Ford Customers Get It. DePaula Sets the Bar

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The enduring nature of the Ford Motor Company makes it easy to understand why generations of customers worldwide have sought out a Ford Dealership, at one time or another. Whether they require the versatility of Ford’s iconic F-Series trucks, are captivated by the styling and performance of the legendary Mustang, or want to explore the wealth of car, crossover and SUV offerings there truly is a Ford for everyone.

But not all Ford dealerships are created equal. This is a lesson learned by many Ford customers, after experiencing the superior selection, service and customer-centric experience offered by DePaula Ford. This commitment to the continual creation of new and lasting relationships with our valued customers is the hallmark of the DePaula Automotive Group.


Extensive Inventory

No matter which of Ford’s diverse offerings you find yourself in search of, you can rely on DePaula Ford to maintain an extensive selection. This means hundreds of new, pre-owned and Ford-Certified vehicles to choose from, ensuring that we can match you with the ideal vehicle to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

This includes award-winning options such as the F-150, named 2017’s ‘Best Full-Size Truck for the Money’ by U.S. News. Considering that the F-Series not only stands as the Best-Selling Truck of all-time but the Best-Selling vehicle (overall) of all-time, is it any surprise that the F-150 stands so highly regarded? Probably not. But it’s just single example of Ford’s enduring appeal and their standing as an industry leader. Whatever make, model, trim level or model year you’re in search of, we look forward to helping you find the perfect fit.

And if you’re considering a pre-owned vehicle, Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program provides countless assurances worth considering. These vehicles, produced within the last 5 model years have been driven less than 75,000 miles, and have passed a rigorous 172 point inspection ensuring that they are deserving of value-added incentives. Including (but not limited to) Extended Warranty coverage, guarantee of a clean CarFAX Vehicle History Report and 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, CPO vehicles are deserving of a closer look.

Another hallmark of DePaula service is our creation of a car-buying experience designed around the convenience of our customers. Encouraging our customers to shop on their own time, and on their own terms, empowers them to perform their due diligence and buy with total confidence.

Beginning right here at, we offer a thorough profile for each and every vehicle located within our inventory. Designed for exploration, each profile contains a full breakdown of manufacturer specifications, individual vehicle features and a gallery of images allowing you to get to know any vehicles that may catch your eye. And if you’re in the market for a pre-owned Ford, consider the assurance offer by the free availability of a CarFAX Vehicle History Report.

No matter what kind of Ford you’re looking for, each profile includes a number of Shopping Tools designed to help you along. Whether you’re interested in comparing pricing, model features, valuing a trade-in, calculating a payment or scheduling a test drive, you can do it all with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger.


Here For You

While it’s important that we empower you with tools and resources that help you shop on your own terms, it’s equally that we’re here for you when you need us. With that in mind, the DePaula team is dedicated to helping through every stage of car-buying, and car-owning.

Our Sales Team is dedicated to answering any and all questions you may have, and supporting you throughout your decision-making process. While any (and dare we say, every) dealership can claim that their customers are more than just ‘another sale’, we strive to embody this assurance in every single interaction. We aspire to be different from other dealerships, and we’re confident that difference is easy to see.

In addition, our Finance Team is committed to creating a relaxed and informative environment. Rather than encourage the kind of rushed discussions that leave questions unanswered and financing terms unclear, we believe that our customers deserve to buy with complete confidence. After all, the terms of any financing agreement drive the impact that a vehicle purchase has on your overall budget. As a DePaula Ford customer, you can rest assured that we are here to do right by you.

This foundation of trust and openness extends to our Parts and Service Departments. The strength of Ford’s reputation for dependability, longevity and overall performance provides an ideal foundation for superior service. We build upon that foundation with our team of highly-skilled Ford certified technicians. Whether scheduled maintenance, unanticipated repair, or even specialty customization of your Ford, let us help to ensure that your relationship with your Ford is both long and trouble-free.


Honoring Fords’ Mission

“At Ford, we go further to make our cars better, our employees happier and our planet a better place. Great Products. Strong Business. Better World”

Ford’s dedicated commitment to Quality, Safety, Sustainability and Innovation sets the bar for the dealerships that bear its name. Named one of 2017’s ‘Most Ethical Companies’ and ‘World’s Most Attractive Employer’ and recognized as a ‘Veteran-Friendly Employer’, Ford’s accolades extend well beyond its vehicle offerings. Ford provides a strength of leadership, setting an example befitting of its longevity. Here at DePaula Ford, we honor those expectations and work tirelessly to echo each initiative in a manner befitting our valued customers.

Offering quality vehicles and service, we are committed to your safety and that of your loved ones. We aim to operate in a manner that supports responsibility to our community and environment. But most of all, we take great pride in finding new ways to honor the trust placed in us by our loyal Ford customers.

If you’re in the market for a new or used Ford, we invite you to visit us and learn just how satisfying the experience can be.