Offering Something For Everyone

‘Something for Everyone’ is the disclaimer put forth by Ford when describing the range of their current model year offerings. And, as far as promotional taglines go, its accuracy is difficult to argue based on the diversity of current model year offerings. For starters, there are (of course) Ford trucks. But while the F-Series reigns supreme as the Best-Selling Trucks of all-time (as well as the Best-Selling Vehicle, overall) Ford’s lineup is far too diverse to gain credit only for their dynamic line of trucks.

Need proof? From coast-to-coast, American roads provide all the evidence you could ever need.  Overflowing with Ford’s cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks, a simple drive reinforces the automaker’s relationship with drivers from every walk of life. And from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon the roads that they drive upon all lead back to the dealership from which they were bought. Visiting a Ford Dealership Albany NY drivers will discover the same thing found by Dallas TX drivers, Ford really does offer something for everyone.


DePaula Ford

But those in and around the Albany area are able to enjoy the specific luxury of working with DePaula Ford. Mirroring the value set forth by Ford Motor Company, we are committed to create a customer-centric buying experience.

Any dealer can talk about making the car-buying process easier and more enjoyable; but as our customers can attest, we deliver on that expectation. Understanding that the DePaula experience is best appreciated in person, we invite you to visit us. Not only will it allow you to understand what makes us unique to our valued customers, it provides the perfect opportunity to explore Ford’s extensive offerings.


Ford Cars

From the overall economy of the Fiesta to the iconic performance of the Mustang, Ford serves up countless reasons to consider their wide-range of car offerings.

The Fiesta, for example, is priced to start at $13,660 MSRP making it one of the most affordable new vehicle offerings on the road. Aptly-named, the Fiesta is designed with fun in mind. With nimble handling, confident power, a strong selection of tech and funky color choices its appeal speaks for itself.

The Focus follows in the same suit. Available in both sedan and hatchback style, it increases both functionality and versatility while retaining accessible pricing (starting at $17,860 MSRP) and offering strong fuel economy (29-30 mpg combined).

Bridging the gap, the Ford Fusion offers enhanced styling and a wealth of innovative technology. Priced to start at $22,120 MSRP the Fusion exudes value, in refined sedan styling with seating for five. And the Fusion’ hybrid variant speaks to Ford’s commitment to providing more sustainable options to the drivers of today, and those of tomorrow. And if the Fusion reflects refinement, the Taurus continues its legacy of making both sophistication and luxury accessible to those who seek it.

And of course, the Mustang speaks for itself. Serving up to 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, the Mustang’s legendary performance and styling are just as sought-after today, as it ever has been.


Ford Crossovers & SUVs

For those in search of the versatility and utility delivered by crossovers and SUVs, Ford does not disappoint. Blending all-wheel performance with a wealth of available technologies and encasing them within inspired exterior and cabin styling, Ford’s lineup excels in its diversity.

For those who prioritize economy, the all-new Ecosport shines as one of the most eagerly anticipated crossovers to take on tomorrow’s roads. Fun, stylish and tech-friendly it’s standing among similarly-priced vehicles serves to reinforce its value.

We could spend paragraphs extolling the virtues of the lineup, but consider the selection (in addition to the Ecosport): the Escape, the Edge, the Flex, the Explorer. Each design tailored to the specific tastes and demands of unique lifestyles, Ford continues to provide something for everyone.

And atop them all, sits the Expedition. With twenty years and four generations behind it, the Expedition is a testament to the unstoppable force of Ford luxury. Impeccably designed, well-equipped and more powerful than ever, it represents ‘living large’ in every way imaginable.



But rest assured that we have no intention of glazing over the impact of Ford’s iconic F-Series. In fact, 2017 marked a full century of Ford trucks coming off the assembly line, and seven decades since the very first Ford F-1 made its way on to American roads.

The longevity of the F-Series’ American narrative contributes to the inexorable link between the trucks and our cultural mindset. One of the primary fixtures of 20th agriculture, construction, and home improvement, F-Series trucks have become synonymous with the ability to ‘get the job done’. Now, those jobs have progressed and evolved, and Ford trucks have evolved alongside with it. From the F-150 to the Super Duty line-up, Ford sets the bar with best-in-class torque, payload, towing and countless other attributes which continually surpass that of Ford’s competitors.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle, work truck, or mobile office the F-Series has the perfect truck for you. Offering performance, utility (and even luxury accommodations and amenities) the choice is yours.


Visit Your For Dealership Today

There is a reason that Ford remains America’s most enduring brand of vehicles. Pioneering innovation at every stage, the Ford Motor Company has empowered itself to create not only the kinds of vehicles that the world needs, but also the kinds of vehicles that it wants. As a result, it’s hard to deny the appeal of Ford’s offerings. Regardless of what type of vehicle you’re in search of, For serves up iconic styling across its entire line.

Not sure if there is a Ford meant for you? Take the time to visit DePaula Ford. Not only will you experience car-buying at its easiest, you will find out for yourself that the tagline is true. Ford truly does offer something for everyone.