2022 Ford Mustang

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  • Overview

    A blue 2022 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is angled left.

    When it comes to the Ford Mustang, little to no introduction is necessary. Few vehicles have made the impact and possess the pedigree and longevity of Ford’s most recognizable automobile. Through the muscle car craze, an energy crisis, and now a pandemic, the Mustang has weathered every storm and overcame every obstacle in its path, retaining its position as the definitive American sports car in the process. With the ability to sustain its quality through the bad times, imagine what it’s able to do through the good? While over two decades into the new millennium have passed into history, the 2022 Ford Mustang has managed to keep its place at the top of the mountain, even with several imitators attempting to dethrone it. It is a car that is held with much reverence, and its fire has refused to burn out. There’s only one Mustang, and its power and capabilities have made it an icon for almost 60 years.


    Fuel Economy (city/hwy mpg)


    Horsepower (hp)


    Torque: 350 lb-ft

    Starting at


  • Performance

    A red 2022 Ford Mustang GT is shown from the front driving through a city.

    To properly chronicle every single powertrain that’s been a part of the Mustang and the various attributes and specifications that apply to every single one would be quite an arduous task. For the current model year, Ford has offered consumers the choice between economy and high-octane performance. Because drivers who favor one or the other usually exist on opposite ends of the spectrum, Ford has taken the initiative and provided options for both.

    The 2.3L EcoBoost Turbo I-4

    For the driver who favors economy, Ford offers an EcoBoost 2.3L Turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A part of the Ford fleet since its debut in 2015, it's proven to be one of the most versatile engines in Ford’s available arsenal. Aside from powering the Mustang, it’s made its presence felt in both the Explorer and Ranger. While the four-cylinder engine is often associated with consumer-friendly vehicles, this turbo-charged workhorse balances performance and adequate fuel consumption. With a horsepower output of 270 and the ability to generate 310 lb-ft of torque, this is far from a domesticated workhorse. When it comes to pennies being spent at the pump, you’ll be pleased to know that a combined MPG of 25 is achieved by allowing drivers to get 21 MPG while driving within the city limits and 32 when on the highway.

    The 5.0L “Coyote” V8

    Of course, there are those among us who are ardent believers in throwing caution to the wind in favor of pushing the limitations of their vehicle in the hopes of possibly breaking the sound barrier. Ford hasn’t forgotten you and offers up an engine that will satisfy the appetites of those who are hungry for horsepower. And while the four-cylinder has proven itself time and time again since 2015, the heftier 5.0 V-8 option that Ford makes available is none other than what many affectionately refer to as “the Coyote,” which has been breaking all the rules since it first appeared in 2011. Powering both the F-150 and Mustang with unrelenting ferocity, the 5.0L engine lacks for nothing in terms of performance, with a horsepower output of 450 and the ability to generate 420 lb.-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission puts the ultimate experience right at your fingertips, and with the ability to travel from 0-60 MPH in just 4.4 seconds, Ford has left no stone unturned in providing you with the best of the Mustang.

  • Interior

    The black interior of a 2022 Ford Mustang shows the steering wheel and front seat.

    Although the 2022 Ford Mustang is very much a modern automobile, the aesthetic and style of the interior that Ford has opted to maximize has a very strong throwback feel about it. While little has changed about the vehicle’s exterior since its design overhaul in the early 1990s, the interior has more in common with the glory days of models such as the Mustang Mach I. From its steering wheel that brandishes the classic pony logo to the instrument gauges that almost appear as if they were designed several decades ago. The two-toned color scheme of the seats and interior provide a contrast that’s stylish and elevates the overall feel of the vehicle. The seats themselves come close to resembling the bucket seats of the golden age of the pony car, which reinforces the throwback appeal of the interior.

    A Premium Stereo System

    Of course, one isn’t expected to have the amenities of the modern world absent by any means. Just because the interior is worthy of Steve McQueen, doesn’t mean you’ll have to make use of an old 8-track tape deck when you’re on the road. The newest Mustang is compatible with Apple and Android and features an available stereo system that features 12 speakers and 900 watts of power that will shake the earth, but not as much as the previously mentioned high-performance powertrain. And to illustrate how far the Mustang has evolved from its earlier incarnations, Ford Sync Connect is available for control over your car through your smartphone.

    Ample Trunk Space

    The most surprising attribute about the 2022 Mustang’s interior is the vehicle's ample trunk space. While the sports car has never been a class known for its storage capabilities, as they’re designed for performance and speed, the Mustang offers trunk space that measures out to 13.5 cubic feet, which is only slightly below the industry average of a four-door sedan which measures out to approximately 15.

  • Safety

    A person is shown driving a 2022 Ford Mustang GT.

    As demonstrated, the 2022 Mustang has a variety of comfort features and power capabilities. Ford has also put this same effort and attention to detail into its safety features as well. It would be easy to state how safe the Mustang is; however, a variety of notable sources have praised the Mustang's safety through rigorous testing. Among these are the government-mandated crash tests provided by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association). To anyone expressing concern about the structural integrity that the Mustang possesses in the event of a collision, you’ll be very pleased and relieved to know that the vehicle was awarded a five-star safety rating, the absolute highest distinction available. Of all the tests performed, the Mustang received high marks in the roll-over test, which has often been difficult for many manufacturers to receive a perfect score. This further shows Ford's commitment to constructing a safe vehicle.


    One of the features that comes standard with the 2022 Ford Mustang is what’s known as MyKey. This is somewhat similar to GM’s Teen Driver program, as it allows parents to reinforce the lessons that future drivers are currently being taught. Presets such as stereo volume and engine speed can be implemented, so secondary drivers won’t feel tempted to accelerate too quickly or have the stereo too loud to distract them from the road.

    A Wide Array of Driver Safety Features

    According to Car & Driver Magazine, the Mustang also features more available safety features and driver assistance programs than any other muscle car on the road today. Automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure are all available for the discerning consumer. AdvanceTrac with Electronic Stability Control and SOS Post-Crash Alert System comes standard, as do driver and passenger knee-level airbags to help protect the lower extremities in the case of an accident. Automatic high-beam headlamps are also standard and automatically adjust to changes in lighting and the presence of oncoming vehicles. This feature is also standard as part of Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 drivers assistance program, which is recommended for drivers to take advantage of if they wish to maximize the safety potential of the 2022 Ford Mustang.

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