The Ford Bronco Returns: What We Know

March 27th, 2020 by

The front of a 2021 Ford Bronco Race Prototype is shown.

A Favorite Returns

Ford is a name that has become synonymous with the automotive industry since its inception over a century ago and, to this day, continues to innovate and stand out in the competition with increasingly powerful and efficient lineups of vehicles every year. At DePaula Ford, we believe that for many Ford drivers, a fan favorite doesn’t just come from the models currently available. Fan favorites come from a person’s experience, and Ford has over 100 years of creating models that sparked someone’s love for a model. One such model hasn’t graced the lineup of Ford SUVs in almost twenty years.

Our experts at DePaula Ford were very intrigued to learn about Ford’s plan to revive a model of SUV back in 2017 claiming it would be on the market within a few years and its an SUV that we haven’t seen on the market since production ended in 1996, effectively ending this vehicle’s 31-year production streak, leading to a hiatus that would last over 25 years. This SUV obviously being the legendary Ford Bronco. The news of an upcoming Bronco was certainly unexpected, but we like what we’re seeing so far and think it’s the perfect time to make a return.

A Little Backstory

A blue and white 1967 Ford Bronco is off-roading in the mud near Albany, NY.

When the Ford Bronco was first available in 1965, drivers were treated to a vehicle that Ford rightfully described as an all-purpose vehicle. The Ford Bronco was designed with versatility in mind and became the SUV of choice for many drivers at the time. The Ford Bronco became a household name as they became commonly used for work-related purposes either commercially or privately because people loved the idea of having an SUV that could withstand tough terrains, hold their cargo more efficiently, and even had the ability to be a city-friendly vehicle. For the average driver, this made it very popular through the mid to late 1960s. The Bronco between 1965-1977 was a compact SUV that you could purchase as either a two-door pickup, a three-door station wagon, or a 0-door roadster variant with the latter being removed from the next generations.

Once the second generation of Broncos came out around 1978 after four years of delays regarding the fuel crisis of 1973, Ford had made some changes to the Bronco, and it was now a full-size SUV and only came as a three-door station wagon. This was how the Bronco remained throughout the course of its existence for three more generations. When it came time to make upgrades to the design for the third generation of Broncos, Ford wanted to make the vehicle itself just a little bit lighter but contain more power overall. Ford would go on to sell over 300,000 Broncos throughout the course of the third generation, which was a massive increase over the previous generation. The next couple of generations made some changes to the exterior and interior and made the vehicle more aerodynamic overall, and each generation saw a host of new safety features staying up to date with regulations or removed any features that weren’t such as a lift-off hardtop.

The Ford Expedition was released after as a successor to the Bronco and is still on the market to this day. Our experts at DePaula Ford were pleased to see the Bronco make a return for 2021, this time as a mid-size SUV that comes in either two or four-door variants.

What We Know

Details have been scarce, to say the least when it comes to the new Ford Bronco, but speculations and rumors have been appearing everywhere, although we haven’t gotten much official detail from Ford yet. Fans are certainly feeling the impact of waiting and are anxiously awaiting new details. We do enjoy some of the speculations, and you may find yourself asking questions you hadn’t even thought of. It will be exciting to see what predictions turn out to be true and which ones are false.

Among the news Ford has given regarding the new Bronco, they claim there have been no compromises when building a 4×4 that will be able to handle even the toughest terrains. Solid front and rear axles have been confirmed as well as an Air Roof which according to recent news this lines up with the most recent patents Ford has applied for. These two patents feature a removable roof frame along with repackable roof-rail-mounted airbags. These patents have been approved rather recently, but we won’t know for certain whether or not these are related to the Bronco, but all of this should become more clear once the vehicle is officially unveiled this Spring.

Ford has also confirmed the frame of the new Bronco is the same one found on the most recent Ford Ranger pickup trucks and we believe this is a great choice for the Bronco’s return. Surprisingly, Ford has also confirmed the existence of a smaller variant known as the ‘Bronco Sport.’ Details about this vehicle are minimal other than some recent photos that leaked online. We’re not sure what this vehicle will feature, but we’re excited to find out.


Much of the remaining news regarding the Bronco is purely speculation. One of these being the info retaining to what kind of engine will be under the hood where many people believe Ford will continue the trend of mutualizing the Bronco with the Raptor and bring over the EcoBoost engine found in the Raptor off-roader most recently. Of course, this is all speculation, but people have estimated the 2021 Bronco will be able to produce around 300-325 hp with a gasoline engine.

The announcement of the Bronco was followed by many guesses into what Ford may have in store for the future regarding special variations of Broncos. For now, although these remain rumors and are simply speculation, we do believe they would make excellent additions to the lineup, such as a diesel-powered variation or even a hybrid Bronco. Both of these models remain theoretical until Ford says otherwise, but we’d certainly like to see these additions to the lineup. The unveiling of the new Ford Bronco itself makes it harder to disregard any rumors because it feels as if anything’s possible.

A Race Prototype of the 2021 Ford Bronco, soon to be popular among Ford SUVs, is driving in the desert.

When and How Much?

Continuing the trend of unconfirmed information so far, we don’t have an official word from Ford in regards to how much a new Bronco will cost; however, it has been speculated that it shouldn’t cost any more than its competitors such as the Wrangler. With this in mind, we can estimate the Bronco will be priced between $30,000-35,000, which would certainly stir up the competition for the upcoming year.

There is no official release date yet from Ford, but it’ been confirmed that the Bronco will debut in the springtime of this year, whereas the Bronco Sport hasn’t received a release date window, so we will have to wait for further information. One thing we know for certain is that Ford pulled a game-changer here by resurrecting a beloved fan favorite, and now we can see how it fairs in today’s world of hybrids and diesel-powered vehicles along with an extensive amount of SUVs it will compete with. We’re more than excited to see the Bronco come back and let the new generation see what all the fuss is about. The Ford Bronco is special because of its extensive history, and the fact Ford wants to add to it is very intriguing, and it’s a new part of history that we can see ourselves taking part in.

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