Artificial Intelligence Improves 2019 Ford Edge ST

January 28th, 2019 by

Ford Edge ST SUV Adds Artificial Intelligence

The new 2019 Ford Edge ST with available all-wheel drive is smart enough to detect numerous driving conditions and automatically shift between two-wheel and all-wheel drive thanks to the addition of AI.

The system is called all-wheel-drive disconnect and is a first in Ford technology. The system uses a form of artificial intelligence, or AI, that can calculate quicker than the human brain. Based on information received from dozens of high-tech sensors, the new Edge can determine in a fraction of a second whether all-wheel drive is needed.

The feature provides all-wheel drive traction when it’s needed and helps reduce fuel consumption when all-wheel drive isn’t necessary.

Unprecedented Ford Edge Technology

The data processed by the system’s algorithm helps to determine if all-wheel or front-wheel drive is necessary for the current terrain.

With constant monitoring, the system can detect in 10 milliseconds whether it needs to engage or disengage all-wheel drive. The system is then able to distribute 100 percent of the available power from the front to the rear wheels, depending on the current driving conditions.

“There are similar systems out there, but none quite like this,” said Scott Beiring, Ford driveline applications supervisor. “The fact that we’re able to switch seamlessly and without any input from the driver, that’s the real magic.”

Blue 2019 Ford Edge ST SUV driving around a bend surrounded by trees during the day on a back road


Fuel Efficiency with the Help of AI

The all-wheel-drive disconnect has improved the EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings for the 2019 Ford Edge.

With standard all-wheel drive and a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost® engine, the Edge ST is the first SUV from the Ford Performance team with an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating for 19 MPG city/26 MPG highway.

These estimates represent improvements over previous years for the Edge. Fuel-saving technology in the 2019 Edge ST include:

Auto Start-Stop

Fuel is saved when the engine is shut off after the vehicle comes to a complete stop. The engine then restarts automatically when the brake pedal is released.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Not only does this reduce harmful emissions but it also increases efficiency by allowing a larger throttle position, this in turn reduces pumping losses.

Active Transmission Warm-Up

Using reclaimed heat energy allows the transmission to warm up faster. This, along with a durable, synthetic, ultra-low-viscosity fluid, specifically engineered for the 2019 Edge, reduces component friction to help save fuel.

Combined with other advancements to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, the 2019 Ford Edge ST is a welcome addition to our showroom.

To learn more about the highly-anticipated updates and take a test drive, head to our showroom on Central Ave in Albany, New York.