Finding a Used Truck for Sale (5 Tips)

September 14th, 2018 by

Used Trucks For Sale

2018 is the year to start owning a truck, for sure, or at least this is the year they became one of the most popular vehicle choices. But that doesn’t mean you have to own a 2018 truck! If you visit your local dealership’s website, like the helpful DePaula Ford site, you might be surprised to find how many used trucks for sale they have listed. You may even be surprised to find that many of them are in excellent condition, have low mileage, and are offered for a price that will have you wondering why you don’t already own a used truck.

Even if you are traditionally a sedan or SUV person, it’s worth exploring your options. You might not even know how fun it is to drive a truck until you do exactly that! Even if you are still hesitant, we have some tips to make the truck-buying experience less stressful, and even fun!  Our goal is just to get you thinking about pickup trucks differently and help you decide if owning one isn’t the worst idea!

So, here are our top five pro tips for shopping for your next used truck for sale.


#1. Don’t Let Your Options Overwhelm You

A dealership that has a huge inventory is a good thing. That just means, you are more likely to find what you are looking for, and you don’t have to settle for something you don’t really want. Think about all of the trims that are available. Even though your truck is pre-owned it doesn’t mean you can’t have top of the line features and performance. So why settle for that base model when you can get an upgrade for a similar price!

If you think that performance is more important than luxury, chances are you are not alone. And when you browse for a pre-owned pickup truck, you might find that you still have many engines to choose from. If you are looking for the best transmission or powertrain, those stats are there too. You might even want to check to see the EPA fuel economy numbers as well. These are all things to consider, but don’t let these factors overwhelm you.

The important thing is to always keep track of your personal preferences. Make a list you can take with you to the dealership of what you are looking for and start eliminating what you don’t want. Before you know it you will be narrowing down to the perfect vehicle for you in a stress-free way!


#2. Have a Set Budget in Mind

One of the preferences you are sure to want to keep in mind is how much you are willing to spend. Depending on set-pricing or depreciation, the prices of pickups may vary. Don’t fret, this is a good thing. Usually, you can narrow down your search but imputing your particular budget and likewise weeding out anything out of your price range. On the DePaula Ford website, this is a quick and easy option to help you narrow down your search. However, if browsing online seems too intimidating, you can always stop by in person, let us know your budget and preferences, and enjoy the ease of having our sales staff show you the best available options that suit your needs.

Having a set budget in mind will be key in determining the model, year, and even trim of the used trucks for sale available to you at your local dealership. So when deciding on your budget, be sure to carefully consider what options you can and can’t live without. But, exactly what features should you prioritize?


#3. Know What to Prioritize

So, if you don’t know that much about trucks, you might not know what to look for in a pickup. Conversely, even if you’re a truck enthusiast, it can be hard to determine which factors should matter the most to you during your search for used trucks for sale. But, don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Here is a short list of what you want to look for in a pickup truck.



The power of a vehicle can affect many things: towing capacity, hauling capacity, fuel economy.  You can determine what “level” of power you can get by checking to see whether or not the vehicle is as light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty. Depending on your particular needs, you can choose the corresponding level. You can determine this by checking the model numbers such as 150/1500, 250/2500 or 350/3500.



The rule of thumb here is to try to find the vehicle with the most updated features. Most often you can find even pre-owned models with the latest in smart-tech. What to look for: built-in WIFI, a rearview camera, and navigation features. Surprisingly, advanced entertainment technology will be available onboard the majority of used trucks for sale available at your local dealership, like DePaula Ford.


Cabin Size

With most truck models you can cater the cabin size or style to what you want. If you have many pre-owned trucks to choose from you can determine how large or small you want your cabin to be. This is decided based on how much comfort and space you want. Think about whether or not you will have passengers in tow as well and if they will find the given accommodations comfortable. If you are shopping for your family, we suggest the crew cab option, which has the most space available.


Bed Length

Bed length usually ranges from 5-8 ft. Think about what you will be using your truck for, i.e. hauling, moving, work, etc. But sometimes even if you are doing these things but don’t need to carry a lot a shorter bed is still sufficient. Many people choose to buy trucks because they own things like camping equipment, sports supplies, motorcycles, jet skis, canoes, the works! How else are they going to haul all of that around?



We mentioned this earlier, but trucks have really nice interiors now. Check out what you can find, and if you get lucky enough to find a pre-owned model with an upgraded trim – jump on it!


#4. Make Sure It’s In Good Condition

Depending on who you buy from, used trucks for sale aren’t always going to be in the best condition, at times, owners really get as much mileage out of their truck as they can, they aren’t thinking about how their vehicle is depreciating. Whether they are off-roading, driving on construction sites, or just driving the engine into the ground. Trucks are considered multipurpose vehicles, so they could belong to a company worksite or even a parent. When you choose to purchase a vehicle from a reputable dealer, you are more likely to know that you are buying a truck that has gone through a thorough inspection process. They will also show you exactly how the car has seen wear and tear and hopefully do their best to gloss it up a bit.


#5. Last, But Not Least, Choose DePaula Ford for Your Used Truck Purchase!

If you’re in the market for used trucks for sale, the best thing you can do is choose DePaula Ford! You’ll be pleased with the inventory, customer service, and post-purchase services we have to offer. From before you purchase your new used truck to well after you drive off the lot, we’ll be there to handle your every automotive need. So, come by today and see what we have in stock. We look forward to helping you find the perfect used truck for sale!