2022 Ford F-150 Raptor

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  • Overview

    An orange 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown angled left.

    When people think of iconic American trucks, they will always think of Ford first. Ford has been a part of the American automotive industry for over one hundred years and has maintained its reputation for reliable, solid trucks through its commitment to quality, leading the charge toward the future. If you've ever had a Ford pickup, you know the truth of this statement. However, if you've never had the opportunity to take one of Ford's trucks for a spin, you might be interested to know that the 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor promises to be an exciting addition to the Ford lineup. We're going to take a deep dive into the Raptor's specs so that you can see just how much fun this truck can be while also providing a practical space for work and your commute. We'll take a look at the exterior design elements and interior space, safety and technology features, and what's new for the 2022 model. Read on to see what the Raptor has to offer you.


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  • Exterior & Interior

    The black interior of a 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor shows rows of seating.

    Sharp Looks

    The Ford F-150 Raptor has been around since 2010, but over the years, Ford has made changes here and there. After a complete redesign for the 2021 model year, the 2022 Raptor remains largely unchanged. However, you should know that there will soon be a higher trim level of Raptor, the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R, which has a supercharged V8 engine. But that trim is not expected to be available for a while, and until then, the standard Raptor remains the ultimate off-road pickup.

    The exterior of the Raptor explains why it is named after a bird of prey––it's large and aggressive while still managing to look sleek and lean, ready to pounce at just the right moment. There are some gorgeous colors available for the 2022 version of the pickup, from Antimatter Blue and Oxford White to Rapid Red and Code Orange. Tire size also speaks to the ability of this pickup to be a lean, mean machine, with the choice between standard 35-inch tires and optional 37-inch tires, the largest available on any factory truck.

    With its large frame, massive tires, SuperCrew cab, and bold coloring, it's easy to see that the Raptor is a standout pickup. Ford's biggest, baddest truck is ready to hit the road or swerve onto an off-road trail to explore the New York wilderness. Whatever you need the Raptor to do, it is capable of handling it, with plenty of room and power to tow, haul, and pack in gear, equipment, toys, and whoever you want along for the ride.

    Spacious Interior

    Because the Raptor is offered with a standard SuperCrew cab, it is spacious and comfortable inside, able to fit up to five people and any stuff you may want to take along with you. With the SuperCrew cab, there's plenty of room to stretch out––no more fights about who needs leg space or where to put everyone's bags. Of course, you can also utilize the 52.8 cu.ft. inside the bed for tools, dirt bikes, or whatever other items you'll need while on the road. With so much storage space and passenger space, you'll never need to cram everything and everyone inside.

    There are two interior accent styles that you can choose from: standard aluminum trim and optional carbon fiber trim. Depending on the look you're going for, you might prefer the standard aluminum––but there are many who like the look of carbon fiber instead. The aluminum accents the interior in a way that appears somewhat futuristic, sleek, and elegant. On the other hand, the carbon fiber looks a bit snazzier than the aluminum and definitely makes the interior pop.

    There are a few small details inside the truck that bring the whole interior into focus. These include a race car style orange band at the top of the steering wheel (in the twelve o'clock position) and matching orange accents that serve as focal points and indicate what the Raptor is capable of.

  • Safety & Technology

    A black 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown parked in a desert.

    On-Road and Off-Road Driver Assist

    A unique feature of the 2022 Raptor is that it has a few options for smoother low-speed off-roading: Trail Control and Trail 1-Pedal Drive. These come in handy for the more rough and rugged adventures, like going off-roading and encountering mud, puddles, rocks, and inclement weather. Both features are standard on the Raptor, along with more common driver assist features, such as automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning, which come in handy on the road.

    The standard Co-Pilot360 package includes several tools to help keep you and your passengers safe. These include rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist, all of which join together to ensure that you have help when you need it, where you need it, without having to crane your neck or ask a passenger to look for you. You don't have to rely on them, but they are a nice perk when you need some help navigating traffic, a busy parking lot, or the inevitable construction zone.

    Infotainment Technology

    The 2022 Raptor wouldn't be complete without an array of technology features. Most newer vehicles these days have a digital gauge cluster, an infotainment center, and optional upgrades like a Wi-Fi hotspot, a better stereo system, or more USB ports. So what does the Raptor have to offer?

    The Raptor has one of the largest infotainment centers in the industry, boasting a 12-inch touchscreen standard. It includes support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Amazon Alexa, and you'll receive over-the-air software updates to keep the system current throughout the life of the truck. There's also an option for an 18-speaker stereo system from B&O for concert-grade sound. If you don't love touchscreens in cars, don't worry––there are steering wheel controls, voice controls, and physical volume knobs so that you can listen to your music and podcasts and change between them easily.

    Power on the Go

    One of the coolest tech features of the 2022 Raptor is the optional ProPower Onboard generator that can be utilized for power tools, tailgating, or setting up a campsite. It provides 2kW of electricity from a pair of 120V outlets mounted in the cargo bed, and if you're using the Raptor as a work truck or camping truck, it's a good idea to add it to your vehicle. You'll never know when you need some extra power or just a little boost to get that job done right the first time.

  • History of the Raptor

    An orange 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor is shown from the rear while off-roading.

    The Original Off-Road Truck

    The very first F-150 Raptor was unveiled in 2008, but it didn't hit the market for another two years. What was Ford doing in the meantime? Entering the Baja 1000, which many consider to be the most difficult and dangerous race in North America. It takes place in Mexico, where vehicles must cross desert terrain in an off-road marathon that separates the flashy from the tough. The Ford Special Vehicle Team's F-150 SVT Raptor R performed so well in the 2008 Baja 1000 that Ford fans were soon clamoring for their own rugged pickup to traverse treacherous terrain.

    In 2010, they got their wish, and the original SVT Raptor went into production. It quickly became incredibly popular, garnering a lot of attention for its powerful V8 engine, rugged off-road capability, and aggressive styling. In 2017, the second-generation Raptor entered the scene, dropping SVT from its name and introducing the High-Output twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. Then, in 2021, the third-generation Raptor broke new ground with a unique coil spring rear suspension and the largest factory tires ever seen on a truck. While the Raptor is still taking part in the Baja 1000, there are now plenty in Ford's inventory for drivers who want to try their hand at putting the big truck through its paces.

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