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A white 2019 Roush Mustang is driving on a highway near Albany, NY, headed to one of the best Ford dealership locations.

When searching Ford dealership locations, you’ll find many great choices. Yet, only one near you has been trusted with the distribution of Roush Performance vehicles and the installation of its official parts.

Of all the Ford dealerships in the Albany and Rensselaer County area, only DePaula Ford, in Albany, NY, is licensed to distribute Roush Performance vehicles and parts to the public.

Jack Roush

Jack Roush is the founder and CEO of the NASCAR team Roush Fenway Racing. Two of his drivers include Ryan Newman and Chris Buescher. As you may know, Jack Roush’s Automotive and NASCAR Hall of Fame status was one of his latest, yet one of the lesser impactful achievements in his career.

As not one of, but THE most successful owner in NASCAR history, a pioneer in racecar engineering, and a daring entrepreneur, Jack Roush has established credibility in his multi-national company known as Roush Performance. This engineering and manufacturing group, based in Plymouth Township, Michigan, is known for two things; supplying do-it-yourselfers and car enthusiasts parts for Ford vehicles and re-designing Ford cars.

Roush sets itself apart from other car modification options, in that they are contracted with the Ford Motor Company to alter vehicles that are fresh off the production line. This way, Roush is able to leave unique marks on what becomes known as a Roush vehicle. These marks include decals, front fascia, rear fascia, and badges with the Ford and Roush name imprinted on them. Roush can even reupholster the seats in their custom cars, with custom trim and the ROUSH name on the headrests. Touches like these leave a figurative message that reads, “this is no stock car.”

Whether you’re familiar with the Roush name or not, when you see a Roush vehicle on the road, you’ll know it’s a Ford. For the front and rear fascia of custom Roush vehicles, the Roush name is proudly displayed instead of the Ford emblem. Many appreciate the Roush brand for leaving enough changes on its cars to make a big impact, but remaining within the original Ford image. See examples of these unique Roush products on their website at

An all black 2019 Roush Super Duty is towing a boat with low sun behind it.

Roush Performance Parts

If you have a Ford and would like to make slight modifications to its performance or exterior, but not purchase a new car, Roush’s separate parts could be for you. Roush not only designs parts for the Mustang, F-150 and Super Duty, but also for the Ford Focus and Taurus. Pieces like fender flares, suspension kits, low-temperature radiators, and cat-back exhaust systems are all separate installations that DePaula is practiced in installing.

Other parts sold by Roush include but are not limited to, engines, superchargers, styling bars, and comprehensive styling and performance kits.

Roush Performance vehicles are known to improve your Ford’s performance, as well as have it stand out on the road as one of a kind. They produce everything a Ford vehicle needs in order to look fresher, be faster, and steer smoother.

DePaula Ford has been trusted for several years to be a part of the Roush process, and we couldn’t be more proud. Roush Performance’s trust in our business and service quality is a symbol of our abilities as a Ford dealership. As a Roush dealer, we have an inventory of Roush vehicles for sale. Roush vehicles are developed in its headquarters in Michigan, USA.

Roush Performance Cars

It would be remiss if we didn’t mention some Roush performance cars as well. For 2020, Roush has released its updates to the Ford Mustang. The 2020 Roush Stage 3 Mustang is a power-house that takes performance to the next level. This beast gets up to 750 horsepower and 670 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it can go from 0-60 mpg in 3.6 seconds, and go a quarter-mile in 11.2 seconds.

Currently, the second 2020 Roush offering is a 2020 Roush F-150. Standard features on this model are the Roush grille, a front bumper cover, 20-inch black wheels, fender flares, a Roush gauge cluster, and much more.

If you want a little more power under the hood of your F-150, look into the 2019 Roush F-150 Nitemare. This beast of a truck has a 5.0L V8 engine that gets 650 horsepower. You’ll also find a front grille with accent lighting, a front bumper cover, a sport lowering kit, and Roush graphics on the outside of the vehicle. One of the most exciting features is custom exhaust sound, so you can choose between touring, wide-open, sport, and custom modes.

A black 2019 Roush F-150 Nitemare is parked in front of street lights at night.

DePaula Ford

The DePaula Ford experience is best exemplified here on our website. Here at Depaula, we’re aware that it costs a lot to buy a car. Not only financially, but the amount of time you put into researching for what it is you really need, compared to what you want. We know a buyer’s trust should be earned. That’s why we decided to offer a unique online experience where all customers can filter-out what they are looking for in a Ford. Is it rear heated seats? Maybe keyless sentry is a gift from above when you’re carrying groceries and cannot put those paper bags in the wet pavement. Peruse our online car searching tool for new or used cars to find out what it is you want.

Explore our entire inventory without leaving your home. We want you to feel respected and cared for before you enter our doors.

With filters that include highway MPG, interior color, or available keyless entry, you have the luxury at your fingertips before you need to enter our dealership. You can value your trade-in and find vehicles priced under 10K.

There’s a reason the greater Albany area has invested in our business for this long, and it is because we reach out to our customers’ needs and stay up to date with new technology.

Modifying a vehicle yourself can test your own patience and also prove to be a proud moment in your life. For some of us, life’s too short to wade in the complexities of car mechanics. Lucky for you, Roush and DePaula live these complexities. With an ongoing learning process and ambition to not only serve its customers with respect but search for new ways to make them satisfied, the Roush and DePaula experience will be unlike any home project. With DePaula and Roush, you’re able to leave your childhood dream car visions in veteran hands while you are able to take a step back and take a moment to relax.

If you would like to browse our inventory of Roush vehicles, see our website or give us a ring at (518) 960-1559. Our personal support, repair staff, maintenance facilities, finance group, and salespeople are what have made the DePaula family a part and parcel of so many others. Visit our dealership to begin your search, and we hope to see you in person real soon!

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