2022 Ford EcoSport

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  • Overview

    A blue 2022 Ford EcoSport SE is angled left.

    The 2022 Ford EcoSport is a rarity in the subcompact SUV segment. First, it's one of the only models to come standard with all-wheel drive, making it agile and capable. Second, that capability isn't in question with the EcoSport's impressive 2,000-pound towing capacity that you won't find anywhere else in the segment. Third, 2022 is the last year for the EcoSport, making it all the more enticing to drivers looking to get their hands on Ford's small but mighty SUV.

    Starting at $22,040, the 2022 EcoSport is a great option for drivers looking to move from a sedan to an SUV without making a huge commitment. The EcoSport delivers the higher driving position of an SUV but handles more like a sedan, matching efficiency with an average fuel economy of 23 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway. Its agile size makes it easy to maneuver but doesn't come at the cost of capability, as seen with the EcoSport's remarkable towing capacity and its Intelligent 4WD.

    Ford makes the EcoSport's packaging even more enticing by offering four different trims—S, SE, SES, and Titanium—and a progressive suite of features. These features range from Ford's Co-Pilot360 suite of advanced driver-assist technology and the SYNC 3 infotainment system to luxuries like heated front seats and electronic automatic temperature control. Together, these tools and amenities make the EcoSport an incredible value in the segment and an enticing option for drivers looking for a nimble SUV that's fun to drive, spacious, and affordable to own.


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  • Handling and Capability

    A person is shown putting flowers in the rear cargo area of a silver 2022 Ford EcoSport.

    The 2022 EcoSport is a great example that even a small SUV can pack a hefty punch. After all, the spirited subcompact SUV is one of the few in the segment capable of towing up to 2,000 pounds. So, where does it get its capability?

    An Intelligent 4WD System

    The EcoSport comes standard with Ford's Intelligent 4WD system, otherwise known as all-wheel drive. While nearly every other model in the segment comes standard with front-wheel drive, the EcoSport's Intelligent 4WD system gives the SUV a notable advantage. The system constantly monitors for wheel slippage, sending power to the wheel or wheels that need it to optimize the EcoSport's performance and control on various terrain and in harsh weather.

    EcoSport’s 2.0L I-4 Engine

    While the Intelligent 4WD system optimizes traction and control, the EcoSport's 2.0L direct injection four-cylinder engine delivers the power you need when navigating rush-hour traffic or cruising at highway speeds. The EcoSport's powerplant is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and churns out 166 horsepower and 149 lb-ft of torque for smooth acceleration and handling. This power feels even better when you opt for the EcoSport SES with its sport-tuned suspension that allows the SUV to hug every corner.

    For Ford, power never comes at the cost of efficiency, which remains true for the 2022 EcoSport. The six-speed automatic transmission ensures the SUV is in the optimal gear to deliver the necessary power, while the 2.0L engine's automatic start-stop technology balances this power with fuel consumption by shutting off fuel delivery when the EcoSport is stopped. The result is less demand for fuel, with the EcoSport averaging 23 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway, putting more money in your wallet and requiring fewer stops at the pump.

  • Technology

    Two friends are shown driving a 2022 Ford EcoSport through a city.

    Smartphones have dramatically impacted our lives, but their impact doesn't stop there. Automakers like Ford are leveraging this technology to improve our experience behind the wheel. In doing this, models like the 2022 EcoSport can keep us connected and informed without requiring us to take our hands off the wheel or our eyes off the road.

    The SYNC 3 Infotainment System

    The EcoSport puts everything you need within reach via Ford's renowned SYNC 3 infotainment system. SYNC 3 is centralized on the EcoSport's expansive 8.0-inch LCD color touchscreen display. You can sync your smartphone with the SUV using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and gain immediate access to your favorite apps and features from the display. The SYNC 3 system also gives you access to a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot that ensures you and your passengers stay connected. But just how connected? The hotspot can support up to 10 devices within 50 feet of the vehicle, making the EcoSport a mobile office or entertainment venue wherever the road takes you.


    One of the most notable additions to the EcoSport is in-vehicle apps like Ford+Alexa. Just as you might guess, the app gives you access to a virtual assistant. Using simple voice commands, you can make calls, respond to messages, schedule appointments, navigate the fastest route, and more without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

    SiriusXM Radio

    What more could you need beyond your smartphone and a virtual assistant on board? Ford doesn't stop there and equips the 2022 EcoSport with SiriusXM Radio and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. Your three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM Radio gives you access to ad-free music, live sports events, talk radio, news outlets, and comedy shows. When you opt for the EcoSport with navigation, you'll also get a five-year subscription to SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link that provides detailed updates on the weather, traffic, fuel prices, sports scores, and so much more.

  • Safety and Driver-Assist

    A gold 2022 Ford EcoSport is shown driving on a city street.

    Safety standards across the industry ensure every automaker makes your safety a priority; however, Ford manages to distinguish itself as a leader in the segment with advanced safety features and tools. These tools are centralized in a suite known as Ford Co-Pilot360 and are designed to enhance your experience and give you greater confidence when you're behind the wheel. So, what does the suite look like on the 2022 EcoSport?

    Automatic Headlamps

    The EcoSport comes equipped with automatic headlamps that enhance your visibility in low-light conditions. For example, when traveling at night, the headlamps will automatically dim for oncoming traffic and then brighten once traffic has passed. By eliminating the need to constantly adjust the lights, the tool enhances your focus on the road.

    The Co-Pilot360 Safety Suite

    The Ford Co-Pilot360 suite also outfits the EcoSport with a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert and a Rear Parking Sensor. Ford's BLIS system takes the guesswork out of changing lanes or navigating the SUV in reverse by alerting you to vehicles in your blind spots or crossing behind you. The available Rear Parking Sensor is also helpful which alerts you to objects or vehicles in the rear path of the SUV, notifying you with beeps that get faster the closer you get to another object or vehicle.

    Hill Start Assist

    Hill Start Assist also comes standard on the 2022 EcoSport, allowing the SUV to treat any hill like it's flat. Why is this important? When you're on an incline, your vehicle can start to roll backward when you take your foot off the brake. With Hill Start Assist, the tool holds the EcoSport in place for two seconds as you transition from the brake to the accelerator pedal.


    Beyond these advanced safety features, the EcoSport also comes with Ford's MyKey technology, making it an ideal SUV for parents with young drivers at home. Through the SYNC 3 system, parents can activate one key fob with the MyKey technology. Parents can then set specific requirements and restrictions when the key is used. For example, parents can make seat belts mandatory before the EcoSport can be shifted out of neutral, limit the top speed, and reduce radio volume to prevent distractions.

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