The Best Way to Maintain Your Used Ford Truck, SUV, or Car

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A grey 2016 Ford F-150, which is a popular option among used Ford trucks, is parked in front of a warehouse near Albany, NY.

Here at DePaula Ford, buying used or certified preowned can be as good as buying a vehicle brand new. We understand that for some of our customers, cost and budget are important, and as such, we provide a plethora of used Ford trucks, SUVs, and cars that offer a similar driving experience at a greatly reduced cost. However, buying used means purchasing a vehicle that has seen one or multiple previous owners. As a result, these vehicles tend to have far greater wear and tear than your standard new vehicle, and if left unmaintained, you can run the risk of dealing with expensive repairs, and even potentially cutting the lifespan of your vehicle short. Fortunately, we’ve put together this blog post to help our customers who buy used or certified preowned extend the life of their vehicle, through smart driving and regular professional maintenance.

What To Expect When You Purchase a Used Car from DePaula Ford

Buying used comes with its share of challenges, and at DePaula Ford, we strive to curb these difficulties as much as possible. Thanks to a team of auto sales professionals, we work tirelessly to ensure that your auto buying experience is both streamlined and well-informed. Our collection of used and certified preowned vehicles have all received a thorough inspection from our auto experts, promising that you can take home a used vehicle that isn’t just in good condition but is reliable as well.

Unfortunately, not all used car dealerships extend the same guarantee to their customers. If you go to a non-reputable used car dealership, you can run the risk of purchasing a vehicle that isn’t up to long-term ownership. If you purchase from a non-reputable dealership, you can also end up spending more on repairs than the value of the vehicle, which is certainly a less than favorable situation to be stuck in.

When you purchase a used Ford car, truck, or SUV from DePaula Ford, we won’t only provide you a collection of high-quality used cars to choose from but utilize a team of dealers who know the ins and outs of each vehicle. We give each of our interested customers a comprehensive test drive of our used vehicles so that they can get the full picture of the vehicle that they may potentially purchase.

All that said, buying the right vehicle is only one part of your used car journey. What truly counts is staying on top of regular maintenance after you’ve purchased one of our vehicles. DePaula Ford in Albany, NY, isn’t just home to a fully stocked showroom of high-quality used vehicles, but a service and parts center that is well-versed on the subject of upkeep for longevity’s sake. As a result, we can be your primary source for all of your auto maintenance needs, including everything from tire rotations to transmission flushes and oil changes.

Motor Oil and the Connection to Longevity

Every gas-powered engine is made up of moving parts. Whether you sit behind the wheel of a used Ford F-150, or a brand new Ford Fusion, the engine humming beneath the hood is made up of components that move and interact with one another. Were it not for motor oil, all of these parts would rub together and cause some serious engine killing friction. Excessive friction can lead to excessive heat, which can shorten the lifespan of your engine even more.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle with the possibility of a broken engine due to excess friction and heat. You can reduce the friction and heat factor by receiving regular oil changes. Motor oil changes are important even in brand new cars, as they lubricate all of the moving components of your engine, ensuring that everything moves and functions just as intended.

After so many miles, motor oil can accumulate grime, which as deposits grow, become more and more of a hindrance to the effectiveness of your motor oil. Motor oil grime can cause a build-up of engine-killing heat and friction. This serious issue can be prevented by regular oil changes. While the type of motor oil you use may change depending on what your odometer says, you’ll want to change your motor oil out once every 5,000 miles or so. By changing out your motor oil on this regular interval, you can continue to enjoy great engine performance and keep the engine of your used vehicle running just as intended for tens of thousands of miles to come.

A regular oil change is being done on a used Ford truck at an Albany, NY, garage.

Building Good Foundations

There is more to your vehicle than just the tubes, gears, valves, and cylinders beneath the hood. Beneath the chassis of your vehicle, supporting its weight and keeping traction with the road is potentially the most important component in your vehicle, your tires. Your tires are the very foundation of your vehicle, which, if left unmaintained, can result in some pretty serious repercussions.

For one, a sudden blowout or flat tire can be dangerous, especially at high speeds. While in some instances, obstacles can cause a flat tire in a brand new, good condition tire, regular maintenance and upkeep can help you avoid a sudden premature flat entirely. You can avoid a flat tire by ensuring that air pressure levels and tread depth are at optimal levels and that your tires are wearing evenly.

While auto experts differ as to how often you should have your tires fully inspected by a professional, we recommend that you have them checked and rotated in time with every oil change, around 5,000 miles. While you can prolong the lifespan of your tires through maintenance, we also suggest that you replace them once every three to four years, which is the average life of a standard tire.

Transmission Health

At the core of every engine is your transmission. Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, your transmission is central to the function of your vehicle. While you can get away with not servicing your transmission for quite some time, the less often you service your transmission, the greater your chances are of having your transmission breakdown on you. The average lifespan of a transmission sits somewhere around 100,000 miles; however, you can extend this average limit through proper maintenance.

What does proper transmission maintenance look like? Well, similar to the rest of your engine, your transmission functions smoothly thanks to a lubricant called transmission fluid. Although, unlike motor oil, you don’t have to change out transmission fluid as often, clocking in as once every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. These flushes can keep your transmission purring, and prolong the need for a replacement for quite some time or even indefinitely depending on things like wear and average use.

Maintaining Your Used Ford Truck, Car or SUV at DePaula Ford

When you bring your car into our service center at DePaula Ford, you can rest easy knowing that your car’s health is in good hands. We always do more than expected when it comes to prolonging the life of your vehicle through expert maintenance, providing oil changes, tire repairs, rotations and replacements, transmission flushes, and so much more. Our goal is not just to sell you a great used Ford brand vehicle, but help you enjoy that same vehicle for many years.

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