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2022 Ford F-150 vs 2022 Nissan Titan

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  • 2022 Ford F-150

    A white 2022 Ford F-150 XLT is shown facing left.

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    2022 Nissan Titan

    A blue 2022 Nissan Titan is shown facing right.

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    14,000Towing (lbs)9,320
    3,325Payload (lbs)1,690
    12Screen Size (in)9

    Full-size pickup trucks went mainstream in the last decade, outselling cars for the first time ever and dominating top 10 lists everywhere. Still, with so many models to choose from, how can you guarantee you'll end up with the right rig for your needs? Consider the best-selling 2022 Ford F-150 vs 2022 Nissan Titan: these two trucks compete hard for market share, but only one dominates.

    It's a bit of a spoiler alert, but since the F-150 is America's best-selling vehicle and has been for over 40 years, it's not hard to justify giving away the ending. You won't find a more capable and durable pickup than the F-150. Still, it doesn't hurt to trust but verify when you're investing big money in a truck. For these buyers, we offer a side-by-side comparison of the F-150 and the Titan so you can decide for yourself.

    Since 2003, Nissan's full-size Titan has occupied a spot in the segment, yet it's currently still in its second generation. Meanwhile, Ford launched the fourteenth generation F-150 just last year, and right on its heels, the Blue Oval announced an all-electric F-150 Lightning with a 320-mile driving range and more horsepower and torque than you'd expect from a supercharged gas-powered pickup.

    All-in-all, 2022 is a good year for Ford F-150 fans. If you're still considering a 2022 Nissan Titan, there's plenty to appreciate, but category dominance will never be a bragging right. As for performance, capability, and other side-by-side specification comparisons, we do a deep dive into each truck's pedigree to see just how different––or similar––they really are, so you don't have to figure it out on your own.

  • Capability

    A silver 2022 Ford F-150 XLT is shown at a construction site.

    Getting the Performance You Need

    Most pickup truck buyers value class-leading performance and capability, particularly if their adventures extend to backcountry trails. Still, no two buyers are alike, which is why Ford offers F-150 buyers multiple powertrains to choose from, including a category-first hybrid. From efficient four-cylinder engines to big V8s, you can easily select a configuration that gets the job done without compromising fuel economy or durability.

    Ford's Class-Leading Engine Options

    The 3.5-liter PowerBoost V6 is a full hybrid engine that combines gas and electric power––a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 and a 35 kW electric motor, to be exact––to deliver an insane 570 lb-ft of torque and an equally impressive 430 horses. Combined, these performance stats will get you 12,700 pounds of towing capability and a payload rating of 2,120 pounds. All that power coexists with surprisingly economical fuel consumption for a true "best of both worlds" powertrain option.

    Other available powertrains include a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that makes 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, enough to hit the F-150's best-in-class 14,000-pound tow rating. A smaller 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 pairs with a 10-speed transmission to deliver 325 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Ford's V8 comes in the form of a 5.0-liter making 400 horses and 410 lb-ft of torque, and it's the powertrain you want to max out payload at 3,325 pounds.

    Exclusive to the dynamic F-150 Raptor is a High-Output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. Imagine having 510 lb-ft of torque and 450 horsepower at the ready so that you can tackle everything from high-speed travel over desert terrain to crawling up rocky mountain trails without breaking a sweat. This powerhouse includes Ford's port-fuel and direct-injection fuel delivery system for truly optimized output.

    Nissan's Lone V8

    Over at Nissan, you'll find one powertrain on the full-size Titan: a 5.6-liter V8 that produces 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, it's the only engine available, regardless of trim. Fuel economy ratings also come in at a rather poor 16 MPG city and 21 MPG highway, behind even Ford's least-efficient engine options. The 2022 Titan's lack of powertrain variety may be one reason why Car and Driver gave it a less than stellar 6.5/10 rating (the F-150 received a 9/10).

  • Options

    A red 2022 Ford F-150 XL is shown towing machinery during a 2022 Ford F-150 vs 2022 Nissan Titan comparison.

    Available Trim Options

    In order to maintain best-selling honors for over 44 years, Ford had to build an F-150 lineup with something for everyone. That kind of versatility comes in the form of eight different trims for 2022, from the base XL to the aggressive Raptor and everything in-between. Whether you want luxury or simplicity, it's here in the F-150 lineup.

    The Titan lineup includes half as many trim options. These include the S, SV, the Platinum Reserve, and the off-road-oriented PRO-4X. It's surprising that the least expensive Titan S starts at nearly $10,000 more than the base F-150 XL because the nearly $40k entry price point eliminates a huge swath of pickup truck buyers on budget alone. But that's not all that's odd about the Titan lineup.

    Getting the Features You Need

    Choosing a Titan is a game of either-or: either you want rugged off-road equipment or you want luxury. Nissan makes it hard to get both because every trim is extremely siloed and specific. Choosing the PRO-4X adds Bilstein shocks and skid plates, but luxury touches like an upgraded audio system are either unavailable or extra-cost add-ons. Nissan includes a suite of driver-assist safety technologies on every Titan trim, and the top-of-the-line Platinum receives extra trailering systems.

    Moving up from the base XL model, Ford includes standard comfort and convenience equipment across the trim range, which includes the XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. Two specialty trims––the Tremor and the Raptor––hold their own with both luxury features and high-end performance and capability. The Tremor is tailor-made for off-roaders, with standard 33-inch all-terrain tires and trim-exclusive off-road shocks, and the Raptor is ready for anything, from high-speed desert driving to crawling over rocky terrain.

  • Electrification

    A blue 2022 Ford Lightning is shown towing machinery through a neighborhood.

    Electric Performance

    If the thought of EV ownership has you intrigued, but you need the utility of a full-size pickup, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Nissan Titan buyers are out of luck. Only a gas-powered version is currently available, and the closest Nissan has come to producing an electrified model is a series of rumored discussions with third-party EV start-up Hercules Alpha.

    Here's the good news: Ford is ready to take your order for a brand-new 2022 F-150 Lightning. The all-electric Lighting is all anyone is talking about in the industry. Ford's bold move to electrify its most popular vehicle demonstrates a serious push toward a completely electric lineup sooner rather than later. Ford conquered traditional buyer pain points like driving range and performance, and put the Lightning through a series of punishing durability tests, which it passed with flying colors.

    The F-150 Lightning

    As for power and capability, truck buyers need not worry. The F-150 Lighting delivers up to 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque, enough to tow up to 10,000 pounds and haul 2,000 pounds of payload. On the road, the F-150 Lightning catapults from 0-to-60 in under 5 seconds. Ford's electric truck can also act as a whole house generator. Equipped with the available 80-amp Charge Station Pro, your rig can off-board 9.6 kW of energy, enough to power your home for three days.

    Four trims are on offer for 2022: the Pro, the XLT, the Lariat, and the Platinum. With the Pro, Ford targets fleet and commercial buyers. The remaining three trims add luxury interior finishes and upgraded features like a 15.5-inch touchscreen, heated and ventilated leather seating, and a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system. As a nice bonus, the reliability of electric motors means F-150 Lightning owners will pay approximately 40 percent less for scheduled maintenance than they would with a gas-powered F-150.

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