Three Reasons To Choose a Ford Car

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When it comes to Ford cars, there are many reasons to drive one. From superior safety features to commitment to innovation, Ford drivers are pleased with the quality of their motor vehicles all throughout the United States. Below the reader will find a short list detailing three important reasons to choose Ford cars, but keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive.

There’s Plenty Of Variety

When you begin to look into various types of Ford cars, it’s important to compile a list – mentally or even physically – of what you are looking for in a motor vehicle. You should take into consideration your storage needs, how many people are in your family, and the practical everyday purpose of the car. For example, a family with four or five children will likely be looking for a bigger vehicle, while a family with only one or two kids may be much happier with a midsize car.

Fortunately, Ford cars come in every size imaginable. Ford offers a wide range of standard sized cars, often referred to as sedans, that have the typical four doors and two rows. These cars may be ideal for the single person, just married couple, or small family that is done growing. For the larger family, however, or one that plans on adding more children in the next coming years, an SUV might be something to consider. The Ford brand has a number of quality SUVs with plenty of storage space as well as ample seating. These SUVs are moderately priced as well, meaning that you don’t need to break the bank for form or function. Take, for example, the 2018 Ford Ecosport, an SUV with a starting price of less than $20,000.

 Aside from Ford cars and SUVs, Ford also offers a line of trucks and, even more excitingly, a line of hybrid cars. Ford has shown a commitment to environmental friendliness with their eco-friendly hybrids, and it is even possible to get a hybrid that is certified pre-owned at many Ford dealerships.

The Safety Features are Thorough and Comprehensive

To look at the safety features offered in many Ford cars, we will look specifically at the 2018 Ford Fiesta, one of the most popular Ford cars currently available both new and certified pre-owned. The Ford Fiesta has a number of ideal safety features, such as seven airbags throughout the entire body of the car, in both the front and back seats, as well as child rear safety door locks, a knee airbag in the driver’s seat, and a post-crash alert system designed to get the passengers of the car to safety as quickly as possible.

Security features are also well thought out in Ford Cars, like the passive anti-theft system as well as the option for remote keyless entry. Both of these features, along with the perimeter alarm that comes as a standard feature of the car, help to keep your car out of danger even when you are not around to protect it. Ford is also pioneering driver assist software, geared toward helping drivers avoid accidents, either alone or with other cars involved, through the use of adaptive cruise control and evasive steering assist.

Safety is hugely crucial when you are looking at a motor vehicle and especially in Ford cars. After all, if a car is not safe, many people will be far less inclined to risk their lives just to drive it. And safety is doubly important for those who will be traveling with small children on a frequent and regular basis. If you have a child, you want to get a car that ensures in every possible way that they will be safe even in the unfortunate event of a car accident.

There Are a Number Of Ways To Pay For Your Ford

Buying a car can be, unfortunately, all too expensive and even though the majority of Ford cars are moderately priced, few people can pay for the total cost of the car right when they take it home. Luckily, because of this Ford offers a variety of financing options.

One such option includes opening up a line of credit directly through Ford. Not only can this help you to get the car of your dreams, it can also help you improve your overall credit score by making your car payments on-time on a consistent basis. Ford credit may also come in handy if you ever decide to buy another Ford vehicle later, years down the line.

For those who aren’t confident with their credit score or how credit really works, Ford offers a comprehensive overview of their credit system on their website, and it is also possible to talk to someone directly at the nearest Ford dealership to you as well.

Though Ford does offer a widely utilized standard payment plan, they have a number of other payment plans available for customers for whom a standard plan is not ideal. For instance, their flex buy payment plan allows new car owners to pay lower monthly payments during the first few years of car ownership, allowing them to get their feet underneath them before ramping up the monthly payment minimum.

It is also possible to lease Ford cars, which may be an ideal option for those who are not ready financially to make a sizeable down payment and pay to own a car. But whatever option you choose to pay for your new Ford car, there is most certainly an option out there that is right for you. However, it is, of course, important to stick to your budget and avoid going over as much as possible.

Drive The Car of Your Dreams

Buying a new car can be a stressful experience, full of lots of research and many test drives, but if you pick a Ford car, you are more than likely to be satisfied with your final purchase. Ford cars are reliable and affordable, and there is a perfect Ford car out there for everyone.

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