Technology and Toughness Are Familiar Trademarks of Ford’s First All-Electric Truck

September 10th, 2021 by


A blue 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown driving through a city after leaving a Ford Lightning dealer in NY.Ford has pulled out all the stops to make history with its first all-electric F-150. Dedicated fans of the best-selling truck in America for over four decades are in for an exciting new chapter of Ford’s future of toughness. The all-new Ford F-150 Lightning will deliver capability, an abundance of technology, and power you can take anywhere, all for a price any truck buyer can afford. Get ready to head to your Ford Lightning dealer in NY for the newest member of the F-150 family, scheduled to be available in 2022.

Capability You Expect, and Then Some

If there’s one thing Ford does right, it’s build trucks that stand up to real work, the kind of abuse that occurs at job sites, farms, and traveling long distances with heavy trailers. That won’t change with a truck powered by electricity. The Lightning was put through the same types of torture testing all Ford trucks experience, and this EV can handle rough terrain with its standard 4×4 capability. The dual in-board motors are protected from damage, and the first independent rear suspension ever to be built in a Ford truck provides superior handling. High-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy makes up a body that sits on a ladder frame constructed of the strongest steel Ford has ever used, making the Lightning capable of hauling up to 2,000 pounds of payload.

The towing capability will be just as powerful, with the Lightning able to tow up to 10,000 pounds when fitted with the extended-range battery and the Max Trailer Tow Package. Part of what makes all this possible is the available 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque, turning the Lightning into another record-holder for the most torque of any F-150. It’s not just brute force that the Lightning has in spades; the new electric power affords speed as well. When equipped with the extended-range battery, the Lightning can race from zero to 60 in about 4.5 seconds, which is fast even by sports car standards.

Off-road capability will be par for the course, aided by the low center of gravity due to the weight of the battery packs placed inside the ladder frame. Expect the Lightning to excel in handling sand, mud, and snow, and the tough skid plates on the undercarriage protect all the mechanical parts from damage. Add to all the capability a little tech, and the Lightning becomes incredibly convenient when towing and hauling. An available feature called Onboard Scales can estimate payload to compute how the driving range will be affected. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist is another available new feature that will automate steering and brakes to hitch trailers more easily than ever before.

The black interior of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning shows the gauges.

Technology of the Future Available Now

Imagine driving cross country without having to hold the steering wheel -no more aching shoulders. Arriving at your destination with less fatigue is always a plus, and the available Blue Cruise hands-free driving feature can be utilized on over 100,000 miles of roads across North America. Set it much like you would standard cruise control, and let the Lightning take the wheel. The system monitors traffic in your lane while you relax in your seat, enjoying the scenery ahead.

Ford is making its Phone-as-a-Key feature available with the Lighting as well, making interaction with your truck seamless during daily life. Now, your phone is your new key fob and allows keyless entry and ignition. As long as you have your phone in a pocket or bag, the phone will unlock the truck and let you start it just the way the traditional fob does. Add in more features with the FordPass app, like being able to find and access charging stations while you travel or remotely start or unlock the vehicle from anywhere, and these familiar features blend with the future for convenient life right now.

The new SYNC 4A infotainment system receives updated features for the Lightning. Loaded into either a 12-inch or 15.5-inch tablet-style touchscreen in the dash, the new infotainment system can adapt to your preferences and learn from your interaction with it. Use voice control to engage the system, connect your devices wirelessly, and take advantage of cloud storage and connectivity. While you use the system during your daily routine, your F-150 keeps track of your habits to help you navigate, play your favorite music, and adjust settings according to your liking.

All the tech in the new F-150 Lightning will be kept current through over-the-air updates that the system takes care of automatically. Ford states that updates should only take about two minutes, and buyers can set times for updates to occur so they won’t disrupt your schedule.

Exciting New Advantages

Do you ever wish you could have a trunk on your truck so you could stash items out of sight without having to cover your bed? Ford gives you a trunk in the F-150 Lightning, but it’s not in the rear: it’s a front trunk. Because the electric motors that power the Lightning are situated low in the body, the standard hardware required for a traditional engine is no longer necessary, leaving the space under the hood available for storage. Hit a button that opens the hood and reveal 14.1 cubic feet of space that has a hidden compartment with a drain that can be used for cold storage, plus outlets to power a coffee maker or charge your phone. Tailgating has never been easier!

Ford introduced its Pro Power Onboard generator with its new hybrid F-150 for 2021, and that incredible capability is even more powerful with the Lightning. Base trims begin with 2.4 kW of power that can be accessed through available outlets, while the upper trims can utilize 9.6 kW through the frunk and bed. This power can run just about any appliance or tool you need while you’re on the road, or it can even power your home if the grid goes down. Just set up your Lightning to automatically act as a power supply in the case of an outage if it’s already plugged in via its charging port. The Lightning has enough energy to power your home for up to three days when using appliances and other systems as normal, and frugal use can stretch it to as much as ten days through the available Intelligent Backup Power feature.

A red 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front driving on an open road.

Familiar F-150 Style and Power

Expect to see a familiar face behind the fancy LED lighting on the exterior because the F-150 Lightning is using the same dimensions and familiar features of the gas-powered F-150. Other than the larger screen for the infotainment in some models and a few added differences in the instrument cluster, this truck will still look like a Ford F-150. You will still have all the performance for off-roading from the 4×4 system, and Ford tested the battery in extreme temperatures and environments to ensure it would perform even at 40 degrees below zero.

Available features like the folding workstation in the center console, the under-seat storage compartment in the rear of the cab, and the reclining front seats will all be available for the Lightning. Buyers will find the same amount of space in the standard crew cab that is large enough to seat five comfortably, and the bed measures out to 5.5 feet in length. While it will feel familiar, buyers will find they have fewer compromises on convenience and power with all the extra features that come from being electric.

Affordable for Everyone

Ford is already taking reservations for the new F-150 Lightning with a small $100 deposit. Work truck models begin pricing at $39,974, making this one electric truck that anyone can afford.* Federal or state tax credits may also apply, which can lower the cost significantly for owning a new electric truck. Expect the Lightning to be available in the spring of 2022 at Ford dealerships in NY.

*MSRP subject to change. Please see dealer for details.