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2022 Ford Ranger

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  • Overview

    A blue 2022 Ford Ranger is angled left.

    When you look at the various pickup trucks that dominate the landscape, you'll notice a common theme with many of them. Many have names that conjure up images of the old west. This is no surprise when you consider that many pickups have the same attributes and qualities that American pop culture holds dear about the cowboy. The rugged individual, unafraid of toil and living a hard life free from the constraints that society tends to place upon the individual. Canyon, Silverado, Tahoe, and Frontier are just a few trucks that have names from the old west. However, it's the 2022 Ford Ranger whose name stands out from the crowd and celebrates both the Ford's lineage as an institution of Americana and the lawless days of the old west that we tend to romanticize.

    Formed in 1823, the original Texas Rangers helped protect settlers heading into the area that would eventually become the state of Texas. As a truck, the Ford Ranger embodies this spirit of doing what is necessary with an attitude that ignores danger and hardship. These traditions are alive and well in the present, and the 2022 Ranger is a symbol of the hard work and dedication that Ford embodies, as well as the uncompromising attitude of the American worker. First appearing in 1983 and still rolling off the assembly line today, this is one piece of Americana that shows no signs of fading away from the national spotlight. With best-in-class gas towing, best-in-class payload, and more features than you can count, the 2022 Ford Ranger is a midsize truck to be reckoned with.


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    $26,795 [a]

  • Performance

    A blue 2022 Ford Ranger is shown off-roading with bicycles on the roof.

    Small But Mighty

    As many books, television shows, and movies have dramatized, the gunslinger is known for facing adversity even when the odds are heavily stacked against them. While the larger trucks are naturally associated with being the necessary tools of the trade when it comes to tackling heavy workloads, the Ranger sticks to its guns and proves that it's just as capable as its larger contemporaries. The mentality behind the Ford Ranger's engine is an example of "doing more with four."

    The 2022 Ford Ranger is powered by a turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost. One of Ford's most reliable engines, the 2.3L EcoBoost also powers both the Mustang, the Bronco, and the Explorer, which speaks to the versatility of Ford's engineering capabilities. The engine is paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission, and this combination is effective, to say the least. The Ranger generates 270 horsepower and a best-in-class 310 lb-ft of torque. These specifications are impressive for a 4-cylinder engine, and when you add in Ranger's cost-effective 23 MPG combined, this makes for a perfect combination of economy and versatility that's always sought after by many.

    A Hard-Working Truck

    Of course, for the discerning driver who always has something to do and not a lot of time to complete it, factors such as towing and trailering can make all the difference when deciding on a vehicle. Luckily, the Ranger can handle even the toughest jobs. Its towing capacity of up 7,500 lbs is more than the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier, which further establishes Ranger as the definitive midsize pickup that's currently on the market. And when it comes to carrying the burdens of labor, a payload capacity of up to 1,905 lbs means you'll be utilizing the term "pickup" in bold new ways. Numbers don't lie. And these are the numbers that are needed for modern performance.

  • Safety

    A red 2022 Ford Ranger is shown from the side off-roading in the desert.

    Safety Is Job Number 1

    While the Ranger is a gunslinger that can turn any impossible situation into a relatively simple task, even Doc Holiday needed to take precautions when cleaning his six-shooters. It doesn't matter if you plan on using your Ranger for work, off-roading, or even just commuting in the city, safe driving should always be a top priority.

    The 2022 Ford Ranger received a 4-star safety review from the NHTSA. These government-mandated tests are put in place to keep the industry accountable for the vehicles that are on the road. After all, weren't your parents excited to see a report card with high marks? Of course, the conversation surrounding the safety attributes of the 2022 Ford Ranger goes much further than just testing. As you'll see below, Ford takes the safety of its customers very seriously and wants to make sure you always get to where you need to go unscathed.

    Your Personal Co-Pilot

    Standard across all trim levels is Ford's remarkable collection of driving-assistance features. These unique features aid any journey and allow you to accomplish any task you choose to begin. AdvanceTrac with roll stability control is one of the most advanced driver technologies that Ford has equipped the Ranger with. Taking the physics of traction control further than they've been in the past, roll stability control employs the use of gyroscopic sensors to collect data on the turns performed by the driver. This is applied to the brakes and engine for complete control of your Ranger. Kayce Kasim's old phrase of "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" has never been more relevant.

    Another unique part of this innovative technology is Ford's Curve Control. If you grew up playing video games like so many others, you probably have memories of your controlled vehicle wiping out if you attempted to take a corner at a high rate of speed. Curve Control will actually slow your vehicle down if you're attempting to do the same. Especially handy because the real world doesn't come with pause buttons or do-overs.

    For those who crave extra reassurance, there are plenty of available options, such as adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, and lane keeping assistance. These features are more plentiful on the upper trim levels, but not to worry, you'll find them easily within your price range. While driver assistance and highly developed safety technology will never replace the habits of a responsible driver, these advances are here to offer help in the areas where we need it most.

  • Interior

    The white interior of a 2022 Ford Ranger shows two rows of seating.

    A Practical Cab

    Just looking at the exterior of the Ford Ranger, one can't believe that it's considered a smaller truck. Although looks can sometimes be deceiving, the inviting exterior of the 2022 Ford Ranger is merely a precursor to the interior that's just as appealing to the aesthetic. Sitting behind the wheel of the Ranger makes one think of terms such as "practical" and "user-friendly." Indeed, the Ranger has all the markings of a product manufactured for mass consumption, and the taste is quite delicious if we say so ourselves.

    The practicality of the Ranger can easily be seen right in the dashboard and center console. Everything is grouped together and easy to find. Navigating the road of life during a rainstorm might present a degree of difficulty, but finding everything you need to take charge of your commute won't be. With controls mounted right on the steering wheel, you can say that the greatness of the Ranger is "right at your fingertips" and mean it quite literally.

    Luxury Options

    A preferable level of comfort is found with Ranger's roomy interior that can seat five. When it comes to the level of comfort you prefer, the Ranger has plenty of available options to turn this workhorse into a palace on four wheels. At the introductory trim level, a Bluetooth-compatible stereo with four speakers will keep you entertained, as will the infotainment center that is easy to get around. For the audiophile who can't resist the thump of a good stereo, the top trim features an available 10-speaker system from Bang & Olufsen. Luckily, the packages that are available to take the Ranger to luxury levels are inexpensive. The amenities don't end with the human ear, either. Upper trim levels have standard dual-zone climate control, which will enable you to become the master of the temperatures inside your Ranger. Becoming king of the open road is still up to you.

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