DePaula Ford: Your: “Ford Dealership Near Me”

August 17th, 2018 by

Lit-up Albany NY skyline with a sunset behind it

If you find yourself off of Interstate 90 in Albany, NY you should stop by the DePaula Ford dealership. We are conveniently located so that we can be accessible to our customers searching for new or pre-owned Ford vehicles. When you see us, we want you to get the sense that you should look no further. And one of the reasons you shouldn’t go elsewhere is our vast, unmatched inventory. We deal in cars, trucks, SUVs, sports cars, luxury vehicles and more! If you’re looking for it, we probably have it. And we can’t wait to show it to you. That’s what we deal in, customers, not numbers and figures. So, we always want to give you the best experience possible. That’s why many of our customers keep returning to us, we value every one and know how to treat them. Our customers continue to return because we know that the best type of services and sales is one that’s simplified. We never want to burden our customers with the complexities of confusing financing terms or haggling. And we want to know for certain, even for our own peace of mind, that the car you drive away in is the car of your dreams. We want to make that possible for you. Here is what you can expect from Depaula Ford, your “Ford dealership near me”.


Accessible and Convenient

One of the ways we stand by our commitment to serve our customers is to always be available to them to answer any questions or concerns about their potential purchase. We do this by offering our customers convenient hours, outside their busy, hectic schedules. We have weekend and weekday hours, so we are open without fail, 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.

We also want our customers to consider our location easy to find. When people think of Ford Dealerships in Albany, NY, we want them to immediately think of DePaula Ford. Asking the question: “Are there Ford dealerships near me?” should always result in a resounding “Yes, head straight over to DePaula Ford.”



We also want our customers, and potential customers talking about one of our greatest selling points: our huge inventory. We know that a fully-stocked inventory means we most likely have the car you are looking for ready and waiting. And if you come down to our showroom still unsure of what it is you are looking for, we strive to help find you a vehicle that will satisfy your wants and needs and still fits within your budget.

So, the right vehicle might be just around the corner for you. And we aim to make that experience one that is seamless, yet still exciting! The exciting part is seeing what we have to offer. Half the fun of car shopping is looking at, experiencing, and trying out all of these shiny new vehicles! Let us tell you about the choices you will find.

2018 brought us a fantastic lineup of cars from the muscular Mustang to the fun Fiesta, the options seem almost endless. And if you want to go bigger, we also have everything from F150 trucks to the ever-popular Explorer and the beast-like Expedition. We have something for every budget and taste. And if you can’t afford new, no problem!



We never want our customers to experience buyer’s remorse. Typically, this will happen when a customer is pressured in any way, whether it’s to purchase a vehicle that’s out of their price range, or to settle for a vehicle they don’t really want, just because it’s the only one in their budget. Either way, a customer will not be fully satisfied and as you know, this is not our goal.

At DePaula Ford, we know you have a busy schedule and lots of options, so we take your time spent with us seriously. We respect your hard earned money and do our best to work with your budget and not against it. We also do our best to give you many options to work with, so you don’t feel like you’ve settled or are stuck with something you didn’t want to own.

We want you to know that whatever decision you finally end up making is your choice, not ours. Our skilled and knowledgeable sales associates don’t rely on a sell-sell-sell sales commission structure. We always have your best interests in mind.


Exceptional Service

And your interests include the issues that might arise after you drive off of our lot. We want you to know that our service department, full of trained and certified technicians is always available to you for any questions or concerns you might have. Even if your vehicle is working perfectly, you can come back to us for regular oil changes, or tire rotations to ensure your vehicle continues running smoothly for years to come.


Look No Further Than DePaula Ford

So once again, if you are wondering if “Where can I find a Ford dealership near me?” the answer should always be DePaula Ford. We hope you agree, after learning more about our service, our customer satisfaction, our large inventory, and our convenient hours and location. Those are the most important things, we feel, to look for in a dealership.

Our customers that already know us consider us a staple in the area and have offered countless positive reviews in testament to that fact. We do our best to please our customers because we understand how necessary positive word of mouth is. We are loyal to our customers and so they are loyal back. We are in the business of making our customers happy. So, we always want to ensure them stress-free shopping experience. We want you to see for yourself what we consider the DePaula difference.

We do our best to stand out from the competition by providing that reliable service, putting our customers first, and helping them find the right vehicle in our extensive inventory. So, armed with this knowledge, don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom at DePaula Ford. We have the best to offer your Ford vehicle buying experience in Albany, NY. Come see for yourself!