Breaking Mews: The Purr-fect Animal Shelters Near Albany

December 25th, 2019 by

A pug and a tiger cat are laying down on a blanket together.

At DePaula Ford, we don’t just love cars; we also love our pets. For some of us, our pets are our family, and we would go above and beyond for them. This is why, we decided to highlight a few animal shelters here in Albany, NY. Animal shelters are a great place to go to if you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family. Through an animal shelter, you can help an animal in need either by taking home a new ‘paw-rtner.’

Why Animal Shelters Matter

Our local animal life matters and the more animal shelters we have, the better off our furry neighbors will be. Animal shelters serve as a sanctuary for animals that have been abandoned or lost and even found – in the case of strays. Sometimes it isn’t always the owner’s fault, as more often than not, the pets in animal shelters are older with some serious medical issues, have been given up because an owner can no longer care for them, or an owner passes away. In animal shelters, pets receive compassionate care, and a temporary resting place while they are transitioned into more permanent homes.

Adopting from an animal shelter is far cheaper than the alternative of buying from breeders. Purebred cats and dogs can set you back a pretty penny, and, if you adopt from an animal shelter, all you’ll have to pay is the adoption fee. On top of that, you’ll get the satisfaction of giving an animal a permanent and loving home.

You don’t have to limit yourself to adoption. You can always foster an animal in need. Fostering allows animals to get comfortable in a home and sometimes get some necessary training. This is especially great for animals who were rescued from situations where they lived only outside; once they are brought into a home, they will need to be house trained. Simple things like teaching them only to use the bathroom outside, and not to “counter-surf” can go a long way in finding them the perfect home.

There are many animal shelters throughout Albany that you can adopt from; however, you don’t always need to come in contact with these pets in order to support these charitable foundations. Many of these animal shelters put on special fundraising events, or oftentimes need volunteers to help out around their facilities.

While we’ll only focus on a handful of animal shelters in Albany with this list, there are so many more that deserve the help and assistance of volunteers and charitable donators. There is a lot of love for the furry little pets in our community of Albany, and to us, the more people giving back, the better.

A small dog has his tongue out while his smiling owner holds him in her arms.

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

One of the top animal shelters near Albany is the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, just outside of Menands, NY. The Mohawk Humane Society has a history dating all the way back to 1887 and is considered the oldest and largest animal protection facility in the Albany area. They specialize in providing shelter and professional care for lost and abandoned animals, which included spaying and neutering, vaccinations, animal training, and more.

They boast that they improve the lives of over 7,000 animals every year, and are made up of compassionate staff members, and volunteers who give back about 25,000 hours every year. Their state of the art Animal Care Center which opened in the summer of 2017, features a wealth of resources for stray and abandoned animals, including two surgical suites, four-level cat condos, two dog kennel rooms, and a community room for felines. With locations in both Menands and Saratoga Springs, the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is a true force for good in the greater Albany area.

At the shelter, you can find cats, dogs, and even small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. There truly is a pet for every human at their shelter.


While the Mohawk Humane Society is easily the largest in the area, we’d be remised if we didn’t focus on the smaller sized newcomers that give back to animals in Albany as well. One such smaller animal shelter is AnimaLovers, a place that specializes in the assistance of cats in and around the Capital District. Accepting donations online via PayPal or through a variety of programs like SEFA and CFC, the AnimaLovers facility is funded through impassioned animal lovers throughout the Capital Region. They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for cat lovers from inside their state of the art clinics to fostering one of these furry friends in need. They also provide care and adoption services for special needs cats, something that can be hard to find at other larger animal shelters.

Free To Be Me Rescue Center

Another animal shelter doing fantastic work for pets everywhere in the Albany area is the Free To Be Me Rescue Center. Here, pets of all breeds, ages, and states of health are cared for and placed into loving homes through their adoption service. They also can help organize a three-week foster program, wherein volunteers would provide a temporary home for an animal in need. They are willing to provide adoption forms to anyone within an hour of the Albany area, and also host special fundraising events for their center. On top of that, they accept volunteers for every aspect of their foundation from the clinic to the center itself. The Free to Be Me Rescue Center also attempts to rescue pets from puppy mills and other breeding programs to hopefully place them in more loving and caring homes. You can donate today via their website or visit their location in the heart of Delmar, New York.

A black and tan Pomeranian with a tennis ball in her month is playing in the grass near Albany, NY.

Free To Be Me is widely supported amongst the community. A recent adoption was a black cat named Luna, who found her ‘fur-ever’ home with one quite happy family. They are also fantastic at finding older dogs a home, such as a (now spoiled) 8-year-old named Lily, who found the best home with her ‘fur-ever’ human.

Adopting Animals

These are just some of the animal shelters throughout the Albany area that provide spectacular services for our local furry friends. Animal shelters are the best place to find a new member of your family, and to give back to those in need at the same time.

Here at DePaula Ford, our goal is to make our customers happy, and what better way to help make our customers happy than through the love of a furry friend. While we are car people, our staff is well-versed on the subject of pets and can probably point you in the direction of a good shelter if ever asked. And even though our true love is cars, when we go home, it is always nice to have our furry-friends waiting for us at the door.

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