Yakima Accessories Available for the 2019 Ford Ranger

December 28th, 2018 by

Ford Makes Yakima Accessories Available in Dealerships for the All-New Ranger

Adventure-seeking Ford consumers will soon be able to equip their vehicles with Yakima outdoor adventure vehicle accessories, starting early this year with the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger.

Make Your Adventure Better with Ford and Yakima Products

2019 Ford Ranger drivers will have the opportunity to choose from Yakima products while at the dealership. Consumers will also be given the opportunity to choose if they would like to add the cost of the accessory to their vehicle financing.

Ford and Yakima are striving to give their consumers innovative solutions like truck bed racks that will preserve cargo space. For many of us, vehicles are an extension of ourselves and our lifestyle. Being able to accessorize our vehicles in a way that makes outdoor adventures easier is essential.

Beginning in 2019, the highest-selling Yakima accessories will be available to meet the demands of Ford consumers; including Kayak racks, bike racks, and truck bed storage solutions are designed to transport larger items more securely.

Available Yakima Accessories

Accessories that will be available in early 2019 include:

  • BaseLine tower and JetStream crossbar cab rack: BaseLine’s design and adjustability allow consumers to fit the cab rack to the vehicle’s roof with a clean and secure fit.
  • BedRock Heavy Duty truck bed rack: Elevate your truck bed’s capacity with a low-height rack system capable of carrying bikes, skis, or boxes while preserving the storage capacity beneath the rack.
  • GateKeeper bed extender with pad: The durable nylon exterior protects the attached bike from the truck’s tailgate, while the felt backing protects the vehicle’s paint. Integrated SitTight™ bike cradles add extra stability and protection for the bikes. The HindSight™ tuck-away cover opens the view for the vehicle’s rearview camera.
  • LongArm bed extender with pad: Easily extend the truck bed length by up-to four feet with the LongArm truck bed extender. It is adjustable to three load-carrying positions and rated to carry up to 300 pounds in lower positions.

The launch of Ford Accessories-Yakima relationship will be focused on the Ford Ranger, but will eventually extend to the Explorer and F-150.

Yakima products purchased through the dealership will come with a 3-year or 36,000-mile Ford warranty; extended warranties will be available for purchase as well.

Additional Yakima accessories will join the Ford Accessories portfolio over time to give consumers more choices to customize their vehicles to fit their individual lifestyle.