2022 Ford Explorer

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  • Overview

    A silver 2022 Ford Explorer King Ranch is angled left.

    There are several different SUVs and crossovers on the market. While crossovers offer more space than cars, they’re not as spacious or tow-capable as an SUV. However, crossovers do offer benefits that SUVs typically slack on, such as better fuel efficiency. Their more compact size also makes crossovers easier to navigate than large SUVs. When you’re looking for the perfect balance of crossover benefits with SUV perks, the 2022 Ford Explorer is the model for you.

    Technically an SUV, the new Ford Explorer offers a nice balance of everything 𑁋 a spacious interior, easy-to-navigate size, and plenty of seating room. Plus, it offers more towing capacity than your average crossover model. You can even tackle off-road terrain and adverse weather conditions thanks to its four-wheel drive Terrain Management System. The Explorer can do all of this while still reaching 28 miles per gallon on the highway. So, when you’re on a casual drive and you’re not towing, you can still enjoy that upper-level highway mileage you’d get with a smaller crossover model. All of this comes together to make the 2022 Explorer the perfect SUV model.


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  • Capability

    A close up shows the grille of a silver 2022 Ford Explorer.

    Capability goes beyond four-wheel drive on the 2022 Explorer. Drivers get an Intelligent 4WD System with Terrain Management, Hill Descent Control, and Trailer Sway Control. You can even add on a Trailer Tow Package, whether you choose the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, the 3.0-Liter EcoBoost Engine, or the 3.3-liter Hybrid option. This is a lot to unpack, so let’s take a closer look at each perk.

    The Intelligent 4WD System with Terrain Management

    The Intelligent 4WD Terrain Management System includes 7 different modes that are designed for all common terrain types. This model includes the following Drive Modes:

    • Normal Mode 𑁋 for everyday driving scenarios. This mode is ideal for your daily work commute, for example.
    • Trail Mode 𑁋 for off-road-specific adventures. Trail Mode kicks in to equalize torque distribution and reduce slippage.
    • Deep Snow/Sand 𑁋 this one keeps you in the lower gears, turning down traction control and allowing drivers to maintain stability in snowy or sandy scenarios.
    • Slippery Mode 𑁋 despite common winter weather conditions, this mode is separated from “Snow/Sand” mode. This is so that the Explorer can better handle ice or mud-coated pavements.
    • Tow/Haul Mode 𑁋 this feature is used to make towing and hauling easier while also protecting the transmission. This mode puts you into fewer shift cycles, making it easier to pull the extra weight.
    • Eco Mode 𑁋 as expected, this mode allows you to get the best possible fuel economy. This is also a good option for daily work commutes or casual traveling (when not towing/hauling).

    Each of these modes works to make the Explorer a diverse and capable SUV.

    Features to Help Make Driving and Trailering Easier

    When it comes to backroads and off-roading, the decline can feel more nerve-wracking than the incline. That’s where Hill Descent Control comes into play. This feature helps drivers maintain a comfortable and safe speed when heading downhill. While this is reassuring safety-wise, it also benefits the Explorer’s brakes by reducing wear.

    Trailer Sway Control is a standard feature on the 2022 Ford Explorer. It works closely with something called “AdvancTrac with Roll Stability Control” to help keep your trailer much more stable. While we caution that fishtailing is possible even with features like this one, your overall towing experience will be much safer when you have Trailer Sway Control.

    Finally, let’s take a quick look at the Trailer Tow Package. This feature is necessary if you want a 2022 Explorer for towing purposes. When the Trailer Tow Package is equipped, drivers can tow up to 5,600 pounds. The best part about it is that you don’t have to go broke just to access this power. Combined, the Explorer can reach up to 27 MPG with RWD, and 25 with AWD capability, leaving a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency.

  • Features

    A family is shown rear the lift gate of a grey 2022 Ford Explorer.

    Interior Space

    Ford doesn’t take the SUV label lightly here. Everyone knows that the main appeal to SUVs is their cargo and passenger capacity. That’s why the new Explorer includes both interior and exterior cargo options, along with seating for up to 7 people. When the seats are down, drivers can access up to 87.8 cubic feet of interior cargo space. The Explorer’s seats can be configured individually, so whether you have 3, 5, or 7 passengers, you get to customize your cargo to passenger ratio to fit your needs.

    Exciting Add-On Cargo Accessories

    What really makes the Explorer stand out against its competitors is its wide array of cargo accessories. Ford has made it easy to use exterior add-ons with this model, offering a SkyBox roof carrier with up to 16 cubic feet of additional space. Drivers can also add on roof-top bike racks and even kayak and canoe racks, which are all Explorer-compatible. It’s also possible to get a sports SUV tent that’s designed to fit directly onto the Explorer, turning your SUV into an on-the-go mini camper.

    FordPass Perks

    When you’re dropping money on a brand-new vehicle, additional subscriptions and upgrades are likely the last thing on your mind. Your new car payment is enough as it is, right? Typically, yes, but this is where Ford really comes out ahead. FordPass Connect is Ford’s connectivity system that includes convenience features at no cost to you.

    Your Explorer’s FordPass Connect feature includes the following perks:

    • Remote Controls 𑁋 directly from your smartphone, you can adjust the Explorer’s temperature, unlock or lock the doors, and start or stop the engine.
    • Vehicle Locator 𑁋 whether you forgot where you parked or you trusted your teen a bit too soon, the built-in vehicle locator keeps track of your Explorer’s location. This location service is accessible at all times through the FordPass app.
    • Vehicle Stats 𑁋 can’t remember if you got fuel or not? You don’t have to start your engine to check. Simply view your fuel level and oil life stats straight from your phone.
    • Scheduled Starts 𑁋 not only can you start and stop your Explorer at any time, but you can also schedule starts for certain times and days, ensuring your vehicle is the perfect temperature when you leave for work.

    FordPass also includes Vehicle Health Alerts that send notifications regarding important factors. This includes when certain levels are low, when it’s almost time for a maintenance visit, and much more. Ford makes things even more convenient by adding a scheduling feature on the FordPass app. When you run out of fuel or get a flat, you and your family are covered when you own an Explorer. Roadside Assistance works seamlessly with the FordPass app, allowing you to ask for help and even track your help’s location. Finally, up to 10 family members can simultaneously access and use the FordPass Wi-Fi Hotspot. This hotspot works within a 50-foot radius, so whether you’re camping or tailgating, you can rely on a stable connection.

  • Safety

    The black and cream colored interior of a 2022 Ford Explorer Platinum shows the seats and steering wheel.

    Ford Co-Pilot360

    You can count on the 2022 Ford Explorer to supply you with some of the most helpful standard safety features around, thanks to Ford Co-Pilot360. Each 2022 Explorer model includes the following safety features:

    • BLIS Cross-Traffic Alert 𑁋 a blind-spot monitoring system that detects highway traffic, alerting drivers when it’s unsafe to switch lanes. Cross-Traffic Alert works with this system to detect parking aisle traffic, which helps when drivers are backing out of a parking space.
    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking 𑁋 when an accident is possible, this feature alerts the driver to take action. When the driver isn’t quick enough to heed the warnings, the Explorer’s emergency brakes kick in.
    • Auto High-Beam Headlamps 𑁋 while bright lights are handy for the driver, they can be dangerous and blinding to oncoming traffic. Auto High-Beam Headlamps ensure you don’t accidentally “bright light” anyone again.
    • Lane-Keeping System 𑁋 this feature keeps drivers centered in the appropriate lane. When you start to drift, this driver assist technology gently redirects you back to the lane’s center.

    In addition to these features, the 2022 Explorer also includes a rearview camera. Drivers are able to upgrade to even higher-tech safety features such as Reverse Brake Assist, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, and more for an additional price.

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