2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado

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  • 2023 Ford Ranger

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    2023 Chevy Colorado

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    1,905Payload (lbs)1,684
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    Searching for the right midsize truck means having to make the hard choice between some of the best brands available on the market. Two very popular models in the segment are the Ford Ranger and the Chevy Colorado. Deciding which of these two top-selling trucks to go with means breaking down the pros and cons, features, and performance of both trucks. Luckily for you, we have a breakdown of the 2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado, so you don't have to go scouring through spec sheets and videos to find out how these two trucks measure up to one another.

    For 2023, the redesigned Chevy Colorado focuses on off-road traversal above all else, with new performance ratings and all-new looks. However, the 2023 model year has dropped the popular V6 and diesel options from the lineup, copying Ford's use of turbocharged engines instead. The 2023 Colorado does offer new enhancements to the off-road performance trim known as the ZR2, along with improved interior infotainment updates and new tailgate functionality. The 2023 Colorado also adds the new Trail Boss trim to the lineup, which is joined by the base Work Truck (WT), the LT, the Z71, and the ZR2.

    The 2023 Ford Ranger carries over the updates from the 2022 model year, supplying the proven performance that truck drivers count on. For the 2023 model year Ranger, there is a new limited edition package in the form of the Splash Jungle Edition. The Jungle Edition features special wheel, exterior, and interior designs. This limited edition iteration of the Ranger is in short supply for the Ranger Lariat trim. The 2023 Ford Ranger is available across three trims for the model year, which include the base XL, the more feature-rich XLT, and the top-of-the-line Lariat.

  • Design

    A red 2023 Ford Ranger is shown from the side parked in the mountains.

    Versatility and Performance

    The challenge of a midsize truck is ensuring that it offers lots of great functionality and performance capabilities at an affordable price without sacrificing what makes a pickup truck a pickup truck. This means the truck must hit key metrics to remain relevant in its segment while constantly evolving to meet the demands of the market. In the battle of the 2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado, both trucks manage to stay true to their heritage while also evolving with the changing times.

    For the 2023 Colorado, Chevy opted to maintain consistency across the lineup with one 2.7-liter four-cylinder powertrain to rule them all. The 2.7-liter can be configured with three different output levels, but there is only a single cab and bed configuration. This could be a major drawback if you are looking for a traditional long-bed pickup, although Chevy did try to update the functionality of the truck. The cargo box storage in the rear bed makes for a great place to keep perishables, fragile equipment, or gear you don't want to become weatherworn. There is also a sporty interior that seats five and easy access to the rear seats via the standard four-door crew cab format.

    Ford Knows What Drivers Need

    The 2023 Ranger is more versatile than the 2023 Colorado. Ford didn't want to pigeonhole the midsize truck into just one category, leaving options available and open for those who would prefer to use their trucks for different yet specific purposes. While it uses a single powertrain option like the Colorado, the Ranger offers far more variety in how you can configure what the truck is used for. For instance, the 2023 Ranger is available in both a four-door SuperCrew format and as a SuperCab with a long bed. If you need a capable midsize truck, the Ford Ranger accommodates that option.

    The Ranger's additional packages also add a lot of variety to the midsize pickup that you just don't get with the Colorado. The stylish color options of the Splash Package add a lot of sports appeal to the Ranger and is a unique identifier that helps set the truck apart from the competition. The 2023 Ford Ranger's new Splash Jungle Package comes packed with 18-inch 12-spoke matte black wheels and an Eruption Green exterior paint job. Magnetic-painted surround bars and a black mesh grille help add contrast to the bold color scheme, while Magnetic trimming and molding on the exterior accentuate the overall design. The Tremor Off-Road Package is another highlight, giving the Ranger an adventurous vitality you don't often see from midsize pickup trucks.

  • Capabilities

    A blue 2023 Ford Ranger is shown towing a trailer during a 2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado comparison.

    Payload and Towing

    Midsize pickups have been increasing their capabilities nearly every year. If it isn't the improvement of towing and hauling, it's improving the performance and off-road capabilities. The 2023 Ford Ranger and 2023 Chevy Colorado both target segment-leading capabilities when it comes to towing and payload capacities. However, which one does it better? Between the 2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado, you might be surprised at the figures.

    Both midsize trucks are capable of towing well over 7,000 lbs worth of cargo, making them well worth admiration within their segment. When it comes to payload capacity, however, there is a distinct advantage given in favor of one truck over the other, and that advantage clearly goes to the 2023 Ford Ranger. The 2023 Chevy Colorado is capable of hauling a maximum payload of 1,684 lbs, but the 2023 Ranger can manage 1,905 lbs worth of payload. This gives you a massive 221 lbs of additional carrying capacity.

    Practical Functionality

    You get a lot of functionality out of the Ranger and Colorado when it comes to functionality for practical purposes. For instance, the 2023 Colorado features a new StowFlex Tailgate with a small storage compartment. The in-tailgate cargo container, as well as remote tailgate locking and unlocking, helps add to the Colorado's overall value. With multiple tie-downs, stake pockets, and a 110-volt power outlet, you can use the Colorado for many on-demand work-site requirements.

    The 2023 Ranger has many of the same features, such as a 110-volt power outlet and a power-locking tailgate. While the Ford doesn't have a tailgate storage compartment, you can outfit the Ranger with two much larger Pivot Storage Boxes that sit above the wheel wells and provide weather-resistant storage for tools and other gear. The Ranger even has two separate options for built-in safes: one in the center console and one in the cabin floor. These well-engineered options prove Ford understands what pickup truck drivers need.

  • Technology

    The black interior of a 2023 Ford Ranger shows the infotainment screen in close up.

    Going Above and Beyond

    Ford and Chevy have both gone above and beyond to outfit the Ranger and Colorado with a litany of amazing technology. From Chevy Safety Assist to Ford Co-Pilot360, both trucks are equipped with plenty of safety technology and performance capabilities. This includes both trucks coming equipped with their own unique drive modes, digital clusters, and advanced camera technology for off-road traversal and trailering.

    What really stands out with both trucks is the upgraded interior infotainment suites. The 2023 Chevy Colorado updates its center console stack with an available 11.3-inch touchscreen powered by the Chevrolet Infotainment System. The 2023 Ford Ranger offers an eight-inch HD touchscreen powered by the Ford SYNC 3 suite and has two available digital driver display productivity screens, each measuring 4.2 inches. The 2023 Ranger also comes equipped with all sorts of trailering tech, telematics, and a 360-degree camera with split-view display options.

    Both trucks feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. However, in the battle of tech between the 2023 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Chevy Colorado, the Ford Ranger has a high amount of personalization with its multiple customizable productivity screens and connectivity suite. For instance, the Ranger has FordPass Connect, so you can connect up to 10 wireless devices via 4G LTE, voice-activated travel navigation via SiriusXM, and easy access to emergency services and smart devices connections with built-in support for 911 and AppLink. The FordPass smartphone app is also completely free, while Chevy charges a monthly fee for its myChevrolet app.

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