How Ford’s 2018 Lineup is Bringing the Heat

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Speaking globally, automakers are continually focused on expanding their market share. This shared goal results in constant innovation, both in terms of performance and amenity-based technologies and tireless efforts to drive aesthetic sensibilities while never stepping too far ahead of current design trends.

Visit any Ford dealership, and it becomes enjoyable to explore the way that Ford goes about embracing these challenges within their current lineup. More so than any year in recent memory, the 2018 lineup exemplifies their success in doing so, while remaining on-brand. The result guarantees a little bit of something for everyone, fitting the unique demands of individual budgets and lifestyles.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the countless strengths of Ford’s offering, made evident in their current lineup.


Ford Cars

While Ford may be most recognizable for their iconic F-Series trucks (don’t worry, we’ll get there), they’re also one of the most successful automakers, in terms of creating a well-realized and nicely-tiered lineups of cars. From subcompacts and hatchbacks to mid and full-sized sedans, they’re really covering all of the bases and doing so in style.

Such accessibly-priced innovative offerings are kicked off with the likes of the Fiesta (priced to start around $14,205 MSRP) and the hatchback Focus ($17,950 MSRP). Both of these offerings fit the evolving expectation of younger and urban drivers, as well as commuters, looking to leave a more modest automotive footprint behind them.

The midsize Fusion ($22,215 MSRP) and full-size Taurus ($27,690 MSRP) sedans fit a more traditional mindset towards car offerings. The former stands as a perfect tent pole for the car lineup, while the Taurus tops the line, evoking many of the luxury sedan offerings that inspire it.


Ford SUVs & Crossovers

Over the course of recent years, it’s hard to argue that the crossover and SUV segment has grown to be one of the most saturated in terms of competing offerings. That said, Ford stands confidently as an example of an automaker with more crossover/SUV offerings than others, without any sense of overlap or redundancy.

Beginning with the newly-introduced EcoSport (priced to start at $19,995 MSRP) Ford’s lineup reflects a perfect union of traditional capability, and inspired design. Each offering feels consistent with one another, in terms of performance and core aesthetic, but never loses a sense of individuality.

This continues on through the likes of the Escape ($23,940 MSRP) Edge ($29,315) Flex ($30,285 MSRP) and Explorer ($32,140 MSRP). And the lineup caps off with the iconic Expedition ($51,790 MSRP) that offers countless means of enjoying a level of luxury, comparable to the versatility offered up across the entire lineup.


Ford Trucks

Let it never be forgotten that Ford’s F-Series stands as the best-selling lineup of trucks on the planet. Now let’s put the success of the lineup in even perspective by saying that the F-Series is the best-selling of any vehicles on the planet. As if outselling every other truck wasn’t good enough, these trucks outsell every other car, crossover, SUV or van…anywhere.

In terms of Americana, it becomes hard to separate Ford trucks from the purpose for which they’re built: to get the job done. Whether utilized for light-duty personal use, or for full SuperDuty capabilities, there is a Ford truck perfect for every kind man, woman, and business out there.

Starting as low as $27,705 MSRP the F-150 shows just how accessible the power and confidence of a Ford truck can be. Voted by MotorTrend as their ‘2018 Truck of the Year’ it’s more than just ‘Best-in-Class’ in terms of payload and towing, it’s a true best-seller in terms of global sales.

Ford’s lineup of SuperDuty offerings take this completist mentality to its ultimate realization. Consider a Best-in-Class payload rating of 7,630 LBS, traditional tow ratings of 21,000 LBS and a gross combination weight of 42,800 LBS. Whichever model best suits the unique demands of the job you need to get done, Ford has well-equipped offerings to make sure that you do exactly that.


Ford Hybrids & EVs

But for more and more drivers, the most important job has nothing to do with leaving a big print behind. In fact, it’s more about leaving the smallest footprint possible. With that in mind, Ford has served up hybrid variants of the C-Max (starting at $24,120 MSRP) and Fusion ($26,340 MSRP) along with EV versions of each, along with the Fusion, for less than $32,000 to start.

This speaks volumes as to the extent of Ford’s perspective, and just how well-realized the lineup is. It truly does offer something for every kind of everyday driver.


Ford Performance Vehicles

And for those who may not be in the market for a ‘daily driver’ but need to feed their hunger for speed and/or power, there should be no surprise that Ford has you covered.

Performance variants such as Fiesta ST ($25,170 MSRP) Focus ST ($25,170 MSRP) and Focus RS ($41,120 MSRP) speak to the rally sport mindset of an entire racing subculture. That said, generations of true racing traditionalists have sought out the iconic Mustang to satisfy their inherent hunger for acceleration.

And as for power and aggressive styling, it’s hard to argue the stranglehold that the F-150 Raptor has placed on truck lovers everywhere. With its rugged build, and emboldened Ford iconography it stands as an ideal fusion of F-Series capability and sporty, on-brand aesthetics. Factor in the option of a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that channels 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque, and it’s hard not to be impressed.


In Closing

Whether you’re a Ford loyalist, or simply intrigued by one of their current offerings, the 2018 models represent another confident step forward. If you’re anything like us, it makes it exciting to see what’s to come for the 2019 model year, meaning that we might find ourselves visiting a Ford dealership more than once in the near future.

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