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If you are in the market for used SUVs for sale, it can be quite difficult to find what you’re looking for. More often than not, finding a great pre-owned model outside of a dealership is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Lower prices tend to mean that the vehicle has underlying issues, and there’s really no way to know what you’re getting yourself into. Instead of spending days or even weeks searching the classified ads for used SUVs, you can save a lot of time (and your sanity) by heading over to DePaula Ford.

Located right here in beautiful Albany, NY, our dealership lot is stocked full of high-quality used SUVs. Whether you are looking for a compact crossover, a mid-size model, or a full-size SUV, we’ve got a vast selection to choose from. Give us a call or stop by our dealership for a test drive today!

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A blue 2017 Ford Edge from the front, racing through a city.

Why You Want a Used SUV

Buying a used SUV shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and our experts here at DePaula Ford are here to make sure the process goes smoothly. No matter what size SUV you’re looking for, our team of sales associates will help you find the perfect match to suit your lifestyle.

Used SUVs are great for families and anyone on a budget. You will get all the benefits of having a large vehicle without the new car price tag. SUVs, also sometimes called sport utility vehicles, are perfect for all sorts of family activities. You can load up the vehicle, get the kids to school, run errands, and drop the kids off at extracurricular activities later too. There’s plenty of room to do it all.

Compact models seat five passengers and typically have ample cargo room for backpacks and luggage. Mid-size SUVs also usually seat five people, but they tend to have much more cargo room behind the back row for extra storage. The largest of the SUV lineup is known as the full-size model. These can seat between seven and nine people depending on which vehicle you get. With seating for five to nine passengers, you can take the whole family (and maybe a few friends too) on any adventure.

Another great reason to buy a used SUV is versatility. Sedans and trucks are very limited in what they can do. Sedans are better suited to singles or couples, and trucks are usually geared more toward work crews. Neither have the versatility or seating that SUVs offer. With used Ford SUVs, you can do just about anything from daily city driving to heading off on weekend adventures. While compact crossovers tend to have less power than the larger models, you can typically find a sporty or off-roading-incline trim level on any of these vehicles. Towing capacities will vary greatly depending on which one you go with, but overall, used SUVs are much for versatile than sedans and trucks.

If you can’t go anywhere without your family pet, a used SUV is perfect for you! With the second and third rows being easily configured, you can arrange the cabin to accommodate your four-legged family member. If you hitch up the boat for a family trip out to the lake, you won’t want to leave your furry pal at home. This is the perfect opportunity for family bonding, and no one gets left behind. You can’t say that for a sedan.

Benefits of Used SUVs Over New Ones

A red 2018 Ford Expedition Used SUVs for Sale in front of a snowy mountain.

Now that you know why you want an SUV, it’s time to discuss the benefits of buying a used model over a new one. The biggest, most influential reason is the price tag. New SUVs, especially as you go up in trim level, can be out of budget for most people, and not everyone needs all the latest features. By purchasing a used SUV, you will be saving a lot of money. You won’t need as big of a down payment, and your monthly payments will be significantly lower. Also, by purchasing used, you’re helping keep a vehicle on the road longer, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Another benefit of buying a pre-owned SUV is that you won’t feel so bad when spills or messes happen inside the cabin. If you have children, then you know that things can go south very quickly when it comes to keeping the vehicle clean. Spills happen all the time, and it hurts a little less when the spill doesn’t happen in a ‘fresh of the manufacturing line’ vehicle.

Why a Used SUV is Perfect for Albany, NY

An orange 2016 Ford Escape against a purple and orange sunset, find Used SUVs for Sale in Albany NY.

As the capital city of New York, Albany is a metropolis that is constantly buzzing. While some folks may feel pressure to always drive the newest, coolest cars, that might not be such a great idea for this urban environment.

Purchasing a used SUV is the best move that families living in Albany can make for transportation. It offers the same kind of space and versatility as any other SUV, but it is better suited for the hustle and bustle of city living. It’s also great for getting away from the city on the weekends to a family trip with all the savings of not buying new. Heading off on an adventure with the kids is so easy when you have a pre-owned SUV. Just load up the back and go!

DePaula Ford Dealership Overview

Here at DePaula Ford, our lot is full of the best new and used vehicles in the state. We have so much more than SUVs. We’ve got sedans, coupes, trucks, performance cars, and even eco-friendly vehicles. Whatever tickles your fancy, we probably have it. With hundreds of models to select from, we are confident that you can find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

We also have an on-site team of finance experts who can help you secure the most competitive car loan in the area. Keeping your budget in mind, our associates will help you find the best payment plan that won’t break your bank.

Our dealership is so much more than a car lot. We also have a team of certified technicians here to help you with all of your mechanical needs. From routine maintenance to major bodywork or engine repairs, our mechanics have got you covered. For Ford vehicles, we used only OEM parts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your vehicle. We want your car, truck, or SUV to perform at its best for years to come. We will also make sure that your service is completed in a timely manner and at an affordable rate. No more waiting all day for a simple oil change. From air filter replacements to new batteries to tire services, we can do it all.


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