Used Car Dealer Near Schenectady

Are you looking for a used car dealer near Schenectady? You’re in luck. At DePaula Ford, we can help you find the best used vehicles around. Because of our bustling selection of fan favorites, there’s never a wrong time to look at our selection. Our dealership will take all the time necessary to match you with a car that fits your lifestyle and, most importantly, fits well within your budget. You’ll find all types of vehicles driving on the roads of Schenectady, drivers of all ages and interests of many kinds. In many ways, Schenectady is one of those cities in Upstate NY that represents the very best of the state.

The excitement of shopping for a new vehicle is something that you should be celebrating, not just with yourself but with the team of passionate vehicle enthusiasts who will match you with a great used car. Our team will treat you the way everyone should be when shopping for a vehicle: with respect and honesty.

A silver 2021 Ford Explorer is shown from the rear at an angle while off-road.

Why Shop Used at DePaula Ford?

We want to be a better kind of car dealership, one that offers more than just a friendly face and great vehicles. This is why we have the DePaula Used Vehicle Promise. At DePaula Ford, our used vehicles have undergone 139-point inspection to make sure the vehicles are top of the line. They will come with a free vehicle history report, and your first oil change will be on us. What's more, we even do free annual New York State vehicle inspections, so you don't have to worry about paying for one ever again. For additional piece of mind, you will also get a 90-day or 4,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty on your used car. It's a win for all shoppers in Schenectady.

Our Large Selection

At DePaula Ford, you’ll find many used vehicles for sale. Our selection includes some of the most noteworthy vehicles ever made, including fan-favorite sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and more. The selection of pre-owned vehicles we supply you is a combination of some of the most popular manufacturers, and we’re proud to supply them all to you at great prices under one roof. Here at DePaula Ford, you’ll find the usual suspects like Ford, Chevy, and Honda, but we also supply vehicles from a multitude of other automotive manufacturers, from brands like Acura to Volkswagen.

A white 2022 Ford Escape is shown from the side while driving after leaving a used car dealer near Schenectady.

There’s an incredible amount of depth and diversity to the lineup of cars here at DePaula Ford, and it helps us achieve a selection of pre-owned vehicles that can compete with even the most prolific of our competitors. Not interested in any of the manufacturers we’ve mentioned so far? No problem––we’ve got SUVs, sedans, and pickup trucks from other big-name manufacturers like Kia, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Mercedes, Nissan, Ram, Lincoln, Cadillac, and Audi. We also have Jeep vehicles for the Jeep fanatics in your life, whether you or someone you know, and there are many more brands to choose from depending on when you look.

Shop Our Selection of SUVs

DePaula Ford is your go-to shop for used SUVs in the greater area of Schenectady. Some of the best fuel-efficient SUVs are here, such as the Ford Escape and Mazda CX-30. Many Ford Escape models come standard with a turbocharged powertrain with exceptional fuel efficiency, and these Escape models also offer a stronger turbocharged engine that provides phenomenal fuel ratings, even with AWD. The Mazda CX-30 is similarly impressive, albeit the CX-30 doesn’t come standard with a turbocharged engine, as many Ford Escape models do. However, the CX-30 can still come with a turbocharged engine that creates great fuel economy ratings in AWD.

At our dealership, you’ll also find some of the most versatile SUVs. This can be in the form of performance, spaciousness, etc. Some of the more performant SUVs you’ll find here at DePaula Ford are the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Bronco. The Ford Bronco has seen tremendous popularity since its return, and we’ve got pre-owned models you’ll find at competitive prices. The Ford Bronco is an absolute beast, with the earliest models easily creating 300 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, and of course, the Bronco is the only Ford SUV to come with a manual transmission.

The Bronco also has tremendous cargo space too, and you’ll find models with either two or four doors. The Grand Cherokee is also incredibly versatile and perfect for off-roading. This is not only because of the available 4WD, but the Grand Cherokee can be found with a variety of powertrains, including a supercharged V8 engine that creates the ultimate off-roading experience.

Shop Our Selection of Trucks

Our selection of pickup trucks at DePaula Ford includes everyone’s favorites, and we’re not just saying that. You’ll find trucks like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado on our used lot, and for those who don’t know: the Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in America, and the Silverado is the second-best-selling. It’s important to our customers that we supply the pickup trucks that everyone is looking for and customers are looking for these trucks for great reasons.

The F-150 and Silverado 1500 are both trucks that retain value well, there are plenty of performance options, and there is a trio of bed sizes for both trucks. Ford and Chevy are two of the best pickup truck manufacturers, and we’re proud to have their trucks here on our lot at DePaula Ford.

What if you’re looking for something that will save you money and give you a straightforward pickup truck experience whilst not taking up as much physical space as a full-size truck? We’ve got you covered there, too, with a variety of midsize trucks, including the Nissan Frontier, which is both cost-effective and versatile thanks to a lower starting price than the other two trucks we’ve mentioned and optional 4WD.

A blue 2022 Ford Mustang Ecoboost is shown from the side.

Our Selection of Sedans

Sedans at DePaula Ford are plentiful and fairly priced too. We have some of the most noteworthy sedans ever released, and you’ll find household names all around our lot. The sedans you find at DePaula Ford are the cream of the crop, such as the beloved Toyota Camry, Cadillac CT5, and the Ford Fusion. The Cadillac CT5 is our recommendation for anyone looking for a luxurious and premium-feeling vehicle made with incredibly high-quality materials. If you’re looking for something that will knock your socks off, then you should consider test-driving the Ford Mustang. The Mustang is a classic, and while it’s on the pricier side, it’s well worth the money for its Supercharged V8 engine. You’ll also find sedans on our lot that will go easy on your wallet but still give you a fantastic experience, like the Kia Forte, Toyota Corolla, and Volkswagen Jetta, among others.


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