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Used Ford Explorer for Sale

If there's one vehicle that can do it all, it's the Ford Explorer. This three-row SUV has enough room to accommodate your family, plenty of strength to handle work tasks, and the efficiency commuters are looking for in their daily traveler. When you want to maximize your experience in the Explorer, as well as save money on your purchase, choosing to buy used is recommended, and if you're searching for a used Ford Explorer for sale, you've come to the right place.

Not only does DePaula Ford offer some of the best used SUVs available, but we're one of the most helpful and reliable dealerships in the Albany area, with a staff that's dedicated to your success behind the wheel. We want you to find a vehicle that checks all the boxes on your wishlist while fitting perfectly within your budget. That is why we offer an incredible selection of used Explorer models at affordable prices. You may already know how exceptional this vehicle is at impressing drivers, but if you need more reasons to test drive the Explorer, read on.

A popular used Ford Explorer of sale, a white 2017 Ford Explorer is shown driving on an open road.

Family Friendly Design

Families require a certain set of features in their vehicles. From enough room to handle their rambunctious passengers and everything they're bringing along for the ride to ample safety features to keep all on board secure, your family vehicle needs to handle a lot. That's where the Explorer excels, with three rows of seats and plenty of legroom so that everyone inside can enjoy a comfortable journey.

With seats for up to seven passengers, depending on the configuration you choose, the Explorer is able to accommodate your kids, their friends, and anyone else joining you on the road. With a rear-seat entertainment system available in newer models, all on board will be kept entertained throughout the ride. Ample cargo space makes it easy to find a place for any gear, including sports equipment, strollers, backpacks, diaper bags, and so much more. Configurable seating allows you to equip your Explorer how you desire, enhancing the ride without sacrificing the comfort of those on board.

It's crucial to keep your family safe on the road, and with the superior safety features found in the Ford Explorer, you will be more confident on the journey ahead. We recommend choosing more recent models if you're looking for the most advanced set of driver-assist options, like Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, a Lane-Keeping System, Auto High-Beam Headlights, and so forth. But even without these features, the Explorer scores well in crash testing, with every model since 2013 earning five stars from the NHTSA.

With the Explorer's durable build, any parent will feel more at ease in this secure traveler. In addition, all-wheel drive capabilities are available when you need them the most, whether you're attempting to traverse uneven terrain, make it safely home during winter weather, or tackle any other driving scenario in between.

A red 2016 Ford Explorer is shown parked by a river.

Commuter Friendly Features

You may not be able to control the traffic or the grumpy morning drivers; what you can control is the vehicle you choose to accompany you on your everyday commute. Fortunately, the Explorer is well-equipped to handle your drive to work, with a comfortable cabin and unmatched efficiency. Whether your commute is only a few minutes or over an hour, you want to ensure that you're riding in a cozy vehicle that provides you with respite from the chaos surrounding you on the highway. Opting for more recent used models will allow you to enjoy some of the most stylish, modern appointments available, including leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and a comforting ambiance to help you relax and enjoy the ride.

You'll also find that newer used models will be loaded with state-of-the-art tech to keep you more engaged during your commute. From an easy-to-use and responsive touchscreen to a WiFi hotspot, premium sound system, and much more, the Explorer makes any commute a better experience, no matter how bad traffic is on the ride home. Efficiency is also a huge must for commuters, especially those who travel long distances, which is another reason drivers love the Explorer.

In true Ford fashion, the Explorer showcases a wonderful assortment of engines designed with your needs in mind. You can even opt for a hybrid model, which was introduced in 2020 and features outstanding efficiency. However, the standard EcoBoost turbocharged engines that have powered the Explorer since 2012 already offer incredible efficiency while maintaining the excitement you desire in your everyday ride.

Driver-assistance features also come in handy for commuters. From assistance navigating traffic on the interstate to parking help when you reach your destination, the Explorer can aid you every step of the way. You may not be able to control what other drivers do out on the open road but being prepared for anything helps you maintain a safe and comfortable daily commute. This is definitely something that every driver wants in a vehicle.

A red and a grey 2020 Ford Explorers are shown driving through a city.

Work Ready Construction

Did you know that the Explorer is extremely capable of handling tough tasks? If you need a work vehicle, the Explorer is an excellent choice, one that's more efficient than a pickup, especially for all those trips between worksites, but still capable enough to tow heavy loads. Whether you're transporting materials for work or towing a trailer filled with equipment, the Explorer and its selection of powerful engines can help you maximize productivity in your workday. Choosing more recent model years will allow you to harness top power, including a turbocharged V6 capable of easily towing up to 5,600 lbs. This way, you'll be able to have the durability and strength you're seeking, all wrapped up in an efficient and ready-for-anything SUV.

Athleticism courses through the Explorer, and it'll be obvious with just a look at its rugged build that it's exceptional at handling work-related tasks. Its flexible seating elements make it easy to haul more materials for work, and with excellent cargo space, you'll be able to load up and get on with your day quickly and efficiently. Advanced trailering tech also comes to the rescue to provide much-needed control over your haul, with trailer sway control to help you maintain a safe and confident ride, no matter where the workday takes you. As we mentioned, more recent models are equipped with plenty of tech features, making it easy to complete work tasks from the road without missing a beat. Fully ready to handle anything the job entails, the Explorer will undoubtedly be a trusted workmate each and every day.

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