Ford Dealerships Near Me: What Your Local Ford Dealership Can Offer You

July 31st, 2018 by

Ford Dealership Near Me

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, and a little overwhelmed by all the choices and models on the market, the staff at DePaula Ford can be an excellent resource to make buying a vehicle and the research required a smooth and easy process. From our inventory to customer service and vehicle knowledge – here are some of the best resources we can offer you when shopping. No more searching “Ford dealership near me“.



Looking at a Ford Dealership near you, like DePaula Ford, can be an excellent place to start if you’ve decided you want to focus on Ford brands and Ford models. At DePaula Ford we have a wide range of vehicles on offer – from SUVs and sedans to trucks and commercial vehicles. Our used and new models are all listed conveniently on our site, with vehicle descriptions, details, and pricing laid out in an easy-to-view, user-friendly interface. And if you’re more interested in showing up on the lot and having a look around, we have an abundance of vehicles to choose from – ranging from used, new, and certified pre-owned.



If you’re thinking, “why visit a Ford Dealership near me?” we have the price and deals to make a visit to our dealership worth your while. At DePaula Ford we always have pricing and customer service in mind. Almost all of our cars are listed below Market Price, and we list the MSRP conveniently next to the DePaula Price so you always know what you’ll be paying, and more importantly –  saving, on any vehicle. We know that purchasing a vehicle can be stressful, and your budget is a big factor to keep in mind. So, we strive to make that process as easy and transparent as possible and make sure you leave with the best vehicle, and best deal when coming to our Ford dealership.



Since we’ve talked about the pricing of a vehicle, it’s essential to know how you will finance your car when you’re ready to buy. Most people can’t afford to pay for their car outright, at DePaula Ford we have our own financing team in place to assist you with the loan and financing process in any way we can. We know that going to the bank or a credit union can be a stressful process – the legal jargon and the interest rates can be difficult to understand.  We deal with multiple banks for financing to save you from having to go to various locations just to get a loan for your new vehicle. At DePaula Ford we want to make our lot a one-stop shop, where we can help you finance your vehicle – usually the same-day by reaching out to our national lenders – and you can buy and leave with your vehicle all in one place. Our expertly trained finance team is always here to help and answer any questions you might have.



One of the perks of going to local Ford dealerships near you is our trade-in option. If you’re looking to trade your vehicle for another car, or even for cash, DePaula Ford can help you out. We base our instant cash offers by the Kelly Blue Book values – the most trusted organization on vehicle values – and base our offer on their index. It is an easy three-step process – simply tell us about your vehicle online, visit our Ford dealership so we can inspect the features and conditions, and use your offer to trade-in your car or let us buy it outright for cash. At DePaula Ford, we’re here to help you, and happy to take your vehicle and give you the best deal back.


Service Center

At DePaula Ford we pride ourselves on our Service Center. We have a highly trained service staff and offer a number of service options for any Ford model. Our experienced technicians can help with oil changes, tire rotations, major internal issues, and can order any replacement parts needed. Our service center is an inviting place with coffee, snacks, and Wi-Fi for customers, and a staff that is available for any questions or concerns. The service center is open from 7am-8pm, Monday through Friday, for any of your service needs. In addition, at Depaula Ford, we have a Collision Center to help with vehicles that have experienced any sort of impact or accident. We offer paint repairs as well as the ability to restore your vehicle after an accident or collision. We also offer 30-day rental vehicles for your convenience.



At DePaula Ford we pride ourselves on our knowledge and know-how of all Ford vehicles. Each of our staff is highly trained and can answer any of the questions you might have about Ford models and our inventory. With our Finance Team, Service Team, and Collision Team, as well as our support and sales departments, we know we can answer any questions about specs, performance, engines, or technical or safety features. We get to know your requirements, your budget, and your standards to help you make the best decision possible. We aim to make your local dealership a one-stop shop for all of your vehicle needs and ease the stress of any buying, trade-in, or repair processes.


Customer Service

The customer is always our first priority at DePaula Ford, and we are available on the phone, via live chat on our webpage, and of course, in-person for any of your questions – we make it easy for potential and existing customers to reach us with whatever questions they may have. Your needs are always first in mind, and we aim to make visits to our lot as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Our wide and diverse inventory, vehicle expertise, and service needs make us a stand-out in the industry. You might ask, ‘why go to Ford Dealerships near me?’ – well, because at DePaula Ford, we know how to take care of our customers, and you’ll arrive knowing you’re in the very best of hands.