DePaula Ford: Your Ford Dealership in Albany, NY

July 21st, 2017 by

How does a Ford dealership in Albany, NY set itself apart?

In all fairness, it’s a loaded question – and one that most every dealership struggles with, regardless of their geography. After all, how do you take a process (such as car-buying), which arrives fully-assembled from negative connotations and stigma, and turn it into a positive construction? Considering the level of scrutiny attached to every car-buying experience, it could certainly be argued that car dealerships are inherently gluttons for punishment.

But when you think about it, the same could be said for the car buyer, couldn’t it?

Whether the search for a new vehicle comes as a result of immediate need, or from a simple desire for something different, most car buyers subject themselves to an experience that can be fraught with anxiety and pressure.

Ironically, the answer to ‘how a dealership creates a positive buying experience’ and ‘how car buyers can have a more relaxed experience’ is the same.


Make Car-Buying About The Customer

Ford has always set the standard for excellence in domestic car manufacturing. That tangible commitment thrives in Ford’s 2017 offerings: from the accessibility of the Fiesta to the refinement of the Expedition; from the rugged durability of F-Series trucks to the conscientious design of the Fusion Energi. Ford strives to create a unique driving experience for every type of driver, and succeeds.

DePaula Ford echoes this approach by taking the individual needs of every customer into consideration, and creating a buying experience tailored to their individual needs. That experience begins right here at



Life is busy, and today’s car buyer has neither the time nor the patience to trek endlessly between dealerships, just to be trolled by high-pressure salesmen. Believing in your right to shop for cars on your time (and on your terms), DePaula Ford gives you the flexibility to explore your options from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It begins with comprehensive profiles designed for each and every one of the vehicles in DePaula’s inventory. The first part of these profiles that grabs your attention are the extensive photo galleries and videos that serve as introductions to each vehicle. First impressions really do matter, and the ability to take a virtual walk around a car that you’re considering is a convenience. Take a look at the interior, and peek under the hood. This is a major time-saver for anyone, especially if they have yet to make up their mind.

Once a vehicle has caught your eye, DePaula delivers a full breakdown of its manufacturer specifications, as well as its individual features. This familiarity is empowering as it lets you research each of the vehicle’s features however you choose to. That said, DePaula wants their customers to choose a car on its own merit; for this reason they provide a CarFax history report for every one of their vehicles, and make it accessible to you with the click of a mouse.

This is just the beginning of how DePaula Ford works to respect your schedule, and the demands upon it. There are a number of steps to any car-buying experience and they aim to make each one as simple as possible.

Consider that most buyers will be looking to trade-in their current vehicle. Within each vehicle profile, DePaula Ford provides a link to Kelley Blue Book so that you can value your trade-in with ease. Now that you have an idea of what the adjusted cost of the vehicle will be, click on the payment calculator to make sure that the car you’ve chosen will work within your budget.

Once all this is done, you may still be the kind of conscientious buyer who needs to see a vehicle with their own eyes, sit in the seat, and feel exactly how it rides. No problem! You’ll also find a link that you can use to schedule a test drive.

If you need financing, you can click over to DePaula’s finance tab and apply online. And if you have any questions at all, a team of in-house customer service specialists is onsite at DePaula to help you along. This is not an outsourced service; this is specialized service made available just for you.

The bottom line? DePaula Ford has worked hard to create a tool that allows you to spend as much, or as little, as you choose. They have made your car-buying experience about you.


From Online to On-the-Road

Worried that this user-friendly experience will only exist online? Turn off I-90 and visit DePaula Ford to see how their customer-centered experience echoes across all that they do. DePaula’s knowledgable, professional (and most of all, approachable) sales and leasing consultants are glad to help answer any questions you have about their inventory, and your buying or leasing options.

If you need further assistance in terms of financing your new wheels, the DePaula Finance Team is dedicated to making it happen – and doing so in a timely fashion. After all, they didn’t work hard to create a time-saving online tool, just to waste your time now!

DePaula Ford’s approach carries over to their expertly-trained team of service professionals as well. Whether your vehicle is in need of regularly-scheduled or preventative maintenance, or if repairs are required, DePaula is there for you. (And don’t fear, do-it-yourself-ers, their Parts Department is equally as dedicated to help!)


The DePaula Difference

Buying a car should not be stressful. Your life puts enough demand on your time, energy, and resources and you don’t want to do business with a dealership that makes it worse. Take the time to visit and start a relationship with a dealership that puts you first. After all, that is what differentiates DePaula as your ideal Ford dealership in Albany NY.