2021 Ford Chassis Cab

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  • Overview

    A black 2021 Ford Chassis Cab is angled left.

    When you need power on your side, sometimes an average pickup just doesn’t cut it. What if you need a truck that can endure tough conditions, output extreme power, and carry more weight? If you want great capability and an amazingly low price, look no further than the 2021 Ford Chassis Cab, a family of new, super duty trucks that can do what almost no other trucks out there can. This range of trucks is built even tougher than the recreational F-150 and F-250 models, ranging from the grueling F-350 editions to the pinnacle F-600s that do the almost-impossible.

    Best of all, they’re far more versatile and affordable than most semi-trailer trucks are. When it comes to comfort and convenient technology, there’s no question that a Chassis Cab by America’s most popular truck dealer, Ford, is a perfect work machine. So if you need a commercial truck that you can count on every day, this may be the truck for you. Let's learn more about the 2021 Ford Chassis Cab trucks, including their towing potential, GVWR, comfort, conveniences, and more.

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  • Performance

    A red 2021 Ford Chassis Cab F-450 is shown from the side parked next to a broken down black truck.

    If you need the power to haul the heaviest trailers, fight back against the most severe cargo, and endure your clients’ most pressing volume demands, choose the 2021 Ford Chassis Cab. It’s one of the hardiest vehicles around, with a maximum tow capacity of a whopping 34,500 lbs, plus a maximum GVWR of 22,000 lbs. The new Chassis Cab can endure it all, and just about any weight you throw at it won’t exceed its max GCWR of 43,000 lbs when properly outfitted.

    So how does it do it? The 2021 Chassis Cab starts with an ultra-durable steel frame with a reduced weight cabin, plus hefty suspension that’s finely crafted to adjust to the heaviest weight, all while managing to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Specially engineered chassis and driveline mean more durability, which is what makes its top-tier GCWR and GVWR ratings possible. Meanwhile, ultra-responsive, anti-lock brakes can grind you to a halt comfortably and safely, even if you’re approaching the maximum weight for your Chassis Cab. In fact, the new Chassis Cab by Ford has the most advanced, reliable brakes in its class.

    The Power to Handle Big Jobs

    As for powertrain potential, a host of available engines mean you can customize your 2021 Chassis Cab to its preferred potency. For great power at an even better price, consider the 6.2-liter gas V-8 engine, which comes standard in many 2021 Chassis Cabs. It produces a respectable 385 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque, which is more than most ordinary pickups. Meanwhile, the 7.3-liter OHV PFI gas V-8 engine is a reliable workhorse. This powertrain produces up to 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque for excellent response times and road performance. It’s designed to offer reliable power for daily workloads without any hefty upgrade fees that can put a damper on your business.

    However, if you want the most power possible, consider upgrading to the 6.7-liter Turbo-Diesel V8 with Power Stroke technology. This engine can churn up to a class-leading 825 lb-ft of torque with 330 horsepower, which can fight back against the heaviest cargo loads and trailers. And unlike other competing diesel truck engines, this one is quiet, efficient, and offers excellent throttle response. It’s long-lasting and efficient, so you can trust that your investment is going to be around for the long haul.

    Shift Into Work Mode

    As for the transmission, the Torqshift 10-speed automatic transmission offers an outstanding balance of torque, fuel economy, and excellent driving - just about everything you need to efficiently transport goods. It operates seamlessly with aftermarket accessories like a snowplow, compressor, or pump, so you can customize your 2021 Ford Chassis Cab to your exact productivity needs. Talk to your local Ford dealer about which edition of the new Chassis Cab can best suit the exact formulation and accessories that you need.

    Make Towing Easier

    Don’t you want to transport cargo and trailers with total peace of mind? The 2021 Ford Chassis Cab makes towing easier and safer than ever, thanks to the 8-inch LCD productivity screen located right behind the steering wheel. Stay on top of towing functions, trailer profiles, brake controllers, transmission settings, changes between the truck and trailer angles, and more, all without having to step out of the cabin.

    The 2021 Chassis Cab is available in many different models, including the F-350 XL, XLT, and Lariat, three types of F-450 and F-550, and the F-600 XL and XLTs. Each has varying available engines, max tow ratings, chassis components, and other unique features. If you need help breaking down all of the available features and seeing which model will work best for your business, get in contact with our team today.

  • Technology

    The steering wheel and infotainment screen are shown on a 2021 Ford Chassis Cab.

    Work and Safety Go Hand in Hand

    There’s more to love about the 2021 Ford Chassis Cab beyond its workhorse strength. These innovative vehicles are also designed with comprehensive suites of safety and convenience technology inside and out. It starts with the active safety features available for every 2021 Chassis Cab model or trim. These include pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, a feature that responds to other vehicles or road hazards, then intervenes, braking your Chassis Cab before you take time to react.

    Meanwhile, other features like lane-keeping assist automatically sense the lane lines and shoulder on the road, then notify you and react on your behalf to help you stay your course. Features like these can help prevent accidents and damage to yourself, passengers, or your cargo. Most importantly, these features make up for any inherent difficulty when traveling with a large trailer so that you can transport goods in peace.

    Stay Connected

    Do you want to stay in touch and connect with your entire fleet of Chassis Cabs? The 2021 models are available with Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services. This is smart software technology that you can use to remotely track vehicles with GPS, get up-to-date data like fuel economy performance, stay on top of vehicle health alerts and service reminders, and even track driver performance. Access Ford Telematics on your smartphone or computer to manage productivity and protect your company’s investments. It’s these advanced tools that make Ford the number-1 retailer of commercial vehicles.

    But Ford Chassis Cab technology isn’t all about productivity. Sometimes, it’s about enjoying the drive, which is why every 2021 Chassis Cab is outfitted with Ford Sync 3 infotainment technology. This voice-activated system combines smartphone compatibility for easy and entertaining audio streaming with built-in apps like optional navigation. Input your destination, search for fueling stations, get traffic and weather alerts, and even locate businesses and get real-time navigation instructions. The interface is easy to use, responsive, and provides plenty of entertainment to keep your drivers engaged on long trips. Best of all, you can activate FordPass Connect in your 2021 Chassis Cab to enjoy a fast, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot on the go.

  • Interior

    The gray interior and front seats are shown from the passenger side on a 2021 Ford Chassis Cab.

    Built for Work and Comfort

    A comfortable and durable cabin is also part of what makes the 2021 Chassis Cab a great buy. Its functional and straightforward layout is designed to feel comfortable and ergonomic, so even long-distance drives feel like a breeze. Ultra-durable upholstery and easy to clean panels mean that your Chassis Cab will last through many years of messy work, so even construction sites and mining facilities are no match for this truck. Optional vinyl floors look sleek and refined while also enduring all the abuse you could throw at it.

    The 2021 Ford Chassis Cab is available in 3 body styles, in addition to multiple functional configurations. Choose the Four-Door Crew Cab for a balance of comfort, more passenger space, and easy access, as well as multiple optional compartments like rear under-seat storage for privacy and safekeeping. So no matter how rugged your fleet of Ford Chassis Cabs may look from the outside, inside each is a practical cabin that’s designed to last.

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