roadways. This caused many famous inventors to try and perfect this form of technology. Thomas Edison, in particular, took a shine to the electric vehicle industry, working on ways to increase battery life. Meanwhile, Ferdinand Porsche created the first hybrid electric vehicle, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte, which featured a battery paired with a gas-powered engine to allow for increased range and performance. It seemed as though all was perfect in the world of electric vehicles, and it was only continued success for these machines going forward.

In 1912, however, the first electric starter was introduced on a gas-powered car, with the technology making its way to the ubiquitous Ford Model T in 1919. Now easier to start and not to mention more affordable, gas-powered vehicle sales began to rise. The dawn of a new era was upon us as roads became easier to navigate and oil became plentiful, causing many to drop their electric vehicles for the more powerful gas-powered machines. Low gas prices made gas-powered vehicles the primary mode of transportation for decades, and as technology advanced, so did these automobiles.

But this perfect scenario didn't last either, and in the 1970s, gas prices began to steadily increase, causing many to wonder if electric power should be revisited. Many auto manufacturers began experimenting with electric vehicles again, attempting to provide the masses with an alternative to gas-guzzlers, including Sebring-Vanguard and its revolutionary CitiCar, which featured a remarkable range of over 50 miles, an impressive feat in the electric vehicle industry. The main challenge for electric vehicles was having the power to keep up with their gas-powered counterparts. With the invention of the CitiCar, now it seemed possible.

Although this was a significant advancement in the world of electric vehicles, it simply wasn't enough, and these vehicles just couldn't match the performance, range, and overall better ride that came from gas-powered cars. It seemed as though electric vehicles would just fade away into the abyss, but in the 1990s, they finally got a break. The environment was suffering, oil was expected to eventually run out, and now, governments were prioritizing electric vehicle usage. In 1996, the GM EV1 was released, quickly gaining popularity, followed by Toyota's ground-breaking hybrid, the Prius, just a year later.

The Prius is often thought of as the pioneer in electric vehicle manufacturing, known for its enhanced performance, capabilities, and smooth ride. As Prius sales continued to skyrocket, more inventors began tossing their hats into the ring, including Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors. The competition was on for other automakers to keep up with Tesla's lofty goals, and as the years went on, they did just that, creating some of the most exciting and dynamic machines on the road today. From plug-in hybrid options to all-electric cars, the world of electric vehicles was morphing into something extraordinary. Now, not only do you see more and more electric vehicles on the road, but you also notice more charging stations popping up as the need for them continues to grow. Although electric vehicles had a rocky start, the demand for them continues to increase, and as more and more electric options hit the market, you can expect one thing––they will only continue to get better.

A woman is shown looking at her phone next to a charging white 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

What Is a Battery Electric Vehicle?

If you are interested in any kind of electric vehicle, then it is a good idea to become familiar with the different terms you will encounter as you consider what is available. A battery electric vehicle (BEV) is what people usually mean when they refer to an electric car or EV, even though EVs technically include other electrified options like hybrids (more on them in a moment). With a BEV, there is no internal combustion engine or need for gasoline––all of the car’s power is generated by batteries that feed energy to one or more electric motors. A wide range of different battery systems are being developed for BEVs these days, with each manufacturer competing to make the best option on the market.

Ford has delivered some of the most impressive BEVs on the road, with more exciting models on the horizon. The critical thing to remember about BEVs is how they differ from the conventional gasoline vehicles that most of us are used to. For example, it is essential to note the estimated range of any model you are looking at, especially since different trims can feature different battery and motor combinations. It is common for new BEV owners to suffer from "range anxiety," but you can recharge at public charging stations or at home overnight, so you never have to wait at another gas station ever again.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E

As the Capital Region’s EV Headquarters, we're excited about the future of electric cars and their positive impact on our planet. Ford has continued its mission of creating new electric options designed to enhance our lives and add even more efficiency to our travels. The Mustang Mach-E is a compact BEV that showcases unimaginable performance with hundreds of miles of range, all-wheel drive handling, and jaw-dropping speeds. Introduced in 2021 and immediately recognized as the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, the Mustang Mach-E is turning heads with its inspired styling and fierce capabilities. With a variety of configurations and options to choose from, drivers will be able to find the Mach-E that suits them the best.

Not only can you expect impressive range and dramatic performance, but you can also expect to find the latest infotainment technology and superior driver-assist features designed to make your time behind the wheel of this fantastic machine secure and comfortable. That includes Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving technology for incredible convenience. Plus, with its eye-catching designer details and quiet, spacious cabin, you'll relish the sense of luxury that emanates from within. From its sleek exterior features to its lavish interior design, the Ford Mustang Mach-E shows the world that electric vehicles are ready to reign once more.

A grey 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown on a construction site.

The Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 has been the most popular full-size truck on the road for more than four decades. That is a tremendous legacy to live up to, yet Ford has never rested on its laurels and has remained an innovator. Few models illustrate this quite as well as the stunning new F-150 Lightning, an all-electric truck designed to deliver outstanding range, a gorgeous interior, and the robust muscle you expect to ensure you can get your job done. As BEV cars and SUVs have become more common in recent years, a lot of people wondered when trucks would start to join them, creating electrified options for every driver. Tesla got plenty of attention with the reveal of the Cybertruck, but the Ford F-150 Lightning hit the road first, delivering incredible power while other brands struggled to match it.

With different F-150 Lightning configurations available, we have seen varying performance levels, but each has brought remarkable power and sophistication to the road. A pair of motors, one on each axle, delivers electric four-wheel drive performance, and Ford’s robust battery technology ensures excellent range and instant torque the moment you press the pedal. If you have never driven an electric truck, you are in for a treat with the F-150 Lightning. The moment you first get in and feel the difference that electric performance makes, you will wonder why anyone would choose anything else. Best of all, the Ford F-150 Lightning does not lack towing or payload capacity, so it can help you get your job done while delivering innovative technology and incredible features inside and out.

The front of a grey and blue 2023 Ford E-Transit is shown charging at a Ford electric car dealership.

The Ford E-Transit

There is no doubt that delivering BEVs for individual drivers is important for brands like Ford, but what will truly set the stage for the widespread adoption of electric cars is producing commercial-grade models. Businesses operate a vast number of vehicles for transporting and delivering items either to other companies or to people’s homes. Ford has been a leader in commercial vehicles for many years, including passenger vans, cargo vans for deliveries, and cutaway models that companies can customize to perfectly meet their needs. Now, Ford has gone even further with its incredible E-Transit model.

The Ford E-Transit is an all-electric van that delivers incredible power and performance while offering zero tailpipe emissions and lower maintenance costs due to the lack of a gasoline engine. These are serious benefits for businesses looking to keep expenses down and meet the upcoming standards and policies for zero-emission vehicles going into place nationwide. The E-Transit cargo van is offered with different roof heights, creating varying amounts of space inside for companies to take advantage of. For any business looking to future-proof its fleet or someone in a trade who wants to keep maintenance costs down, the E-Transit is a fantastic choice with tons to offer.

Don't Forget About Hybrid Vehicles

Although BEVs are the type of electric car getting the most attention right now, they are not your only option if you are interested in electrified performance. In many ways, hybrid vehicles led the charge for electrification by providing an option that felt familiar but also new and exciting. A hybrid car features a gas-powered engine paired with an electric motor designed to supplement it and boost performance. You can find different types of hybrids that use the electric motor to increase power output, to improve fuel efficiency, or some combination of both.

One of the most exciting options out there if you are interested in getting a taste of BEV ownership is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). With a PHEV, you have a conventional internal combustion engine and an electric motor, much like other hybrids. The key difference is that a PHEV's battery can be charged from an external power source. As the name suggests, you can plug a PHEV into an outlet to charge the battery. In contrast, traditional hybrid models use regenerative braking and other internal sources to keep the battery charged. PHEV models also have a limited all-electric range, which makes them fantastic options if you want to get a sense of what owning a BEV would be like without fully committing to one.

A red 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid is shown parked in a garage.

Fantastic Ford Hybrid Models

One of the best things about the Ford lineup these days is that it includes a wide range of options, creating great choices for just about any driver. This includes exciting hybrid vehicles designed to provide you with an electrifying driving experience that you will look forward to each day without cutting free from the gas pump entirely just yet. Currently, Ford offers both standard hybrids and PHEV models in its lineup, though your selection is changing frequently as the brand brings new vehicles to the road for you to choose from. Between these fantastic hybrid options and exciting new BEVs, the Ford lineup is moving into the future at a pace that has left other companies scrambling to keep up.

Here at DePaula Ford, the Capital Region’s EV headquarters, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of incredible vehicles, including traditional hybrids, PHEVs, and BEVs. You have numerous hybrid SUVs available from Ford, perfect if you have a growing family or simply want to enjoy the style and spaciousness of an SUV while keeping your gas costs low. A decade ago, the idea of numerous hybrid truck options might have seemed bizarre, but the modern Ford lineup gives you hybrid trucks that utilize electric power to boost their performance to incredible levels. No matter what kind of hybrid you are looking for, we will take you through everything Ford brings to the road and make sure you get what you need in your next vehicle.


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