Searching for a Used Car is a Different Process than Finding a New One

January 26th, 2018 by

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Searching for a used car is a different process than finding a new one. In some ways, it can be easier since you have more options. Without being tied down to a particular make or model, you can visit more dealerships to see what is available and in your price range. Even if you are looking for one specific type of vehicle, you will usually have more options to check out instead of just the latest inventory on a nearby lot.

We see this all the time at DePaula Ford. Many people come in with the question, “Why should I use a Ford Dealership near me for a used car?” Does it even make sense to visit a manufacturer-specific lot like Ford if you are looking for something else entirely?

Our answer: of course! You might think that a Ford dealership is only for new Ford vehicles, but there is a whole lot more you can get by visiting a lot like ours. More importantly, you will get additional help and guidance to find the right used vehicle you want with the extra reassurance of knowing your purchase will work.

A Ford dealership offers a lot of perks from how we find, service, and sell used cars.


Used Cars on a New Lot?

It’s no secret that most car lots have a mix of new and used vehicles in their inventory. Unless the dealership is solely focused on used vehicles, you are likely to find a mix of vehicles with different ages. These vehicles may only be a couple years old or a few decades old. They also tend to be scattered around different lots in the same location.

For example, at DePaula Ford, you will find more than just new and used Ford vehicles. Why can you find other makes like Chevy, Toyota, or Honda? We take any type of used vehicle as long as it meets our exacting standards or we can fix it to those standards. Since most dealerships will take a wide variety of makes and models, you can find the specific vehicle you want on a rival brand lot.

Ford dealerships have certain advantages in the used car department. Pre-owned vehicles come from many different places to a Ford dealership. Trade-ins are one common source where customers will “sell” us their old car to put towards the new one. This makes the new car more affordable and gives us extra inventory to sell to people looking for a pre-owned option.

Auctions can be another common source for many dealerships. Some people assume that auction vehicles are the riskiest since it is natural to see restored or heavily damaged vehicles up for sale. This isn’t always the case, however. Dealerships will put vehicles up for auction when they don’t want or can’t sell something for whatever reason.

Since there is so much variety when it comes to used cars, the real challenge is knowing how to protect yourself from buying a lemon. That is where the Ford advantage comes into play.


Perks You Will Get on a Ford Lot

Why come check out a Ford Dealership near you when searching for a used vehicle? It all comes down to how we get and treat our used inventory. Making sure our pre-owned vehicles are worthy of our valued customers, we take extra steps to keep our used inventory the best. We do this through our service center, competitive deals, and comprehensive warranties.

Our pre-owned Ford vehicles all get Ford’s pre-certified treatment regardless of the age. This all starts with a complete inspection from Ford certified mechanics who know their way around the exterior and interior of these vehicles. Any repairs and replacement parts are Ford approved so you don’t have to worry about any substandard repair work. For future assurance, our pre-owned Ford cars also have a 12 month/12,000 mile comprehensive coverage for standard issues that may come up with the car after you drive it off of the lot.

For our non-Ford crowd, we check each vehicle over and make repairs as necessary. Since all used cars can bring their own baggage, it is nice to know what the car has been through before buying it. That is why we also provide the complete reported history of the vehicle via CarFax right on the product page and on our lot upon request. In short, you can get all the information you need to make the right choice straight from one source.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a Ford dealership’s staff. At DePaula Ford, our staff knows their stuff about any used vehicle we carry in our inventory. More importantly, they also know how to get you a great deal on the vehicle as well. Between our promotions, financing, and trade-ins, our staff has options available to lower the vehicle’s cost to a competitive price.


Start with Ford for a Used Car

Simply put, a Ford dealership like DePaula Ford takes the stress out of buying a used car. All of the mystery and unknowns go away when you work with our knowledgeable, dedicated staff to explore your options, learn about potential purchases, and make the final choice. You also get the best deal possible without any need to haggle for a better price. By the end of the process, you will be driving away in something that truly fits your needs and wants without breaking the bank.

Have a car to trade in? We can help there too. Our competitive trade-in program takes a whole variety of used cars that help us keep our pre-owned inventory well stocked. We don’t nickel and dime the value of your car down either. Our BKK Instant Cash Offer is based on current Kelly Blue Book values so you get the most to put towards a new purchase.

Between the trade-in program, our financing options, and regular promotions/deals you can instantly use, you will save on your next used purchase with us. Ford dealerships are all about quality service and products, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle we sell to you. Come down today to see what we can offer you.