Your Guide to Roush Performance Parts

July 6th, 2018 by

Roush Performance Parts - Mustang Grill near Albany, NY

Roush makes American automotive performance enhancements parts. In fact, no other performance company has the amount of power behind its gear than Roush. Roush parts are available for a suite of Ford vehicles, like the Ford F-150 and F-250, the Mustang 1 and 2, as well as the Mustang Jackhammer. When you upgrade your sports car with Roush parts, you will be driving a vehicle that has optimal track speed and handling. When you add Roush performance accessories to your Ford F-150 or F-250, you’ll amp up your tow and haul capability immensely. Below is a helpful guide to a few of the most favored Roush performance parts and accessories on the market today.

Roush Exhaust

The Roush exhaust is a performance upgrade classic. Roush Active Exhaust lets drivers tune their exhaust sound to a more specific level of sound than ever before available. This means drivers can make their sports car or truck sound any way they like from refined to aggressive; it’s all up to you. Roush exhaust kits are made from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, require no welding, and include:

Dual high-flow mufflers

  • Allows drivers to create their own custom sound for their car or truck
  • Convenient plug and play installation
  • Full mandrel bending
  • 4-inch 304 stainless steel tips
  • Brushed aluminum console-mounted 4-mode selector switch
  • Includes all wiring, modules, hardware, and instructions
  • OEM hangers and mounting points
  • Sport, touring, track, and custom settings for 4 out-of-the-box exhaust sound possibilities

Roush electronic valve control lets drivers control the sound of their exhaust and switch in between three factory-ready modes or the custom mode. Roush exhaust kits are one of the most popular performance upgrades.

Cold Air Intake

This premium-level high flow air filter is simple to install and is washable and reusable. Installation does not require drilling or cutting of any kind, so it’s a favorite high-performance upgrade for those who want a lot of oomph without having to do a complicated installation. There are cold air intake kits for Ford F150 with 4.6L, 3.7L, and 5.0L engines. The filter is made of carefully and skillfully molded plastic and allows for the ultimate airflow efficiency for your vehicle. Like all of Roush’s performance parts and accessories, cold air intake kits and parts are built strong and built to last. These cold air intake kits are available at your certified Roush parts dealer, like DePaula Ford, for around $300.

Mustang Body Kits

Roush not only makes performance parts that amp up your Ford cars or trucks under the hood, they also make body parts that give your Mustang or F-150 or 250 an aggressive look – on the track, or on and off the road. A few of the most popular Roush body kits available for the Ford Mustang are:

  • Mustang Chin Spoilers
  • Mustang Front Fascias
  • Mustang Hood Scoops
  • Mustang Quarter Window Louvers
  • Mustang Rear Valances
  • Mustang Rear Wings
  • Mustang Side Valances
  • Mustang Splitters
  • Mustang Side Scoops

For drivers who want the ultimate in race-car styling, the full Roush Mustang Body Kit gets the job done. These full body kits come with everything you need to install the entire kit, including all mounting hardware. Full body kits are only available unpainted, so they can be customized to fit your vehicle, and the Roush Rear Valance accessory requires the exhaust kit to be properly installed. This manufacturer designed kit is made to fit your Mustang Stage 1, Mustang Stage 2, or Jackhammer perfectly without any required trimming, cutting, or sanding.


If you are looking to give your Ford F-150 a more aggressive or rugged off-road image, a full F-150 Roush body kit may be exactly what you are looking for. Options for F-150 Roush performance body upgrades include:

Fenders – Fender flare kits offer protection and style to your Ford F-150. These kits add 2.75 inches of tire coverage from the wheel to the wheel well sheet metal. These fender flare kits come with a lifetime warranty and come in an OEM matte black finish that is easy to paint. These fender flares are also compatible with aftermarket bumpers for even more flexibility in your customization.

Hood Scoops – The design of the Roush upgrade is modeled and manufactured to the original manufacturer styling so that it fits perfectly and gives optimum performance. The Roush hood scoop accessory gives your F-150 an aggressive look, is made from super strong thermal plastic olefin, are shaped with high-pressure injection molding process and features manufacturer-inspired design. These hood scoops are available unpainted so drivers can fully customize them to their specific vehicle, and come with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Choosing the Perfect Roush Performance Parts for Your Ford Vehicle

When you are ready to upgrade your Mustang 1, Mustang 2, or Jackhammer, or your Ford F-150 or 250, you have many options for taking your car or truck to the next level of performance with Roush performance parts. Whether you upgrade your vehicle under the hood to improve performance, or you add accessories to the exterior of your vehicle with one of the amazing Roush body kits, you will be adding American classic value, style, and performance to your already amazing Ford car or truck. To learn more about your available Roush options from a certified Roush dealership, visit DePaula Ford today or browse our helpful and easy to navigate website. Our customer service staff is eager to help you achieve the optimum performance for your Ford vehicle!