Used SUVs For Sale Near Delmar

Traveling in a vehicle that works with you and not against you is not as appreciated as you'd think. Many people consider their car as another object that'll inevitably require replacing someday, but others see their vehicle as a new beginning and the start of something great. If you're searching for used SUVs for sale near Delmar, you'll find them here when you take the trip to DePaula Ford, conveniently located in Albany.
Our selection of SUVs spans the entire lineup, from the incredible selection of Ford SUVs, including full-size, mid-size, and compact models, and we also carry SUVs from others that many of you may be looking for, like Chevy, Honda, and other notable brands. If you want an extensive selection of pre-owned SUVs to look through, we welcome you to our dealership and look forward to supplying you with a fantastic vehicle that meets your needs and budget.

A black 2019 Ford Escape driving on a city street after viewing used SUVs for sale near Delmar.

Popular Used Ford SUVs

Your journey to DePaula Ford can result in you behind the wheel of one of our popular used Ford SUVs. We have all of the Ford favorites, so whether you need an SUV like a subcompact or midsize or need that third-row seating, you'll be well taken care of with the help of our dealership. Among the popular Ford SUVs you'll find at our dealership include iconic favorites like the Escape, Explorer, Expedition, and more.
The Ford Escape is Ford's only compact SUV, and it's a great combination of efficiency and size. The Escape was first introduced in the year 2000, and since then, it has been refreshed a handful of times, with each generation breathing new life into Ford's SUV lineup, from updated features and different powertrain configurations to the introduction of an HEV and eventually PHEV model. With plenty of cargo space and a host of powertrains, the Escape packs a punch for its size, feels great to drive, and is also a great SUV for your family with between two to five people.

Need an SUV larger than the Escape because you need the extra cargo room or do you have enough people in your household that three rows of seats are a necessity? You have a couple of options: the Explorer and the Expedition. The Explorer is the smaller of the two, but it still supports a considerable amount of cargo, baggage, and other worldly possessions, not to mention the third row of seating provides decent head and legroom.

The Explorer is more equipped for towing than most Ford SUVs, seconded only to the full-size Expedition. Launched back in 1990, the Explorer has been on the market for a few decades and has had a fair share of generational leaps, which also means it's a superabundant model in the pre-owned market, and we can help Delmar families obtain their Explorer. There are many reasons why families in Delmar will enjoy their time with the Explorer, whether it's during a simple trip to Albany for work or going on vacation somewhere that perhaps isn't in New York.

The Ford Expedition isn't only a popular full-size SUV but also Ford's offering for families who need the largest SUV in the brand's lineup. What the Expedition does is take the phrase 'capability' and run with it. The Ford Expedition launched in 1996, and a bit over a decade later the MAX model joined the lineup and quickly became the go-to option for penultimate SUV cargo space in Ford's lineup. The type of capability you find in a Ford Expedition truly puts the word 'Utility' in 'Sport Utility Vehicle.'

A red 2022 Chevy Equinox RS is parked in a city.

We Also Carry Pre-Owned SUVs From Other Brands

At DePaula Ford, you can find used SUVs from other prized brands, including offerings from Chevy, Honda, and more. The SUV scene is one of the most lively sections of the automotive market and is on full display when you shop with us--we have one of the most bustling SUV selections in Delmar. There are plenty of fan favorites, including compact, mid-size, full-size, or any other type of SUV you want to buy.

For example, we have compact SUVs like the Honda CR-V, Chevy Equinox, and Toyota RAV4. These three SUVs are great options, each with strengths that make them stand out. The Equinox is well regarded as a value-friendly vehicle with an excellent set of base features, while the CR-V and RAV4 are both known for their fuel efficiency and cargo space--especially the CR-V. Compact SUVs are a popular breed, and if you are interested in one, we've got you covered. Between these SUVs and others, your dream car could be right around the corner. Not sure where to start? Our team will help you browse our pre-owned inventory to select the right one.

What if the right SUV for you is another offering like the GMC Yukon or Jeep Grand Cherokee? We can help you find these SUVs and comparable ones, too, SUVs that are great for large families looking to venture off the pavement. If you have plenty of people in your life ready to experience life to the fullest, the Yukon and Grand Cherokee are fantastic options for exploring the unknown. Tailgating fan? Why not take the Yukon or Grand Cherokee to a tailgating party before a Buffalo Bills game? There are many more reasons why Delmar drivers will enjoy driving a full-size SUV from our inventory, but we'll wait for you to learn the rest by experiencing it first-hand.

We Can Help With the Financing Process

Our talented team of financial experts that you'll work with when buying your vehicle from DePaula Ford are here to find you an SUV that perfectly fits your budget. Instead, when you finance your vehicle from our dealership, you can find a variety of different payment plans that are sure to fit your financial situation. We believe that everyone deserves a reliable vehicle.

We'll help you figure out how to make your monthly payments as low as possible. With the help of our financial experts, we can help you pick the right way to begin the loan process because it can be overwhelming for many--even long-time car owners. You can also trade in your car when you visit our dealership, and you can use the money you receive today towards your SUV, and we'll help lower your monthly payments in no time.

A front view of a white 2022 Ford Expedition Platinum driving on a city street.

Visit Us for All Your Service and Parts Needs

Keeping your vehicle maintained is crucial, and that is why getting your vehicle serviced regularly is so important. If you don't know what you're doing, however, then a car can easily go from salvageable to downright inoperable. This is why it's important to always pick the right people to bring your vehicle to so that you will be able to keep it running beautifully for many years and miles to come. Those people are the trusted and talented crew of certified technicians you'll find here at our dealership.

We'll keep your tires rotated and your oil fresh, flush out your brake fluid, and promptly replace it with fresh fluid, among many other reasons why you'd bring your vehicle in for servicing. We're also your reliable source for genuine OEM parts, so if you're looking for the best place to purchase replacement parts for your car in the greater area of Delmar, then you've found your go-to headquarters.


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