Ford Uses Technology to Keep Drivers Safe

July 20th, 2018 by

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has worked diligently over the years to establish safety guidelines and standards for motorists. During that process, one of the most recognizable results of this focus has been its 5-Star Safety Ratings. The NHTSA’s work has a two-pronged strategy. This administration works with automobile manufacturers to develop safety measures based on extensive research to determine which techniques work best. The second part of the agency’s strategy is helping consumers to make informed decisions regarding the safety features and options surrounding their vehicle purchase. Technology has played a crucial part in the development and implementation of safety measures that regulate auto manufacturers. Like other carmakers, Ford has worked alongside the NHTSA to make sure its vehicles meet industry standards, ensuring that consumers who drive Ford vehicles can drive with confidence, knowing Ford has utilized the latest technology. Among Ford’s most recent accomplishments are the introduction of driver-assist technologies, and these features are available on Ford vehicles right here at dealerships near Troy, New York. This technology is designed, as the name implies, to assist drivers in staying safe when they’re behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle. Scientifically speaking, this new technology works to create a symbiotic relationship between a vehicle and its driver. If and when a sudden stop is needed, the vehicle “steps in” to lend the driver a hand in situations when a quick braking is needed, which may range from preventing a collision and maintaining the driver’s trajectory to recovering control of the steering after an accident. Let’s examine some of Ford’s driver-assist technologies availible to you at our Ford dealership near Troy NY.


Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) With Cross-Traffic Alert

In general, drivers are vulnerable to three main blind spots when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, which are located immediately in front of and behind them as well as on each side of them. BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert is designed to eliminate those areas of your vision that can cause a driving disadvantage. Radar sensors affixed to the back of Ford vehicles alert the driver whenever a vehicle approaches their blind spot. This alert is displayed in the mirror on the side of the Ford that the vehicle is approaching from. This feature also alerts Ford drivers to vehicles or people who enter a blind spot area whenever the driver’s attention is focused on backing out of a parking spot or even maneuvering out of his or her home driveway. This feature provides both audible and visual alerts to catch the eye of drivers who are backing up.


Auto High Beams

We’ve all had those scatterbrained moments. Sometimes we’ve forgotten to turn on the high beams when we needed them. At other times, we’ve have left our high beams on when we didn’t need them to see the road before us.  Ford developed its Auto High Beams so Ford drivers can rest easy knowing this situation is a thing of the past. This feature is designed to remove the guesswork from the equation. When you must be on the road driving in low-light situations Ford’s Auto High Beam activates. Just as easily as it switches on, this feature automatically becomes inactive when high beams are no longer necessary or another oncoming vehicle is detected. Drivers here in Troy, New York, no longer have to worry about turning their high beams on and off to avoid blinding other motorists when they’re approaching other vehicles.


Enhanced Active Park Assist

For most drivers, parking is a simple, straightforward process—most of the time. However, if you’re working to navigate into a tricky parking spot parking can be a daunting task. Many drivers especially dread parallel parking. Limited parking skills, coupled with the anxiety that often comes along with parking, can quickly transform what should be a simple task into a safety risk. Always on the cutting edge of evaluating obvious and not-so-obvious safety risks, Ford rolled out Enhanced Active Park Assist.

With this feature, drivers only need to slowly drive when they’re near available parking spots, and activate the parking assistance technology. Your Ford will use its sensors to take the necessary measurements and locate the best parking options based on your vehicle and the circumstances. Once the most promising spot has been determined, with limited intervention required on your part, your vehicle will assist you in parallel parking or backing into a parking spot.


Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning


Brake Support/Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering/Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go

Ford has taken steps to enhance cruise control in its vehicles, resulting in an updated technology that not only offers drivers convenience but also provides an added sense of safety. There are three adaptive versions for consumers to choose from.

Adaptive Cruise Control With Forward Collision Warning and Brake Support allows you to set your “cruising speed,” as well as helping to maintain the distance you prefer between your car and others. If your vehicle detects that drivers in front of you are slowing down, Ford’s new cruise control automatically adapts to the slower pace. Once traffic congestion breaks up, the updated adaptive cruise control also detects that change and returns your vehicle to the speed and following distance you’ve already set. If driving conditions indicate the risk of an imminent collision, you will be alerted. This redesigned feature will pre-charge your brakes in your vehicle ahead of time to increase their sensitivity so that once you’ve pressed the brakes in your Ford, you have the maximum possible ability to make a sudden stop.

Ford’s engineers designed Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering, so each of Ford’s vehicles can detect lane parameters and keep you centered in the middle of your lane Using this feature reduces the potential of your vehicle colliding with all the other vehicles with which you’re constantly sharing the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go is another of Ford’s enhanced cruise-control features. Using this adaptive version, your Ford vehicle will automatically slow and maintain a pre-set distance to the vehicle in front of you. This feature allows the vehicle to automatically control the vehicles speed by using both the brakes and the throttle without any input from the driver including the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.


Pro-Trailer Backup Assist/BLIS with Trailer Coverage and Cross-Traffic Alert

Ford is known for its truck lineup, and Ford trucks, in particular, are known for their towing and hauling abilities. With these practical needs in mind for their working vehicles, Ford strives to include safety measures that will help ensure both drivers and their loads reach their destinations safely and securely.

Pro-Trailer Backup Assist technology is advanced and yet easy to use. To activate this feature, drivers must turn the knob in the direction the trailer they’re towing needs to turn. The vehicle takes care of the rest, thanks to the help of Pro-Trailer Backup Assist.

A fitting complement to Pro-Trailer Backup Assist, a Ford’s BLIS with Trailer Coverage and Cross-Traffic Alert works to reduce the risk of a collision when you need to back up by making sure you are aware of any potential obstacles. The beauty of this feature is that the vehicle alerts you to stationary and moving objects the truck’s blind spot or the trailer’s blind spot.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what we could highlight when it comes to Ford’s innovation developing and implementing safety features. There are others we haven’t been able to cover here. Most of these features are already available in Ford’s 2018 vehicles: 16 to be exact, including the Fiesta, Focus, Taurus, Mustang, F-150, and Transport.  In 2019, the Ford Edge will be the first vehicle to come with Ford Co-Pilot360, which makes a suite of driver-assist technologies standard.

To residents in Troy, New York, let Ford show you how it’s prioritized your safety and the safety of your passengers.