The Latest Ford Vehicles To Get Excited About

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If you’re a Ford fan, then you know that Ford has been in the works with the 2019 line-up to shock and awe fans and customers. The line-up started strong, with the 2019 Ford Ranger leading the pack after a seven-year hiatus. After high demand, Ford decided to bring the Ford Ranger back into the forefront of the automotive market, bringing with it along with a number of other models including a new SUV and passenger van. If the March Auto Show in Detroit was any indicator, these vehicles weill not disappoint as the Ford Ranger was named “one of the best vehicles of 2019” by U.S. World News and Reports. Now, let’s take a look at the new Ford 2019 line-up and see the new vehicles to get excited about.


2019 Ford Ranger

Orange 2019 Ford Ranger pickup truck driving on a paved road toward mountains with snow on both sides of the road

The 2019 Ford Ranger is the epitome of an adventure vehicle. For anyone who has driven the 2011 model, they know that the Ford Ranger can handle any terrain and is a great fit for outdoor enthusiasts and those whose lifestyle revolves around scenic trips and long excursions. The 2019 Ford Ranger includes the FX4 Off-Road Package, which helps to protect the underside of the vehicle while going over rough or rocky terrain, as well as a high-tech monitoring system that lets you see the angle of the front wheels and the truck body displayed on a screen. This is perfect for individuals who enjoy off-road adventures on challenging terrain.

The 2019 Ford Ranger also includes the latest engine technology, including a 2.3L EcoBoost Engine, which is designed to deliver the power and torque of larger engines. Additionally, the EcoBoost Engine is designed to achieve 30% better fuel efficiency with 15% fewer emissions. For those environmentally conscious, and with an eye for a lower gas budget, this is an excellent engine to research and get excited about. The 2019 Ford model also features an Auto Start-Stop feature, which is designed to optimize power and efficiency by turbocharging the engine.

If that’s not enough, the 2019 model also includes the latest in safety technology, including lane-assist technology, which alerts the driver when the car drifts out of the lane, a Blind Spot Information System, which alerts you when a vehicle is in your blind spot, as well as Pre-Collision assist which brakes the vehicle for you if a collision is imminent. For those who are frequently busy on the trails, the 2019 Ranger has a Trail Management System, which includes four modes: Grass/Gravel/Snow. Mud Ruts, Sand, and Normal Mode. Whether you’re at the beach, or climbing peaks to get to your camping destination, this vehicle should have you covered.

The exterior of the vehicle is a more robust version of the late 2011 model. The chassis is larger and has a more aggressive and prominent grille. The truck has clean, smooth edges, with a modern feel, without losing the nostalgia and appeal of the popular 2011 Ford model. There’s a reason this vehicle was listed as “The Best New Car Arriving in 2019” by U.S. News and World Report – it’s got style and utility.


2019 Ford Edge

Blue 2019 Ford Edge SUV parked on cement in front of a city skyline

If an SUV is more your style, Ford is hitting all the marks with the new 2019 Ford EDGE – an SUV with a suite of safety technologies for those with families and safety-first in mind. Ford states that this vehicle features “the most advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies,” making you and your family’s safety top priority.

The 2019 Ford EDGE features the Ford Co-Pilot 360 system, which includes a variety of safety features like a lane-keeping system, automatic emergency braking, rear camera, and the Blind Spot Information System. It also features a new, top-of-the-line safety feature, Evasive Steering Assist, which can you help you avoid a collision by steering out of the way if braking alone will not prevent impact. These advanced technologies work together to keep yourself and others safe on a congested road and help to keep vigilance as the main objective.

In addition, if you’re still looking for a larger family vehicle, but also don’t want to miss out on adventure, the 2019 Ford EDGE ST features all-wheel drive and a sport-tuned suspension. It keeps the sport theme going with all-leather seating, modern interior design, and a prominent ST logo on the aggressive, new grille.

And let’s not forget the overall aesthetic and design of the vehicle. The Ford EDGE is all about sleek lines and design. It has a more aggressive and prominent grille than previous Ford SUV models and has a minimal and modern finish that makes the car look sporty and futuristic. The winged headlights and chrome accents make this vehicle an attention-getter and if you want to be noticed on the streets, this could be the car for you.


2019 Ford Transit Connect

Blue 2019 Transit Connect parked in front of a brown house with a green lawn

Not forgetting the business side of vehicles, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect is the business model in the 2019 Ford lineup that includes a cargo van model for business use, and a passenger van for personal.

Ford has kept the customer and business in mind with this vehicle and utilized a number of high-tech features to make handling your business, and the driving experience, streamlined and easy. The Ford Transit Connect features a number of driver assist technologies, such as the Active Park Assist, which will help you or your employees parallel park or back into a space with ease. The rear camera makes parking a whole lot easier, and the pre-collision assist, standard with all 2019 models, means you can trust that you and your employees will be safe behind the wheel.

The Passenger van is ideal for active outdoor enthusiasts looking for a comfortable van with plenty of cargo room. The passenger van can seat up to seven people, and each of the back seats can be folded down to be used for extra space for gear. The vehicle also includes a WiFi hotspot so you’ll never be without GPS and music for those long car rides, and conveniently, a wireless iPhone charging station.

This 2019 Ford lineup is hard to beat, and if you’re looking for a vehicle with latest in safety and technical features, look no farther, Ford’s got the right car for you. To check out this impressive lineup, head over to DePaula Ford today!

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